Congratulations to DECA District Winners

CCHS DECA students proved the 2010-2011 Virginia DECA theme of “Discover the Possibilities” true on Thursday, January 13th at the 2011 DECA District Leadership Conference Competitive Events held at the Apple Blossom Mall.   Students earned top honors with 13 First Place and 10 Second Place Winners and 10 Third Place Winners on competency based and fundamental levels.


Students were competing against 7 schools with over 300 students participating in 16 different categories.

1st Place

Overall Winners

2nd Place

Overall Winners

3rd Place

Overall Winners

Clarke 13 10 10
Sherando 2 1 0
James Wood 0 1 1
Millbrook 1 2 0
Fauquier 0 0 2
Liberty 0 0 0
Kettle Run 0 2 1
Handley 0 0 2

The following First, Second and Third Place Overall Winners will be advancing to the DECA State Leadership Conference on March 4-6 in Norfolk, VA.

Bridget Acland,  Megan Allen,  Megan Allison,  Michael Arthur,  Kyle Blevins,  Elizabeth Blight,  Shelby Brown,  Emma Cohen,  Heidi Crockett,  Jordon Donnelly,  Michaela Garrison,  Amanda Gordon,  Logan Johnson,  Daniel Judge,  Rae Kidrick,  Ally Kuehm,  Anna Louthan,  Katlyn Mercke,  Matt Moyer,  Stefanie Nicholson,  Katie O’Donnell,  Issac Olsen,  Jessica Poland,  Will Ravenscroft,  Julia Schaffer,  Scott Schutte,  Grant Shaw,  Henley Shull,  Taylor Stern,  Steven Trayer,  Donald Tredway,  Kayla Ward,  Megan Wilson

DECA Advisors are Robin Eddy and Mary Elson.


  1. For yet another year, our DECA students have done us proud.

    Congratulations on your excellent placings – and we will be rooting for you in March at the DECA State Leadership Conference in Norfolk.

    GO DECA!!

    • Let’s just hope the girls who got intoxicated on last year’s DECA trip and sent home will not make the same mistake this year!!!

      • Seriously, FRANK, you found it necessary to say that.

        • Just stating a fact, Lucy…and yes I felt it necessary. The school has these girls representing the DECA program but when they are caught doing something wrong, it makes the program (and the rest of the kids who have worked hard and don’t deserve the slack for their mistakes) look ridiculous.

          My question is why are these girls still in the program? It should have been immediate grounds to withdrawal them from the program.

      • Darn tootin! Dunno why those that were such an embarrassment to the school and their parents are allowed to continue.

        • Fly on the wall says:

          Hmmm…could it be that there is such a thing as a “second chance” to prove that they have learned their lesson? Honestly…it’s like we live in Salem, MA, circa 1689, with the way some of you scream for no second chances, instant and harsh punitive consequences, and such. Do you not think that Ms. Eddy and indeed the CCHS administration haven’t laid down the law with them this year? Are you privy to discussions between the school and those girls and their parents? No? Then remain silent might be the better choice.

          Freedom of speech is a right, but just because you CAN say something does not mean that you SHOULD say something. If nothing else, heed the lesson Thumper learned: “If you can’t say sumfin nice, don’t say nothin at all.”

          • As a parent who knows the children involved in the drinking incident, I have also been privy to their actions since then.

            They haven’t changed one bit. I know they haven’t. For a FACT.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            So, that gives you license to rail about them in the public arena? Would you want your children so belittled by faceless malcontents in the community?

          • Yep. Sure would. They know there are consequences for your actions.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            So…by your logic…if your kid(s) were to do something stupid outside of your home, and you were the one who busted them, you’d ream them out in front of folks? You wouldn’t prefer to handle it quietly behind closed doors? Likewise, your angel is busted drinking in a Louisville, KY, IHOP, and you’d be fine that she is publicly flogged and reviled nearly a year after the fact? You’d have wanted the LPD to have filed charges, which would have torpedoed her chances at future scholarships and other things? Wow…how proud your kids must be to call you their parent.

          • “You’d have wanted the LPD to have filed charges, which would have torpedoed her chances at future scholarships and other things? Wow…how proud your kids must be to call you their parent.”

            Exactly. Why should kids who break the rules be given a chance for scholarships when kids who don’t break the rules deserve them more because they have demonstrated an ability to behave and represent the school in a positive light?

            My kids are very glad to call me their parent, thank you, because I teach them right from wrong and that there are consequences for your actions. I hold them to these rules, because that’s the way the real world works.

          • Barney Fife says:

            The way the real world works is like this….If you do the crime you do the time. Would you like for them to start a National Registry for underage drinkers. ala..Sex Offenders.

