County Proclamation: John Rector Friant, Senior



John Rector Friant, Senior

December 3, 1919 to January 16, 2011

WHEREAS, John R. Friant Sr., as a local business owner and employer, contributed to the economic stability of the community;

WHEREAS, Mr. Friant was an active participant in the Clarke County Chamber of Commerce and Ruritan Club. He further served the community on the boards of the Clarke County Library Advisory Council., The Barns of Rose Hill, Grafton Schoo/’ original member of the Clarke County Industrial Development Authority, member and first Chairman of the Clarke County Planning Commission established in July 1956, and a founding board member of Heritage Child Development Center;

WHEREAS, his initiatives include Clarke County Recreational Center, the Route 7 Triangle Beautification Project expanding and improving the Library by moving it to the Joint Government Center, Dictionary Project development of the first County Zoning ordinances during his tenure on the Planning Commission, and the international guest program at the Annual Ruritan County Fair.

WHEREAS, in 1998 Mr. Friant was awarded The Clarke County Citizen of the Year.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Clarke County Board of Supervisors does hereby issue this proclamation in remembrance of John Rector Friant, Senior, a respected citizen of Clarke County and an active participant in civic affairs and in recognition of his excellent character, citizenship, and dedicated service to the citizens of the County.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have set my hand and caused the seal of the County of Clarke, Virginia to be affixed this 15th day of February 2011.


J. Michael Hobert, Chair


  1. Second that (e)motion! Truly deserving of a truly great man. I miss him!

  2. Sarge Willis says:

    I agree, John was a caring individual for both the community and the county. He deserves all the accolades to county give him.

  3. Mr. Friant was one of the great men of our community and I do miss him stopping in to chat with me. I learned quite a bit from those chats.

  4. I agree to that mr.friant was a giant in the community,but what bothers me is why wont the city an county do the same for deserveing blacks to comment.

    • Here’s a bit of advice…

      Don’t start crying racism any time you perceive it. Instead, name some deserving blacks in the community. It very well may be an oversight rather than a race issue.

    • Well you just lost my support, Mr Clarke. Take a notice from our President. He doesn’t favor one race.

    • Interested bysitter says:

      Hmmm…seems to me this community has a rather large monument to two esteemed African-American members of this community – W.T.B. Johnson and Reverend Williams. All of Clarke’s kids pass through Johnson-Williams Middle School as they earn their educations and punch their tickets for the high school. When the school system integrated in the late 60s/early 70s, this community didn’t have to keep the name…but did so at the insistence of its African-American community and has never looked back.

      Additionally, the Josephine School Community Museum has received much recognition. So…since this proclamation is given out of tremendous respet for a pillar of the community on his passing, there perhaps are proclamations coming for others who truly warrant such an honor – no matter where their skin falls on God’s color palette.

  5. Marilyn Monroe says:

    [redacted] John Friant was the best.