Crews Respond to House Fire on Shenandoah River Lane

Late Wednesday afternoon January 19th, 2011, a structure fire was reported at 85 Shenandoah River Lane, on the border between Clarke and Warren Counties.

Fire at Shenandoah River Lane - Photo by Bonnie Jacobs

Wagon 6 from Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Rescue was the first to arrive on the scene. Crews found the structure fully involved. As Wagon 6 started to make an exterior attack on the fire, units from Clarke Co. 1, Clarke Co. 4, Clarke Co. 8, Mt. Weather Co. 21, Marshall from Fauquier County, and Warren County Co. 4 arrived on scene.

Crews coordinated their attack on the fire from the exterior of the building due to the state of the structure. After several hours battling the flames, the fire was extinguished.

The structure was a total loss.

Fire at Shenandoah River Lane - Photo by Bonnie Jacobs

Red Cross officials from Clarke County responded to the scene as well. The resident of the home was displaced and the Red Cross assisted in providing temporary shelter, food and clothing.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.


  1. T.Compher says:

    Is there anyway to find out who lived there and if there were kids and clothing size. I would be happy to donate some used clothing.

  2. Maybe Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Department could of save the house if the fire truck did not break down in front of house. So all they could do is wacth until
    other fire company showed up. Am glad to see my taxes money put to good use.Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Department gets about $90,000 dollars a year in tax money and they can not keep the fire truck running. They have 2 fire trucks that dont run and 1 ambulance broken down to. Who running this fire company because they sure are not doing the job.

    • WELL JOE, it seems to me like you are the almighty knowing for a firehouse you aren’t even a memebr of.

      If it was broken down, kinda odd that it drove in there, started to work on putting the fire out and drove out when everybody else left.

      $90,000 huh, well if you put all that tax money in, where did it go? I would liket to know, you have $90,000 to spend, well damn, can you pay my taxes too? If they had that much a year I am sure that they would have been able to replace all their equipment and get a new station. [redacted]
      2 Broken fire trucks and 1 broken ambulance? Looks like I have seen all of them driving down the road. Eveyrthing needs reapir once in awhile.

      When you finally get a clue and have an idea how they work and whats happening, [redacted]

      • Just to let you know I was there when the fire truck got there and they could not even get water out of it to but on the fire.

        • Joe, whoever you are, if you were on scene when the first firetruck arrived you know that the house was burning with fire through the roof. Possibly the owner delayed calling dispatch while he was playing with his garden hose.

          • ...Yes Ill say my name.. D. Hardy says:

            well good for you joe for being there thats a start! $90,000 might buy just the pump in a firetruck but as concerned has the average prices listed below so you might want to think again before running the trap and stop and think before you speak.

    • southernfirefighter26 says:

      look if its mecanical it brakes down i dont care what is is. As far as your tax money very little of it gose to a Volunteer Agency. If your would research the topic before you speak you would find out that MOST of the Vol depts money Comes from fundraisers and community donations so insted of sitting around and complanning [redacted] go help out you would be doing more good insted of just complaning

  3. I know who lived there. No kids resided there any longer. I hope they figure out what burned it down, seems suspicious [redacted]

  4. Oh why was there a red fire truck from Warren County running out Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Department. Because Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Department has two broken down fire tucks.I quess The Farms dont know what he talking about.

    • The fire departments within Clarke and Warren County do share fire and rescue apparatus when a station experiences an unfortunate event with a piece of apparatus (this means fire engine, wagon, ambulance, brush truck, boat, etc…..) Warren county even has a reserve fire engine and an ambulance. Why would such apparatus exist if this was not such a commonality?

      I do believe that I saw the fire engine in working order today, and it appeared to be yellow and not red.

      However, it does appear as if the Wagon is in need of repair.

      Does your motor vehicle never have issues?

      Have you never been caught by surprise by a unexpected break down in your motor vehicle?

