Clarke Republicans Roll Out Candidates for November Election

The Clarke County Republican Committee has announced the list of candidates for the November 8th General Election.   Donna Peake was nominated to run for the County Commissioner of Revenue. She has worked for 16 years with Commissioner Warren Arthur who is retiring after 24 years of service.   Mrs. Peake’s responsibilities have included the position of Real Estate Assessor.     She also has a history of service to the community, as she volunteers one evening a week at the local library and has coordinated the Berryville Christmas Parade for the past five years.

Weiss was nominated to run for re-election of   his current position of Supervisor of the Buckmarsh Voting District.   During his time of service plans were finalized and construction begun on the new High School, which is currently running under budget and ahead of schedule.

Bev McKay is the candidate for Supervisor from the White Post Voting District.   This position has been held by fellow Republican, A. R. “Pete” Dunning for the past 32 years.   He has represented the White Post District on the Planning Commission for 16 years, five of which he served as Chairman.

Republicans from the White Post District and the southern portion of the Millwood District will go to the polls on August 23rd to elect a candidate for the new redistricted House of Delegate 10th District Republican Primary.   Randy Minchew, John Whitbeck, and Cara Townsend, all from Loudoun County, are vying for the nomination.   Portions of Frederick and Loudoun Counties are also part of the House of Delegates 10th District.   State Senator Jill Vogel and Delegate Joe May, who represent the 27th and 33rd Districts respectively, are running unopposed for the Party’s nomination.

The Home School Republican Teenage Club is sponsoring a Meet the Candidates event at the VFW Pavilion in the Chet Hobert Park in Berryville on Thursday, August 4th at 6:30 p.m.   This is a family-friendly event and refreshments will be served.

The last day to register to Vote in the August 23rd Primary is August 1st.   Absentee Voting began on July 8th and the deadline to apply for an Absentee Ballot by mail is August 16th and in person   August 20th.     For more information call Barbara Bosserman, Clarke County Voter Registrar, at (540) 955-5168.


  1. Kay Gunter says:

    My name is Kay Gunter and I am Chairman of the Clarke County Republican Committee. I would like to apologize to John Whitbeck, candidate for the House of Delegates10th District race, for putting the incorrect name of David Whitlock in the above article. The mistake is 100 % mine and I am sorry.

  2. livein22611 says:

    David Weiss is taking credit for moving the new high school forward??? Now that’s a good laugh. Sounds good to say it but he’s not fooling anyone. He needs to find something else to run with. Actually, the current BOS helped to build the joint government center. Ya know, the one with all the problems. Hmmm……..Tell us something you’ve done to move the county forward.

    • Madam, I’m not sure you are reading the story posted here.

      ” During his time of service plans were finalized and construction begun on the new High School, which is currently running under budget and ahead of schedule.”

      Where does it state Mr. Weiss is “taking credit”?

      He will be re-elected. The voters in his district like him. He’s a good representative. Maybe you should try running against him.