County Recognizes Work of Local Humane Foundation

The Clarke County Board of Supervisors has formally recognized the Clarke County Humane Foundation for its exceptional work in ensuring proper treatment and care of animals in our region.

“On behalf of the Clarke County Board of Supervisors, I would like to thank you for your continued generosity in the support of the Clarke County Animal Shelter,” County Supervisor Chairman Michael Hobert (Berryville) said in a June 27th letter to the Foundation’s board of Directors.

A Welsh Springer Spaniel – Photo Edward Leonard

“Your generous funding to aid in employing, equipping and training Shelter staff clearly demonstrates your commitment to more effective management and operation,” Hobert continued. “Your recognition of efforts by Shelter staff, volunteers and donors fosters community support and is deeply appreciated.”

Hobert also recognized the many improvements to the County of the animal shelter that the Foundation has funded and its support of domesticated and livestock animals sheltered with a spacious state-of-the-art facility and ample grounds.

In addition to facility improvements at the Clarke County animal shelter, the Humane Foundation has been instrumental in funding spay and neuter programs that have delivered reduced or no cost procedures to adopting families and has significantly reduced the animal shelter population.

“With the help of partners such as the Humane Foundation, the County will continue to see improvements and to make a difference in the sheltering and humane treatment of the animals residing in our county,” Hobert concluded in his letter.

“We are very glad that several bequests have given us the ability to help the County staff the shelter in these lean times,” said Clarke County Humane Foundation President George Ohrstrom. “It’s also very nice for the Humane Foundation to receive accolades from the Clarke County Board of Supervisors.”

View the Clarke County Board of Supervisors recognition letter to the Clarke County Humane Foundation here:  BOS – CC Humane Society Recognition


  1. Phyllis Nee says:

    The CC Humane Shelter is GREAT, I have gotten 2 cats from there! The staff has gone above and beyond in helping me to select the right cats for our home..opening more cages then I want to admitt to!! Hats off to them!!