Cool Spring Battlefield Park – Public Meeting

A public information meeting regarding the proposed Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority Cool Spring Battlefield Park will be held on the evening of Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 7:00pm.

The meeting will be held at Enders Fire Hall in Berryville.

The current Virginia National Golf Club has been proposed as the site of Cool Spring Battlefield Park - Photo Edward Leonard

Mr. Paul Gilbert, Director Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, will be present to provide information on issues raised at the first public information meeting held at Blue Ridge Fire Hall January 26th .


  1. There are many pros and cons associated with the cool spring park, but what finally convinced me to be against the idea is this: If we, the citizens of Clarke County, are going to fund a park in honor of our war veterans, then it should be to honor those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, There are more than enough parks to honor those who died in the civil war.

  2. I am 100% Behind this idea. I will do what ever I can to see this happen .. It will bring more people to Berryville to spend money !!

  3. This discussion shouldn’t even be taking place! Whenever you have a shortfall in the Education Budget….the spending of money elsewhere is totally absurd! Take care of the Children and Teachers first! The hell with the land along the River! Let it grow up like everything else!

    • Not everyone’s priority is education. If more people visited the county, and more businesses paid taxes, maybe there wouldn’t be a shorfall in education. This is a small step in bringing people to the county to spend money. You have to start somewhere and sacrifices are needed.
      Also, maybe they spent too much on a new school. Overspending on education is causing education to suffer. Interesting.

      • livein22611 says:

        “Not everyone’s priority is education”?? Really??? So ignorance really is bliss! And where do you think they overspent when building the new high school?? By making it brick? By having indoor plumbing?? Why don’t you go on a tour and list all the things they overspent on.
        People will not come to this park to spend money. They will drive over the mountain, tour the park, and then drive back. 90% of them will never make it across the bridge unless they get lost. On the bright side, one of the gangs should have the entrance tagged rather quickly so maybe that will help people find the entrance.
        Here’s a thought, if the people who own land in the county actually paid the correct amount of taxes on their land then maybe there wouldn’t be a shortfall? Guess I just need to buy a couple of animals at the fair and lower my bill!!!

        • So it’s ignorant to want public safety and emergency services? Let me use your overused term here “Really???”

          Yes, over spent. Do you understand simple economics and financial responsibility? When you build a new house, are you going to build one where you can barely afford the payment and not have enough left for life’s necesseties? I doubt it. Are you going to put 95% of you money into a car payment? There’s not enough money left for the basic education needs dude. Wake up.

          Yep, gangs want to hang out at the Cool Spring Battle park. Let’s get real here.

  4. John,
    Lets be realistic! You really are thinking this piece of farmland on the river is going to boost economic tourism to Clarke County? If you are that naive I think we all need help! I agree with Mr. Broke, we need to address those issues with the School Funding first! If you want a park so bad, please go visit one thats already in use.

    • It’s a small step. This county needs more business to build a tax base, otherwise we will continue to run into these problems. The citizens can’t do it all.
      Was that a Freudian slip you made? Mr. Broke? As in, we spent too much on a fancy new school, and now the education system is “Broke”

  5. StoneBroke says:

    Yeah…I would probably wager my yearly income on how much this so-called park will generate revenue for the County. Wake-up and smell the coffee John, the only reason this park is even remotely being thought about is because the BOS can throw out some sort of Historical easement that won’t allow anything to ever be built on this land! Plain and Simple! You can continue to drink the wine if you want–but I was able to smell the cyanide a long time ago!

    P.S.– If you call that a fancy new school, then you my friend are riding through other counties with blinders on….It is called sufficient to fit the needs with the limited funding allowed to build a school.

  6. My 2 Cents says:

    John, if you really wanna open this can of worms we can go there. What this county needs is true business’s that generate a tax revenue. Business’s like, CVS/Walgreens’s, McDonalds,etc. Not some park that will have 10 people visiting a week. Come on dude. Be realistic. And before I am slammed by the Anti-Growth crowd, its the truth, plain and simple. You cannot expect a rug store and Mario’s to carry the load forever!

    • So you want this to turn into Loudoun? Maybe you should have stayed over there. The county has a McDonalds. 1 is enough. Those are not real tax revenue generating businesses you’re talking about. Retail doesn’t cut it. Slow at best. Large multimillion manufacturing/warehousing operations will do it. Also, Federal government facilities.

      • My 2 Cents says:

        Been here my whole life Sid for a little background about myself. Been driving the Winchester and now Charles Town for every item that my family needs bacasue Clarke wants to keep the pastures free. How does a name brand business or two turn Clarke into Loudoun? You people crack me up… What are you afraid of??? It will eventually happen one of these days…. Competition isn’t a bad thing people……

      • knowswherethebodiesareburied says:

        How many manufacturing/warehousing operations does Clarke have or will they ever have ? If one wanted to relocate to the county they would give up after waiting YEARS for approval and end up in Loudoun or Frederick.The workers in these operations need to eat lunch and I bet driving to the other side of county for the LONE McDonalds won’t fit in their time frame or fuel budget.