      If you have some kind of ESP, etc….that can tell when a vehicle is going to break down…..please market that and remember your local fire department, they do take donations and you can use that donation as a write off on your taxes even. (seems Farms was implying that you are paying $90,000 in taxes a year, seems maybe you do have this knowledge/ability; make sure you have a patent on it). Totally awesome and a miracle at work. Imagine the number of people who’s lives could be saved, by say knowing their tire is going to blow out and repairing it prior to driving 70 miles an hour down the highway and that tire blowing out and praying that “Jesus takes the wheel and get me off the highway.”

      One final bit of advice for now:

      Ambulance $250,000.00
      Engine $500,000.00
      One responder outfitted (gear only) $1,200.00
      One Air Pack with integrated pass $3,000.00

      • Ambulance $250,000.00
        Engine $500,000.00
        One responder outfitted (gear only) $1,200.00
        One Air Pack with integrated pass $3,000.00

        That is priceless i love it and i can not thank you enough for what you said concerned. it happens all the time.

    • So what exactly were you doing during this time? Other than counting fire trucks and noting which locality sent them of course?

  5. expierance says:

    I have spent many years there. Joe is completly right, the place is a joke. The community needs to be more informed of the company and its stablitly. The tax money is spent on pleasure and not needs. The fire house needs a better out come and less drama. Someone needs to take over the fire house and staighten things out for a better community response. The community needs to step in and save there fire house. Payed staff is a good idea. Your never out of the public eye.

    • SFVFD happens to cover two counties, both Warren and Clarke. All members of SFVFD are VOLUNTEERS. Which means they do not receive a pay check for responding to emergencies within their community and surrounding communities.

      I believe SFVFD may have the 2nd highest call volume in Warren County. SFVFD makes it out on over 3/4 of these calls.

      For those who feel they see the apparatus from this station only driving up and down the roads, where are you when they are responding to the above mentioned calls. To the members of this community who realize that unfortunate events happen, and who have assisted their community department ….and the many more members of the community who took the time to be there for the department when they needed them and realize that they do try to be there for them in their times of need…..THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

      The volunteers at this station do have paid jobs in order to support their families and to afford to live in this community. They volunteer out of the kindness of their hearts, how about if we cut them some slack?

      Oh BTW the correct spelling is experience. Which is what all fire and rescue personnel require. EMTs are required to receive continuing education hours in order to remain certified, this involves alot of hours away from the station and also away from their families in order to meet these and many other requirements to run as an EMT in the state of Virginia. EMT basic involves an initial six months of training; fire fighters require an initial five to eight months of training. Then there is HAZMAT, EVOC, etc…. Alot of unpaid time, and time away from their families again.

      One final thought:

      Ambulance $250,000.00
      Engine $500,000.00
      One responder outfitted (gear only) $1,200.00
      One Air Pack with integrated pass $3,000.00

      What have you done for this community lately??? Just curious, since you seem to be extremely opinionated about the goings on at the fire department.

      Don’t be hating.

  6. Its a shame that we can not count on our local fire department. I see the fire truck going up and down the road and it seems it always at Jims Counrty Store or Sheetz. I never see them on a emergency call. I do always see Front Royal or Linda fire dept. in the farms for emergency calls. [redacted]

    • concerned says:

