Clarke in Photos

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It’s amazing how many pictures we take for the Clarke Daily News. In our travels throughout the county to cover life here we end up capturing hundreds of images, some noteworthy some not, but all in all they provide an interesting “snapshot” of life in Clarke County. We also receive dozens of photos from readers who attend events or happen to be in the right place at the right time to capture something interesting in the county. Sometimes those images tell stories that really don’t require much of a narrative at all, the pictures really do tell the story. So, when I received some really great photos from a reader from a class reunion for the Clarke County High School Class of 1971 I started looking at the photo galleries that we use for our stories so that I could add the new photos. What I saw from behind the scenes was a continuous thread of photos that portrays the rhythm of life in Clarke County. It was astonishing to go back to Snowmageddon and work forward through flooding and sports events and the construction of   the Barns of Rose Hill and the new high school. The galleries really capture Clarke in still life.

So, I took the images from the Class of ’71 reunion and developed a photo stream that you can now see towards the bottom of the home page of our site. As galleries are added, the newest will appear on the left hand side. This new slider will allow you, the readers and supporters of the CDN, to see the stream of photos that I see from behind the scenes. The slider will display the last 20 galleries. To look further back you can click on the “Photos” tab in the main menu.

I found it interesting and I hope you do too.

Also, if you have info on the photos to contribute, just submit a comment so we can add it to the captions for future readers to enjoy.


  1. Ivan Lambert says:

    Hello Mike Dowling,
    Having grown up in Berryville, I anxiously looked through each photo closely, hoping to recognize as many as possible who attended the ’71 reunion. Unfortunately not having lived in Berryville since the summer of 84, I only recognized one person. What do you think would be the possibility of your contacting the photographer who snapped those shots and obtaining permission to provide the names as well?
    Also, do you think you could provide names in future photos appearing in this new feature you are displaying here on CDN?
    Thanks for the CDN online,

    Mike Dowling: Thanks Ivan. I have a request in with the photographer, but thought I would put it out to the community instead of waiting.