Clarke Under Tornado Watch Until 9:00pm

The National Weather Service has issues a tornado watch for Clarke County and much of the Washington DC metro area until 9:00pm

A “tornado watch” means that weather conditions are favorable for severe weather and residents should stay alert to rapidly changing weather conditions.

A “tornado warning” means that a tornado has been sighted and that persons in the warning area should take cover immediately.

The National Weather Service in Sterling, Virginia predicts that severe weather is likely this afternoon and evening for Washington DC and the Baltimore metropolitan areas and the surrounding region.

A series of strong-to-severe storms are likely across the Clarke County and the surrounding region this afternoon and evening. The strong weather will also bring an increased threat of flash flooding.

The National Weather Service says that the severe weather will come in to rounds.

The first round of anticipated severe weather has already started according to NWS meteorologists. Scattered strong-to-severe thunderstorms will continue to develop east from the Blue Ridge and move north through the region through 6:00 pm.

Threats from the first round of storms could include damaging wind gusts, large hail, isolated tornadoes and very heavy rain.

The second round of severe weather will cross the region during the evening from the west as a line of thunderstorms develops over central West Virginia and southwest Virginia this afternoon. The line of thunderstorms will strengthen while moving east across Interstate 81 corridor between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm then across the Interstate 95 corridor between 6:00pm and 8:00pm before finally reaching the Chesapeake Bay around 9:00 pm.

The primary threat from this round of severe weather will be damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes.

The NWS says that although all of the region has the possibility of experiencing tornadoes today, the most likely time will be from 6:00pm to 9:00pm in an area along the interstate 95 corridor from Fredericksburg, Virginia north to Baltimore, Maryland then east to the Chesapeake Bay. This area includes the major metropolitan areas of Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland.

While NWS says that these are the best approximations for timing at this moment, residents across the region should be prepared for severe weather anytime this afternoon through midnight tonight and have a safety plan in place. NWS reminds residents that even though the weather may be calm at times during severe thunderstorm or tornado watches, conditions can deteriorate rapidly and become life threatening. Please monitor the weather and tune into NOAA Weather Radio along with your favorite radio, television or internet information sources.



  1. theticklerhehe says:

    welp looks like a storms a comin’ “lusann pack the bags we are going to the bunker!”

  2. Clarke County Annie says:

    Luckily it seems Clarke skirted the severe weather! Those of us east of the river off Rt. 7 still lost power for over 5 hours. According to REC worker just off 7 onto Castleman Road around 9pm the damage was “Up the bank, in the tree line”. Hope this incident prioritizes trimming to that overgrown area.

    Thanks to all for making the repair. Was nice to wake up to fresh cup of coffee and catch the Home and Garden channel.

  3. River Watcher PLZ read says:

    Thanks for bringing up the Castleman Road area, Annie. I live in this area. All of the trees you see that are still overgrown and have not been trimmed are still there because the residents living in those homes have stopped the tree trimmers from doing their job. I have spoken directly with the man in charge from REC and he reports that because of the the residents’ refusals, management will be in the field to “negotiate” REC’s right of way with these residents. YUP! You all heard me right.

    I find it rude and inconsiderate of others to jeopardize EVERYONE’s electric service by refusing access to clearing REC’s right of way. I don’t have a generator and I know for a fact that they do!
    Keith from REC suggested I speak to my neighbors. I might if I knew more than one of them.

    There’s one home on Auburn and 6 on Castleman that basically argued with the tree trimmers wasting their time and wouldn’t allow them on their property. This has set back their schedule by 2-3 days. One resident even went as far as threatening the tree trimmers. Threatening anyone’s life is against the law much less someone that is simply doing their job and attempting to access a legal right of way. Grow up!

    REC has the right of way no matter what their argument is. They are dead wrong for stopping this production.
    The tree trimmers will be back in 2 -3 weeks to finish what should have already be completed. And if the refusals persist don’t think REC will simply forget about it. They will seek legal action to compel the residents to allow peaceful access to the right of way.

    All of these delays and additional costs will mount up. And who do you think will pay for the delays in the long run? Yup … everyone else!

    Perhaps folks will wake up when they find out COMCAST is willing to come out here and survey the possibility of getting cable. BUT the trees must be free from the lines. Our land line telephones have never worked correctly and the reason is that the phone co. cannot get to the lines. I need my land line for work to receive and send faxes.
    I hope my fiancee’ hasn’t wasted his time negotiating with Comcast. He did this for all of us.

    I’d appreciate my neighbors/residents cooperation and hope that they realize they are not the only ones who live here. I’m sick of having the power go out here constantly. I hope our power didn’t go out yesterday because of one of these properties but it sounds like it did!

    Perhaps CDN could investigate this situation further.

    Thanks for listening and pass this info along..

    • Sunshine says:

      Negotiate REC’s ROW?

      I can see negotiating whether or not to use defoliant spray (really not into utilization of chemicals) but to impair normal trimming process? I would assume REC has a ROW thru recorded documentation from the transfer of Allegheny Power’s utility agreement. If so, intentional impairment of their utility right of way can be handled thru court. It would be expected REC to first discuss with the property owners their scope of work…its just good business. However, if all documentation is proper I’m sure REC has a budget line item for new ROW’s as well as negative resident encounters. Does it impact the bottom line? Of course it does.

      There are residents requiring special breathing machines to keep their quality of life. Many are older, financially strapped, and unable to have alternative power. Yes, they can report their status to REC and they will give them priority but response, locating, and repairs still take time. Time that causes great anxiety.

      While loosing power is an inconvenience it is far more traumatic to health issue residents.

      Ironic that the three trimming trucks were parked so close to the incident location.

      Perhaps, if residents call REC tomorrow and report/request attention to this area it may push the issue forward faster. I will and it sure can’t hurt.

  4. Clarke Life says:

    Any comments from the people who want let this happen? I am sure we would like to hear your stories……