      1) SFVFD members do not leave the station to get food. Food is essential. However, members who are say staffing at the department, pool their funding and purchase this food and cook it themselves. I have seen them shopping for said food and also they have been in line in front of me, so I have seen them use their personal cards to make these purchases. When they are unfortunate and did not get to the grocery store, sometimes when they are returning from calls of the stations first due, it appears they might stop to get something to eat. Again, food is paid for by the members, and not the community. Even though they are staffing to protect members of the community in which you seem to reside. I have also noticed multiple companies apparatus fueling up at Waterloo and Front Royal, perhaps they are fueling them up. When I was at Walmart on 522 the other day – I saw an Ambulance parked in the fire lane. I instantly said a prayer for the unfortunate person who required their assistance, when I entered the store to see them in SubWay getting food. I was picking up Chinese Food in Frederick county, in pulled a fire engine and parked in the lot and entered another food establishment. I was in Stephen City at Martin’s and noticed a piece of fire apparatus backed in beside the store, maybe getting something to eat, maybe doing pre planning, who knows, but clearly at Martins. Checkers, McDonalds, Panda Express on 522 is a favorite hang out for fire apparatus from different departments. But, clearly people need to eat and are entitled to food. If responders are out getting something to eat in department apparatus, and a call should go out, these saints get up and respond to the call, leaving their food behind, which is thrown away. Perhaps you should inquire at say Jim’s to see how many orders of food are delayed in being picked up or being discarded. All of which members have paid for. Have you actually taken the time to locate the nearest fire hydrants….I believe they are located at McDonald’s in Waterloo or Shenandoah Shores (might be there, I think I saw it when I visited the animal shelter). Perhaps you noticed that there are no hydrants located in your community. Dry hydrants are in the area, but if the area is in drought they aren’t of any use to us either.

      2) IF you have all this time to notate the travels of the apparatus of the SFVFD; please come to the second Tuesday of the month meeting that they host and get an application. I will drive by there and pay your first years $5 dues for you, I will leave them in the name of Wanda.

      3) I believe you mean Linden VFD. If you see them so much, why don’t you know their name? Linden and Front Royal are both stations that are fortunate enough to have county funded paid staff. There are also stations within Clarke county that are fortunate enough to have paid staff members.

      4) Have you thanked your volunteer today?

      5) Ambulance $250,000.00
      Engine $500,000.00
      One responder outfitted (gear only) $1,200.00
      One Air Pack with integrated pass $3,000.00

  7. Wondering says:

    I wonder why they went towards or to Rt. 50, turned around and came back, when the fire was practically next door to the firehouse. It’s scary that we have to live in an area without reliable fire and rescue.

    • Thoughtful says:

      The reason for this truck you saw was because there was no way to get water at that point, and while trying to open the gate of a river lot the truck had to turn around.

  8. i think if everyone has a problem with the fire department they should go down and help out if their that much better. if you want to actually state a comment go to their monthly meeting and state how you feel their instead of on the internet. the meeting is second Tuesday of every month and open to the public.

  9. Urban Cowboy says:

    Is it possible that we are seeing a symptom of a bigger problem here? Maybe what allegedly happened at this fire could have happened anywhere in Clarke County. Since moving here 18 months ago from Fairfax County I have NOT been impressed with the fire/rescue services provided in Clarke County. The whole “blow the siren on top of the firehouse and people rushing to the station to get a firetruck/ambulance out” concept seems very dated to me in 2011. I am knowledgeable enough to know that comparing Fairfax & Clarke is like comparing apples and oranges — I get that and thats not my point. I am very simply asking this question — Are the citizens of this great county receiving the most modern and appropriate emergency services possible? And if not – How does it get fixed?

    • As another from an area more populated and wealthy than here, I do understand where ‘Urban Cowboy’ is coming from. However, I ask him “why did you move here then?” I moved out here for the scenery, the community, and because I can afford it. I also volunteer in my community near this location too. What does ‘Urban Cowboy’ contribute to the community he is complaining about? If you want the luxuries of public service that Fairfax enjoys, pay more personal property taxes. You want the same service for a fraction of your personal cost. And you have no problem complaining when you don’t get it, instead of putting your effort and work where your mouth is. You want a better system to service YOUR house and community, then do something about it.

    • CCHS Parent says:

      Obviously you have NOT had to use Clarke County’s EMS system or you wouldn’t be saying this. They are quick to get to the emergencies and have saved local area companies from huge damage. Great job!! Maybe you ought to go back to fairfax.

