Clarke Voices – Unsung Heroes of World War II

A small silver metal winged pin brings back memories of the early 1950s, when volunteers manned shacks with binoculars and scanned the skies for aircraft then logged it into a record.  I used to go with my parents and soon learned the silhouette of every aircraft imaginable.  How important I felt when they would let me scan the skies with binoculars, call out the type of aircraft, and my PARENTS would write it down.

Mrs. Mary E. Yowell of Boyce, Virginia has donated a WW II civilian air observers pin to the Clarke County Historical Association. CCHA asks if you have information on local aircraft observation volunteers?

I did not know, until this pin belonging to Mrs. Mary E. Yowell of Boyce was donated recently, that the same thing was instituted all over the US during World War II.

Does anyone have any information/stories/names/pictures of these local aircraft observation volunteers?  

Does anyone know where the observation shack was for Boyce, or anywhere else in Clarke?

They have been unsung far too long, and deserve some recognition.


Mary Morris,  Archivist
Clarke County Historical Association