          • I’ve always told my son, “You do something illegal, I’ll be the first one to call the cops”.

            And guess what? No arrests. Imagine that

          • I give the kids a second chance but I won’t give Ms Eddy and the administration a second! Where were they? They are the adults who should have been in charge. Foolish of them to just think they have taken a few “angels” on a trip. Let’s see if they learned their lesson.

          • former DECA student says:

            No doubt [redacted] was too busy making sure CC won. That’s her prime motivation and all she cares about. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s not pretty.

  2. Dmaxnjackson says:

    I totally agree with Frank. They should not have been allowed to do anything with DECA. The good ole boy system still at work at CCHS. Thank the lord I dont have to put up with that disfunctional group up there anymore…..GO FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ms. Bouffault, can you please shed some light on this for us?

      Why is the school system allowing these girls to participate again this year?

  3. Dmaxnjackson says:

    I have that right, and will use it when I want to FOTW. Who are you to tell me to zip it. I have seen this school system at work for the last 12 + years, and I know how it works. If you are not crawled up somewhere, you get no support,breaks, OR 2nd chances.You all act like this school system is something special,Give me a break.

    • Fly on the wall says:

      Cool your jets, hotrod. I agree that my eyebrows went up when I saw a few of the names on that list; I’ve seen the pictures, I’ve talked with kids who know those girls. I’ve been around this community, and its schools, long enough to know the politics that sometimes come into play.

      Does that excuse their behavior? Of course not. Again, though, none of us (if we’re not the DECA sponsors, the CCHS admin, the girls themselves, or their parents) know what has been discussed with them as a condition to their continuing with the program. So, none of the “kick ’em out permanently” and “throw the book at ’em” rants do little more than stir the pot and continue the static that so readily polarizes this community.

      It’s called discretion. It’s called showing some restraint in souring a relatively innocuous, positive article with the dredge of last year’s pain. Would you want your daughter, or niece, or friend of the family treated in such a fashion?

      • May I direct you to the Clarke County Public Schools Satandards of Student Conduct…..

        page 4: Students are subject to corrective action for any misconduct that occurs:
        ï‚Ÿ in school or on school property;
        ï‚Ÿ in a school vehicle;
        ï‚Ÿ while participating in or attending any school sponsored activity or trip;
        ï‚Ÿ on the way to and from school; and
        ï‚Ÿ off school property, when the acts lead to: (1) an adjudication of delinquency or a conviction for an
        offense listed in § 16.1-305.1 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended (unlawful purchase,
        possession or use of a weapon, homicide, felonious assault and bodily wounding, criminal sexual
        assault, manufacture, sale, gift, distribution or possession of Schedule I or II controlled substances
        or marijuana, arson and related crimes, and burglary and related offenses) or (2) a charge that
        would be a felony if committed by an adult.
        Unlawful acts which will lead to police notification and may lead to suspension from classes, exclusion
        from activities, or expulsion include but are not limited to:
        ï‚Ÿ possession or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia;

        No police were involved. Which leads me to believe that because of the students involved in the illegal alcohol consumption were “high profile”, it was swept under the rug. My kids are expected to abide by these rules, so should those kids.

        Let us look at page 9…..RESPONSIBILITIES
        School personnel, parents, students and school board members share the responsibility to create and
        maintain a school environment that is conducive to learning. Clearly defined roles are essential to carrying out
        these responsibilities.
        It is the duty of the parent to:
        • Assume responsibility for the student’s behavior and teach compliance with school rules, know the
        school’s rules and sanctions for violations of the rules and discuss them with the student, provide
        input to and support the school’s policy and programs and support necessary discipline measures.
        • Ensure the student’s regular attendance in school.
        • Provide encouragement and discipline aimed at motivating the student toward responsible behavior
        and participation within the school setting.
        • Read and understand the Clarke County Standards of Student Conduct.
        • Sign the standard and expectations agreement on the back of the emergency card.

        It is the responsibility of the student to:
        • Know and comply with school rules and sanctions for violations of the rules.
        • Attend school regularly.
        • Accept their responsibility for learning, developing adequate study habits, and complete class
        assignments and/or requirements.
        • Contribute to a climate of acceptance and mutual respect of all individuals.
        • Comply with the dress code of the school. A student’s dress and appearance should not be such that
        it causes a disruption, is immodest, distracts others from the educational process, or creates a health
        or safety problem.
        • Be prepared each day with necessary class materials and supplies.
        • Be active participants in communications between the home and school.
        • Seek help when needed.
        • Accept responsibility for their actions.
        • Understand the basic principles of due process.
        • Accept the authority of school personnel and appeal decisions through appropriate channels.
        • Maintain behaviors which promote safety.
        • Report concerns/suspicions regarding safety.
        • Accept responsibility for any materials brought to school.

