Crews Respond to 911 Call on Shenandoah

Late Sunday afternoon emergency crews from two Clarke County stations responded to a 911 call for an injured swimmer in the Shenandoah River.

At approximately 5:30 PM an individual at Watermelon Park placed a call to 911 to report that a swimmer was injured in the river and in need   assistance. The call was initially picked up by responders in Loudoun County who then re-reouted it to Clarke County where crews from John H. Enders and Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue were dispatched.

Upon arrival emergency personnel were confronted with conflicting stories and translation issues. Responders were ultimately unable to locate either the caller or identify the alleged victim. This forced the crews to begin an extensive search of the river by boat for a possible victim. After nearly two hours of searching crews abandoned the effort. Fire & Rescue crews stopped the search at approx. 7:30 PM

Police and Rescue officials believe that the alleged victim may have been pulled from the water by bystanders and may have been placed in a vehicle and taken from the scene. Neither the individual who placed the call or the alleged victim were ever located.


  1. Maybe if the folks that come to the US would learn to speak English, then we wouldn’t have the translation problem.

    • Jeane Cromer says:

      Come on RW, the story and headline was about our VOLUNTEER responders and an accident, not translation issues. When YOU decide to put on a 50 lb uniform, a bulett proof vest, or a badge, and put YOUR life on the line every day- THEN you can comment all you want. Please have some respect for the excellent reporting on the subject and for all of our dedicated Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers.

      • Ahh, so I’m not allowed to comment on what was in the article clearly stating that there were translation issues? What about freedom of speech, Jeane?

        • Jeane Cromer says:

          I do respect your rights RW, I was just asking you to see the bigger picture from the reporter’s eye. It was about swift response to possibly save a human life and the dedication of first responders.

          And thank-you for not calling me “honey” as a previous poster did. My pa-paw worked long and hard so that I could recieve an excellent education and not be someone’s ignorant “honey” 🙂

          • Jeane, just consider the source. The one who called you “honey” refers to himself as (). So there ya go.

  2. charlie dick says:

    Nothing at all wrong with being bilingual …

    Works both ways, little one, or are you just a knee-jerk xenophobe?

    • Nothing wrong with being bilingual at all. Had the people who were talking to the dedicated volunteers been bilingual, there wouldn’t have been a problem, would there? Just an observation, no need to name call. I learned not to do that when I was much younger.

  3. English is the language.

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      But…not the “official” language. To become a citizen, one must be conversant in basic English (reading and writing), but it’s not the official language of this country.

  4. Who gets billed for this wasted call?

    • Jeane Cromer says:

      Seems to me Bubba, that the guy in the middle picture values human life or he wouldn’t be there on a “wasted call”. And, did I happen to mention that Enders is a VOLUNTEER company? I suspect the responders were VOLUNTEERS. Do you volunteer to your community?

      • Honey, somebody has to pay for it whether we have a “volunteer” system or not. I would suspect this may be related to the stabbing that took place down around there. We have people down around there who aren’t exactly following the laws and have plenty to hide. My point was and is they are “wasting” our services when they call for help but then decide to scatter and hide instead of waiting for it to arrive. I feel sorry for our folks who have to take time out of their own lives to respond to nothing. And yes, I do help out in the community, mostly for the kids.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but seems like the CDN is “piling on” to the illegal alien, fishing, stabbing, watermelon park situation. These little calls happen every day with first responders, but given the recent events, you certainly didn’t hesitate to make this front page news.

    I think the house is burning down, call the fire dept. Oh sorry, it’s just the toaster.

    • It is just you. The good people of the community are sick and tired of all the illegal stuff that’s been going on down there, and they are taking a stand. Good for them.

      • C’mon. Suddenly Watermelon Park is in the news all over the place. Gimme a break. Like I’ve stated in the past, been here nearly 20 years, haven’t heard any “illegal” activity until now. The bluegrass thing robert is talking about happened in the 70’s didn’t it. The festival they’ve had the past several years is peace loving fun!

  6. It’s one thing after another with Watermelon Park and has been for many years (remember the bluegrass festivals) – Require the Millers to hire security or close it down.

  7. River Watcher says:

    How do we find out or does anyone know why several ambulances were dispatched to WMP Saturday? Thx