    • While I think it’s great that you noticed there is a difference between Fairfax Co. and Clarke Co., I have to agree with the others who responded to your post. My family moved to Clarke when I was a teenager … from Fairfax County. My family came here to enjoy the country, the slower lifestyle and to be involved in a different way of life. As a transplant, what I’ve noticed more than anything over the years, sadly, is the number of people who relocate here because they want that quality of life and what the rural communities have to offer and then, in about a year start to gripe, moan and complain because things just aren’t “urban” enough out here. Everyone who wants to know, and came here for the right reasons, knows how the system works. Then, there are the “urban” folks. You know, the ones who moved here solely because it was pretty and quiet and they got more and bigger housing for their buck. The “whole blow the siren on top of the firehouse” is pretty integral to a rural community. That siren is loud so that everyone can hear it. It’s much faster than making all those phone calls to the volunteers. And, it’s in every single rural community in this country. The fact that there are still men and women who listen for that siren on a daily basis makes me proud to be part of such a community. We have volunteer fire companies because we don’t have the population density to warrant full-time, paid firefighters in the rural areas. If you want the rural experience, you need to live the entire experience. Not just the parts that you like.

  10. Shenandoan Farms VOLUNTEER Fire Department is an all volunteer station. Community members are always welcome to become members. Dues are $5 per year. You can join at any membership meeting, the second Tuesday of the month. If you don’t want to become an EMT, fire fighter, or driver; they can always use support personnel to assist with fund raisers. Bingo is every Wednesday @7pm. Shooting match is every Friday @7pm. Breakfast is every third Sunday from 8am – noon.

    Put your actions where your mouth is and support your local fire department and community.

    Wondering where all of the community members are when I saw the ambulance responding to calls in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps snug as bugs in there beds????

  11. lovinthecountry says:

    “Blow the siren on top of the firehouse and rush to the station to get a firetruck/ambulance out”?????? Is this accurate? Aren’t emergency services in Clarke County all paid? If not then, why are my taxes so high? This is certainly turning into an educational thread for me! It may be time for a call to my representative on the board of supervisors.

    • Thoughtful says:

      There are only 2 paid medic in the county during the day and 1 after 6pm, and they are in berryville. The rest is totally volunteer and saddly sometimes nobody shows up to the station to help out when another person in the community calls 911.

      • ...Yes Ill say my name.. D. Hardy says:

        Why would you call your supervisor, what is he going to do because we have all tried to get more help in fact all the stations could use a little more help sure, but nobody in the community wants to come and help all they want to do is sit back on their computers and gripe about it, and your taxes and home owners insurance WILL be alot higher if they shut the station down and if you dont want that then help out somewhere!!

  12. lovinthecountry says:

    Where I used to live county fire/rescue is county fire/rescue. Its all the same; so it doesn’t matter what part of the county an emergency occurs the same level of service is provided. I can’t imagine why the same principal wouldn’t apply here. The level of emergency services protection should be the same in Shenandoah Farms as it is in Berryville. The lives in both jurisdictions are equally precious and tax dollars paid are the same. It would be nice if some input could be given by the county Fire Chief. With that said I can’t seem to find any information on who this is on the county gov’t website. How do we get in touch with this individual for more information and accountability?


    • Love this post Bonnie. I have two kids who volunteer and it is alot of work. The training just to be cleared to run a call is more than I could do. They have to know every compartment, piece of equipment , where it is and what it’s used for and pass a test to prove it. Then they have to be CPR certified. Volunteers are also responsible for keeping the fire station and equipment clean and maintained. Now, if you want to fight a fire or run an abulance call, there is more training that must be completed and passed. EVOC before you can drive emergency equipment, and many don’t pass the class. Then you have to prove yourself to the chief before you are cleared to drive. Fire training takes months, EMT classes take months…..all by volunteers.
      It’s unfortunate when the outcome of a call is not what we all want. But there are always many factors that need to be considered. Why did the man wait to call 911. What was his grudge against the firehall and why did he have a sign on his car with profanity at that particular time? What was the cause of the fire?
      It would be nice to have more people dedicated to the community and the help would be appreciated. No one is perfect, but these wonderful people are volunteering to help the best they can in an emergency situation and I personally THANK them all for their service.

