Cranes Descend on Berryville

A 200-foot industrial crane towered over downtown Berryville at lunchtime today as renovations progress at the Barns of Rose Hill community arts complex. The huge lifting apparatus was used to install two 12,200 pound custom-designed compound beams that will support the barn’s aging roof structure.

Jason Marshall of Painter-Lewis Engineering designed the beam support system - Photo Edward Leonard

Jason Marshall, a structural engineer with Painter-Lewis Engineering of Winchester, is responsible for designing the two massive devices that will support the theater catwalk as well as the roof. Marshall stood nearby watching as construction crews worked to maneuver the twelve tons of wood and steel in place inside the loft of the old barn.

The crane operator’s light touch on the controls of the boom allowed the structures to be slowly positioned into place. Progress during the job often appeared to be measured in “inches” rather than “feet”.

Marshall said that once in place, the new beams will provide most of the buildings structural support and make the aging barn roof much stiffer.

Crane access to lift heavy catwalk beams was provided through holes in the barn roof - Photo Edward Leonard

“We knew that we wanted to salvage and preserve the existing roof” Marshall said. “These supports will make the roof and the entire structure much stronger than it ever was in the past.”

Construction crews carefully position the two 12,000+ lb. beams with help from the overhead crane - Photo Edward Leonard

Sky crane towers over the Barns of Rose Hill - Photo Edward Leonard


  1. So… I only know of the barn next to the library. Where are these barns that I’ve been hearing about for years? Where are they located?

  2. Allan "Bugs" McWilliams says:

    Missus, They are nest door to the present library. They consist of one large and a smaller barn.

  3. How exciting to see this progress. Berryville and Clarke County are becomimg an even more wonderful place to live. I can hardly wait for the first cultural event at The Barns!