        Companies who move to a new area do take those sort of things into consideration.I notice all the Federal operations skip over Clarke for Frederick.Is to escape the blast zone, or is it due to the lack of services for their employees ? As far as retail not supporting the county I couldn’t help but notice once the Federal Gov’t announced they would be building in Frederick a new shopping area sprung to life next door.Do you think that was an accident ? You need both retail and manufacturing and I don’t see either in Clarke.

        Just read today that Loudoun is the RICHEST county in the US.Is that a bad bad title to have ? Loudoun has loads of green space but also have a diverse tax base to help pay for parks and such.

        • Don’t loudoun Clarke man. and what’s with that weird alias?

          The retail follows the mfg, not the other way around. You’re way off.

          • knowswherethebodiesareburied says:

            Did not know my alias was the topic, but it seems to have gotten your attention. It implies that I have been around Clarke long enough to know all the dirt if you must know.

          • knowswherethebodiesareburied says:

            One mans weird is another mans mundane.Glad to see you spent creative time on your alias,John.

            Don’t Loudoun Clarke is so yesterday. Clarke wishes it was Loudoun,but no one will admit it

        • #knowswherethebodiesareburied “How many manufacturing/warehousing operations does Clarke have or will they ever have ?”

          Well there are more than most people realize and some of the assets the town has need to be marketed. We have a railroad siding and as the price of diesel and gas rises freight on trains becomes a better alternative on a regional basis.

          How many people know that Home Depot is leasing part of the old American Woodmark facility as a warehouse facility because of the proximity to a railroad siding? There’s a lot of other space along the tracks that can be used without any zoning changes at all.

          The real challenge is getting the town and the county to take a realistic look at economic development. It requires vision and a strategy based on the things the area has to offer. Once you have that you can start looking at adding parks and other assets because they will be part of a greater plan. Right now it’s just ad hoc reactions.

          How about leading from the front?

          The town and the county need to create opportunities that will entice businesses to come.

          When the businesses come the people who work there will need a place to live.

          When they are living here the density will go up.

          When the density goes up the area will be more attractive to larger retail businesses.

          It’s not rocket science but it takes vision and all of the leadership from the county to the town is devoid of any forward looking vision.

          And don’t start with the “They don’t want anymore people.” because it’s just not true. The town already has areas mapped out for residential growth and there is plenty of room already on the books that is just waiting for an environment that will support it.

          At some point people have to start asking hard questions and no one wants to do it.

          • knowswherethebodiesareburied says:

            I agree totally.The leaders only seem to promote green space and oh look at how much land we set aside to PREVENT development .A new mind set needs to be in place for that to change and I don’t see that happening any time soon.The county’s idea of economic development is a park that will only cost $’s not generate $’s, but it looks good to the Chesapeake Bay folks.While all this is happening the new school lacks playing fields.Do our neighbors build school(s) that never have a home football,softball, or baseball game ? Yes fields are just a short distance away but…..

        • just the facts..PLEASE says:

          you forgot to mention that “Rich” Loudoun also has ridiculously high tax rates and loads of debt!

          • knowswherethebodiesareburied says:

            That they do but they have a means to pay their debt. What’s the solution to debt issues in Clarke ? Oh that’s right, the new park .

        • Loudoun also has twice the tax rate of Clarke

          • knowswherethebodiesareburied says:

            You get what you pay for.I wonder how many posters shop or work in Loudoun ?

          • Clarke Co Annie says:

            Yes, but look at their businesses, infrastructure, schools, Police dept. and services.

            This park will not generate any revenue for Clarke. Only place more strain on our current Sheriff’s Dept.

          • Frederick ‘s tax rate is less than Clarke’s and they seem to build schools and with playing fields to boot.

          • And twice the services !

    • Because I Care says:

      I wonder if the BOS would allow a couple fast food joints and a strip mall to be built adjacent to the park to offset the costs? Now THERE’S a fine idea!

  7. My concern is that, at a time when the county is having to pay the piper for putting off necessary and important investments and upgrades (the joke of an IT infrastructure in use by the county and school administration, lack of salary improvements, the senior center, and – yes – that really nice but certainly not a “Cadillac” or “Mercedes Benz” level high school), the $65K per year cost just to be IN the group that would manage the park (albeit without an on-site presence and other troubling aspects) is enough to make one think twice about this effort.

  8. Seems as a couple of the BOS don’t think there will be many people at the meeting in Berryville at Enders Fire &Rescue .They think that only the people near the proposed park are the only ones against it and the rest of the people are not concerned that the County will be throwing the tax payers money away. So, if you are not for the park make plans on coming and tell everyone you now about the meeting then they will see there are people from all over the county against the 90 thousand burden on tax payers when the money is needed in other places. If you can’t make the meeting call or email your supervisor but the more people the better so let’s pack the house!

  9. This is a foolish idea. The ground is too soggy for a golf course, why would I want to walk the dogs there? The notion that it will bring money into Berryville is nonsense. There aren’t enough good restaurants in town to service the numbers of people to bring money in (The Bville Grille is fantastic, but small, and usually filled). Where would the diners park? I wouldn’t pay admission to go there and no one else would either. We have a 1.2 million dollar shortfall in the school budget and before Tony Parrot goes off on me, there must be 65000 worth of something good in the proposed cuts to save. No table this, put it to bed, forget about it we don’t need to bail out another land developer