  14. Urban Cowboy says:

    Gorf, I moved here for many of the same reasons that you did and am certainly willing to help out in this community when I can but let’s face hard facts. In 2011 to ensure adequate emergency services protection can and should this community still rely on the system of 100% volunteer firefighters and EMT’s? The argument of cheaper taxes paid and services provided is confusing to me. My taxes in Fairfax County were not much more than what I pay here, the taxes in Loudoun and Frederick counties are within the ballpark of Clarke’s yet there are huge gaps in the services provided – across the board. I haven’t been able to figure out yet why this is. Secondly, with the demands of everyday life with family and commuting I don’t believe its reasonable to expect some or most citizens to volunteer at the local firehouse. Is county fire/rescue doing its part to attract people? I’ve stopped by the one in Berryville a couple of times, once on Christmas morning to drop off cookies and the building is locked up tight as a drum and noone appears to be there. This in itself is concerning to me but I recognize there is a lot that I don’t know about fire/rescue in Clarke County. I like “lovinthecountry”‘s idea of gleaning information from the county fire chief to help us “out-of-towners” understand. Can anyone identify who the county fire chief is? I truly think his/her help is needed here.

    • My taxes in Fairfax County were not much more than what I pay here, the taxes in Loudoun and Frederick counties are within the ballpark of Clarke’s yet there are huge gaps in the services provided – across the board. I haven’t been able to figure out yet why this is.

      Look around. Do you see 5 WalMarts, 2 Targets and 25 Walgreens? The tax base here is made up prmarily of home and land owners, and not industry and/or retail. I suspect you kinda liked that when you decided to move here. It’s not that hard to figure out really. And as with all tax collections, nothing is stopping you from paying more when the taxman comes around every year

    • ...Yes Ill say my name.. D. Hardy says:

      Can I ask you a Question…. Ok do you have a job? if not then here ya go… have you ever considered being a Firefighter or EMT? if not or even if so well then why dont you go out and get all the training and Certifications you need and become the Clarke County Fire Chief. Because there isn’t a county fire chief.

  15. Concerned, maybe you dont know what going on. Seeing the fire truck at 3:00am at Sheetz with a young kid driving all by hiself. How that staffing. I believe all their calls go to [redacted]. Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire Department burned a house down in Dec. I would love to know how many house do they save or do they burn all them down.

    • Its about time someone speaks the truth. The truth is coming out. They joy ride all the time. There call volume is nothing more then public services. They only have 5 or 6 fully certified volunteers. Your rated #2 in the county because of drama not call volume.

      • wow indeed says:

        while you sit back in your comfy house and refuse to learn proper English. Perhaps you would like to pay for professional firefighters?

      • Really Wow?? You have honestly got to be kidding me. Is that what you call Joy riding?? and 5 or 6 fully certified volunteers?? maybe you should come to a monthly meeting and I will give you a full list of volunteers and what they are capable of. Just because there are more volunteers that are not cross trained does not mean that we are not able to help you in a state of emergency. we have at least 10-15 fully certified firefighters and at least 8-10 EMT’s. and if you have such a problem with it, come down to a monthly meeting and I will pay your $5.00 dues for the year and take a firefighter or EMT class.

        • I have come to find after reading 89 comments that the whole argument that has been created on this page is fire house members vs fire house members and x members vs present members. This has nothing to do with the house that burned down nor the community and its safety and well being. Instead of playing the blame game, take responsiblity for your actions within the fire house. You will find that you can have a succesful community involved and loved fire house when your Bylaws an SOPS are followed properly. I also feel that it takes respect for each other and the community. I don’t think that any fire house could have saved that house. But these comments are a disgrace to yourselves and others. Its time we move on. If you all looked at the big picture a domino effect was created. Don’t keep allowing people to destroy what could be a good thing. This have gone to far.

