County Receives Favorable Bids for Senior Center Project

Clarke County opened contractor bids for the planned Active Living Center project yesterday. Of the eight bids received, seven appear to be below the County’s project budget of $1.498M.

Although often referred to as the Active Living Center – or Senior Center – the project actually includes three additional components; improvements to the County Parks & Recreation Office, repair of a crack in a wall and replacement of the roof in the Parks and Recreation building. While the budgeted price for the Active Living Center alone is $1.29M, $13.5K for wall crack repairs and $196K for roof repairs have already been set aside in the County’s capital improvements account bringing the total planned expenditure for the project to nearly $1.5M

At Tuesday’s meeting the Board of Supervisors had their first look at bids ranging from a high of $1.62M to a low of $1.32M for the project. Although 17 potential bidders attended a pre-bid project conference held by the County only eight firms responded with bids:

Firm                                                                                                         Location                                                                   Bid Amount

Meridian                                            Rockville, MD                       $1.62M

Minghini’s                                         Martinsburg, WV                 $1.33M

Hammerhead                                  Dulles, VA                               $1.39M

Caldwell & Santmyer                    Berryville, VA                       $1.35M

Shockey                                             Winchester, VA                    $1.49M

H & W                                                  Winchester, VA                    $1.41M

W. H. Miller                                      Martinsburg, WV                 $1.40M

Lantz Construction                       Broadway, VA                                             $1.42M

Joint Administrative Services Director Tom Judge cautioned that it was too early in the bid process to make any determination about who the likely contract award winner will be based simply on low bid submissions.

“We still have a lot of work to do to determine if all of the bids are qualified” Judge said.

In a related matter, the Supervisors approved a restated agreement between the County and the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging (SAAA) where a house and property located on Route 601 willed by Ms. Ruby Urban for the benefit of the senior center as well as $200K in local funds raised by citizens in support of the Active Living Center were officially transferred from the SAAA to Clarke County.

The agreement, among other things, cites Main Street Architecture as the architect for the project. The agreement also states that the County will deed the Urban property back to SAAA in the event that the Active Living Center construction project is not awarded within two years.


  1. Because I Care says:

    Does this mean Echols will be allowed to build more senior housing?