Clarke Remains Divided in Redistricting Compromise

Redistricting lines for Clarke County

On Thursday, April 28th, the Virginia General Assembly agreed to a new bipartisan compromise on state legislative boundaries after Governor Bob McDonnell vetoed the previous redistricting map. Citing concerns over the division of communities, the Governor sent the legislation back to the General assembly for reconsideration. After three long days in special session, a new map emerged and received immediate approval from the Governor. In a statement released Thursday night the Governor said, “I thank the General Assembly for passing this new redistricting plan. I will sign this legislation as soon as it reaches my desk. The plan as passed does address most of the criteria I outlined in my veto letter, and ensures that the elected members of the legislative branch fulfill their constitutional obligation to draw our electoral lines every ten years.”

Minor adjustment made to previous plan to leave Berryville intact. Green line is new boundary.

Of particular concern for Clarke County was the issue of dividing communities into new districts. The previous map split Clarke County into two different House districts and cut through the Town of Berryville. The new map approved on Thursday still divides the county but a slight adjustment was made so that Berryville remains intact in the 33rd House District.

Clarke County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Michael Hobert commented on the plan via email saying, “It is an improvement that demonstrates some common sense was shown in redistricting the Senate, but I remain disappointed the County’s House District is still splintered and suspect County residents will not be pleased the southern part of the County remains split.”

When the Governor signs the new legislation Clarke County will be included in the following districts.
Clarke remains in the 27th Senate District, and the 10th Congressional District. Clarke will be divided into two House Districts.   northern Clarke will be in the the 33rd district, southern Clarke will be in the 10th House District.