  16. urban cowboy by what you say you dont know much about warren and clarke county fire and rescue. so why are you so quick to judge and post comments on something you clearly dont know about. im sorry its not up to Fairfax’s millionaire community but the first due is mainly farmland and regular everyday people. when you can pay a firefighter out of your pocket to be at a station 24/7, let someone know.

  17. to the community members who are concerned of Shenandoah farms. i volunteer at your fire station. i work a full time job in manassas from 1 in the afternoon to 1 in the morning. when i get of work i spend the rest of the time at the fire station doing what i can. some mornings i am 3 hours late for work due to being on calls. on the weekends i spend all my time there. i try my best to keep every thing up to par. im just one of the members here who do the same. we may not always get along but we do what we can. sometimes we dont get out on your calls, but we try our hardest to do so. you may think we blow it off when we do scratch a call but thats not the case. our officers are the best people you could meet! the fire cheif buddy cook will do any thing for us and the community. buddy trys his hardest to keep the station running and does a damn good job at it. and the when people bash us and put us down all of us get discouraged and want to quit because the people we are spending all this time here for are now telling us they dont appreciate us. what a slap in the face.

    • ...Yes Ill say my name.. D. Hardy says:

      SO SO SO very very true!!! It does discourage us and we all do want to quit all the time and we all ask ourselvs “why am i still here if all we do is mess up and burn houses down” (like some other people have said) but we all seem to stay in there and continue to help out and serve the community whenever we can. Yea… what a slap in the face. Thanks, (you community) I just wish some of these people that are doing alot of the sitting back and complaining could be inside of a burning building with fire around you and 2000 degrees of heat burning down your back with an air pack strapped to your back that could at any minute be a rocket but saves your life because you have to breathe fresh air so thats the risk you have to take… SOOO WHY DONT YOU GO GET SOME TRAINING AND CERTIFERCATES AND BECOME ONE OF THE ONES WHO RISKS THEIR LIVES!!!!

    • couldcareless says:

      [redacted] the reason why members want to quit have nothing to do with the community it has all to do with other members………yes you spend all your time there but thats not what people are asking for they are asking for people to do it right while thier there…

      • Well we are all human, and we are going to make mistakes, and our equipment is going to break down, but we do the best we can with what we are given. And you have no idea what you are talking about because let’s say someones house burns down, they dont call 911 until they are safely out the home, or a neighbor calls it in after its been burning for a couple of mins, and then disbatch gets the call, and finally we get toned. Depending on where the call is located we can be there in 5-10 mins. If you didn’t kow a fire doubles its size every min. So maybe think about what you are saying before you say it and have a little respect. If you don’t like it then come down and help.

        • couldcareless says:

          Actually i do know what im talking about i am a volunteer firefighter at another company and have been for years it wont matter if i help or not if the equipment breaks down every other week

          • Well really you must not. If you have been a “volunteer” for years you would know the lack of money, the lack of personnel,and the lack of state maintained roads. Do you honestly know how much wear and tear the dirt roads and pot holes after pot holes does to the equipment? It def. does not make it easy on it. I thought that being a member of a strictly VOLUNTEER station, you would have a little more respect. But obviously I was wrong. Sorry about your hard feelings and lack of respect but we will continue to do our best with what we are given, and we are proud of that. Like I have said numerous times, if you would like to contribute something other than harsh words, the monthly meeting is open to the public. Turn in an application and do something about it.

          • couldcareless says:

            actually I am not part of a strictly volunteer company we have paid medics and fire fighters…and why would I leave my department for yours and my words are not harsh I am sorry if you do not see it but sfvfd has issues this is not the first one and I am sure will not be the last one

  18. brad do you know about hippa. if not you might want to find out. your kid also has a cdl and class 3 evoc. brad if your also concerned about the fire truck getting diesel fuel please go to their meeting. second tuesday of every month.

