Concerned Citizens for Clarke County Education Continues to Support Students and Teachers

Founded in 2008, for the purpose of providing additional funding to the Clarke County, Virginia Public School System and its International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the Concerned Citizens for Clarke County (CCCC) continues to provide critical support to teachers and students.

Laura Dabinett, co-founder of the CCCC, says, “the community has been very generous and enabled CCCC to forge a great relationship with the Clarke County High School community.”   The CCCC has raised over forty thousand dollars since its inception.   The monies raised go toward teacher training in the form of IB workshops and scholarships for students who need assistance paying IB fees.

In the 2010-11 school year, nearly 40% of Clarke County High School students are enrolled in IB coursework, with a total of 687 enrollments in IB classes.

Thom Potts, program coordinator for the IB program and a French teacher sees larger benefits from the IB program.     He says, “All of our IB teachers also teach non-IB classes, and it is not hard to imagine that the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm that they bring back from these workshops spill over into their non-IB classes as well.”

According to Kathy Campbell, art teacher at Clarke County High School, “I really love teaching the IB art classes because the approach allows any student, regardless of skill level or experience, to engage in the process of making art.“ Campbell will attend training for the second time this summer.

The IB program was introduced in Clarke County High School in 1996.   The IB Diploma Program is a two-year program that provides internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education.   The IB curriculum aims to develop life long-learners by encouraging creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, and independent research.   The program also promotes organization and time management skills, facility in oral and written communication, and a commitment to community service.   More information on the IB program can be found at

“The CCCC will continue to work hard to give the students of Clarke County the benefit of an IB education,“ said Dabinett.   For more information about CCCC, contact