Commission Honors Dunning, McKay

The Clarke County Planning Commission will say good-bye to over 50 years of collective land planning experience at the end of 2011.

Planning Commission members Pete Dunning and Bev McKay, both of the White Post voting district, attended their final meeting with the current commission. While Dunning has declared that he is leaving county politics after more than 30 years of service, McKay will move on to take the Board of Supervisors seat being vacated by Dunning.

Clarke County Supervisor and Planning Commissioner Pete Dunning (l) with Clarke County Planning Commission chairman George Ohrstrom at Dunning's last Planning Commission meeting - Photo Edward Leonard

Because the Board of Supervisors maintains a seat on the Planning Commission it is possible that McKay’s familiarity with current planning issues could make him the ideal candidate to continue as the Supervisor’s liaison with the commission.

So far McKay has made no announcement of who he intends to nominate as the new White Post planning commissioner.

On Friday Clarke County Planning Commission chairman George Ohrstrom read formal resolutions acknowledging and thanking both men for their many years of service to Clarke County.

Over his career on the planning board A.R. “Pete” Dunning, Jr. has been repeatedly appointed to the Clarke County Planning Commission by the Board of Supervisors as its liaison to the Commission for a period spanning the past 28 years. Dunning served as both Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission and on numerous subcommittee posts.

Planning Commissioner Bev McKay receives a proclamation honoring his service to Clarke County from Planning Commission chairman George Ohrstrom - Photo Edward Leonard

Beverly B. McKay was appointed to the Clarke County Planning Commission by the Board of Supervisors on February 6, 1987 serving continuously for 24 years on numerous subcommittees and as both Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Both men received standing ovations from the other Planning Commissioners as each proclamation was read.

Both Dunning and McKay’s tenure on the Planning Commission will end on December 31, 2011.

Read the formal resolutions for Mr. Dunning and Mr. McKay here:




  1. Stonebroke says:

    Maybe now some educated planning will begin to take place! (Not the–You pat my back–I’ll pat yours!)

  2. Tom Witmark says:

    Exactly. And…I read in another paper that Shenandoah is applying to Clarke’s IDA for an $8 million loan to expand its campus (in Winchester) because – unlike both Winchester and Frederick County – Clarke’s IDA has the capacity. Ironic, no?

  3. And the bonehead farmers in White Post and Boyce kept him in there. I guess the you watch my back I will watch yours is still going strong on the side of the County! Everyone out there should be embarrassed!