County Adjusts Bonus Plan to Parity with Schools


Clarke Supervisors have finalized plans for a bonus payment for county staff. Earlier this week the Supervisors agreed on the bonus amount which is designed to create parity with an earlier payout to county teachers.

Clarke County's Board of Supervisors has settled on a $450 one-time bonus payment to county employees

On Tuesday the Supervisors agreed on a $450 one-time payment to Clarke County government employees. The amount, which covers most but not every Clarke County staff members is just a few dollars higher than the final school employee payout.

“Full time school employees received $446” said Supervisors John Staelin (Millwood). “Full time General Government employees will get $450. The programs are very similar but there are minor differences in the rules for part time employees and the schools paid all those who were employed at the end of June while we left out a few.”

Staelin said at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting that what seemed like a simple task – dividing the $35,716 in funding set aside for bonuses among the county’s staff – actually turned out to be more complex than anticipated when all of the various employment situations were considered.

“In retrospect we should have asked David [Ash] and Mike [Murphy] to see if they could create a common program for all County employees” Staelin said. “Instead, we modified the General Government program to make it very similar to the School program.”