        I know for a FACT that certain students get away with INAPPROPRIATE attire REGULARLY. I know for a FACT that certain students bring and sell marijuana to school and on school grounds. Nothing ever happens to them.

        You know what I think….I think the whole shebang, School Board, CCPS Admin, etc. are so full of folks who watch each other’s backs when it comes to the high profile kids getting in trouble that they’ve lost sight of what they’re supposed to do. Provide an safe atmosphere for ALL kids who WANT to learn and are WILLING to BEHAVE.

        • You ALWAYS assume (or want us to believe) that you KNOW things you don’t. I know for a FACT the cops were involved. And NO my child was not one of the ones involved. You have no idea what happened to the kids involved.

          You know what I think, I think the fact that your kid isn’t one of the “high profile kids” really bothers you.

          • Well, if you say the police were involved, that what was the corrective action taken by the school board? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

            You have no idea who my kids are.

          • There were actions taken, and if you don’t know what they were, then maybe it is because it is none of your business.

            Don’t be to sure about that.

          • It is my business when it involves punishment by the school based on the offender rather than the offense.

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            You’ve already shown that you do not understand the differences between the adult and juvenile justice systems, and that you are incapable of comprehending conflicts of interest. Now you are suggesting that you have a role to play in the academic discipline of other people’s children, even though, as a matter of federal privacy law, it’s unlikely ever to be your business. You seem more ignorant with each of your posts on this subject. Come on. Try to convince me that you are an adult.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Police involvement does not necessarily mean that charges ultimately were filed. All of the girls involved did receive punishments. Were they appropriate? Probably, though someone as hellbent on being some hardcase probably wouldn’t think so.

          • Travis Goodwin says:

            While I could say that such info is filed under “Noneya” because it’s none of your business, it’s also protected by FERPA and other provisions. You’re not party to the ultimate decisions that were made (thought they were amply discussed out in the community), so you’re getting frustrated by something over which you have no control…that must really gall you.

        • Fly on the wall says:

          And you’re there, in the halls, watching these transgressions go down? Nope…you are relying on reports “from inside” with no corroborating evidence. That is not to say that such things might happen; then again, they might not.

          Hearsay is not admissable in a court of law, yet you see no problem broadcasting it here on the CDN emssage thread. You’re no better than Beck or Olbermann. I could claim on here that I know for a “FACT” that you crochet @ night wearing pink lace boxers; whether or not you do or not is irrelevant. Yet, you expect folks to take whatever you post as face-value gospel? Right. You are verging on paranoid with your line of thought.

        • livein22611 says:

          If you know of kids who are in possession of marijuana to school then you should do your civic duty and report it to the police. Or you could just sit back on your butt and blame other people for not doing anything. Or maybe you just repeat rumors…..

          • I’ll clue you in on something that may come as a shock to you.

            I do my civic duty and report these things to the police. I’ve done it at football games, basketball games, soccer games…. I have yet to see any action taken. So, the only place to let people know what’s really going on is on this website where I might hopefully find some people that truly give a darn and don’t make excuses or sweep it under the rug.

          • Tito Jackson says:

            You act as if that Clarke County is one big Conspiracy Theory! Get a Clue!

          • If you don’t believe that certain students receive preferential treatment, I have some beachfront property in Oklahoma I’d like to sell you.

          • Garth Brooooks says:

            I’m not saying that kids don’t receive preferential treatment. That is not what is in question. What is in question is your remarks about how you have reported illegal activities to the proper authorities and nothing has happened. I can guarantee you if you report that someone is smoking a “J” around the corner at a football game,they are going to take care of the problem. Guaranteed! Your statements just seem a little far fetched.

          • livein22611 says:

            Seems that we have a problem with our police department too. Or is there corruption there too. I’m surprised you can stay and raise your children in such an awful place as Clarke County. Maybe you should do whats best for your family and move to a better place.

  4. Mike Ditka says:

    Brings and Sells Marijuana on school grounds. They have been caught and nothing happens to them? C’mon Man!

  5. Congrats to Megan Wilson and Julia Schaffer!

  6. April O'Leary says:

    I would just like to extend my congratulations to everyone on a job well done! Your hard work definitely shows. Take pride in what you’ve accomplished even if there are “adults” who will continuously scrutinize your efforts because of previous member’s bad choices.

  7. concerned says:

    All of those wonderful winners from such a small community….way to go DECA members! Way to go DECA advisors! And, way to go Parents in our community for raising these great kids!

    • “Thank you” from one of those parents who has a daughter going to state. We’re very proud of her accomplishment and the entire DECA program. Good luck to all of the Clarke County students-we’ll be rooting for you in March!