Clarke Yearbook Takes 1st Place in VHSL Regional Championship

Congratulations to Clarke County High School 2010 VHSL Yearbook  Regional Championship Award winners and to art instructor Kathy Campbell!

First Place

Clarke County Yearbook – Overall Evaluation – First Place!

People Spread – “Flying High” Macson McGuigan Feature        Logan Trask
Feature Photo – “Evan McKay” Freshman Divider                        Rob Madden
Sports Photo – “Vic Blackwell” Opening Page                               Katie Lese

Second Place

Academics Spread – “Art Classes” Spread                                     Meghan Snapp
Club/Organizations Spread – Clubs Divider                                   Janet George & Meghan Snapp
People Spread – “Kayla Johnson” Jr. Spread                                Shannon Dykes & Stephen Nickens
Feature Photo – “Daniel Borger” Senior Divider                             Katie Lese

Third Place

Concept Packaging – Overall Theme and Design
Sports Spread – “Swim Team” Spread                                              Bertrand Guerin-Williams
Sports Photo – “Peter Levi” Sports Divider                                        Katie Lese
Clubs/Organizations Spread – “FFA” Spread                                   Sara Enger & Sarah Keplinger

Honorable Mentions

Sports Spread – “Cross Country Spread”                                           Becca York
Feature Photo – “Senior Divider” Photo                                               Molly Keesling
Sports Photo – “Softball Player in the Dust”                                        Katie Lese


  1. Paula Shipman says:

    Way to go Mrs. Campbell and fabulous and talented youth!