  19. supportive says:

    It seems that some of the people in the community are angry with the fire dept. Do these people realize what it takes to be a part of a strictly volunteer organization that gets talked about constantly because someone got angry and flapped their jaws? you have a department in the community that is surrounded by people who disrespect them the most. A house burns down in the community and everyone is pissed at the firehouse when in all reality it was not called in until flames were through the roof and a person across the street just so happened to notice that!That fire dept responded without blinking an eye and did the job they needed to do. as for the neysayers that just want to bash, i bet you dont say the samethings you are now when your emergency comes if it hasnt already!


  20. The Farms says:

    [redacted] Rather than making assumptions [redacted] take the time to ask the appropriate people. Station 540-837-1290 available at any point in time 1 Fire Chief, 1 Assitant Fire Chief, 1 Fire Captain, and 1 EMS Captain. I am sure they would be more than happy to answer questions related to the station.

    One might think everybody would want to take time to get to know thier local Fire and Rescue Company and personnel as they ARE an important part of the community. I would think even those who come form other counties and are Fire and Rescue Personnel. OH, WAIT A MINUTE, career staff in Fairfax HATE volunters, I forgot! So this makes it impossible for you to understand a volunteer. You just want their job! They are just as proffesional as you, go through the same training, GOD FORBID, run the same tyoe of calls you do, ONLY THEY DO IT FOR FREE>

    Everybody has to realize that the Career and Volunteer system is flawed, it will always be flawed. Just look at,, The Watch Desk, regular newspapers, EVERYWHERE! No one is perfect, not even someone who gets paid to do the job.

    If you can’t step up to the plate and do the job, stand back let the people who can. Help where you can, but let the professionals do it (whether or not they are Volunteer or Career).

    QUIT MAKING JUDGEMENTS IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! I know there are comments here from inside that Fire Station, theres gotta be, but you know what, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! I SAY AGAIN, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! TAKE THE [redacted] TIME TO GET TO KNOW WHO IS TRYING TO HELP YOUR COMMUNITY [redacted] BE A REAL MAN OR WOMAN AND ASK THE POEPLE THEMSELVES AND DO NOT RELY ON WHAT YOU READ. FACTS ARE FACTS and can be provided with in reason if one takes the time to go to the right place and ask the right questions.

  21. There is so much I could say about the comments listed above but I will keep it short. Lets talk about the time line of events when they take place. When it comes to fire time,time pass by until someone see it and call 911. Ok now you call 911 and dispatch gives the call to the fire station its about 3 to 4 min. Now the fire station has been alert for the call now it 2 to 5 min. for everybody to get to the station to get the fire engine out.From the fire house to where the call is can be 1 to 5 min. So it easy to say its almost 20 min. before anybody can put water on the fire. Fire does wait for us. If you want go to Warren County Fire & Rescue and see the 2 video of how fast fire burns.We do the best we can do. Give us break we are volunteer.I wish I had more time to give I do work any where from 40 to 55 hours a week.

  22. couldcareless says:

    I do agree with everyone in different ways…..yes the community should support thier local fire departments…being a volunteer myself it is nice but i also agree that i wouldnt feel safe living there ive seen sfvfd on calls and the way they do things and everytime im anywhere near thier first due i pray i dont get into in an accident and ifso please another dept show up bc i wouldnt trust my life in thier hands exept a select few but thier not always there bc they are volunteers and they do have lives and family…..people do have to stop bashing the firehouse so much wen one thing happens but on the other hand maybe sfvfd should relize if this is how the community feels and they dont feel safe maybe things should change and the members should try harder and make sure things are getting done right all in all for the firehouse and the community this should be an eye opener

  23. An Old Friend says:

    I typically do not get involved with such menial stuff like this, but I have a few minutes now, so here I go. Those who read this may recognize who it is by the way this is written. For everybody else, just keep wondering. This posting is in support of the SFVFD and to help reduce the idiotic rantings of ignorant people. 1) as far as the fire goes that occurred a few days ago…kuddos is in order! No one was hurt and everybody went home and safely. 2) SFVFD has been up and running for over 40 years now, unfortunately though, community support has dropped significantly since it’s start as evidenced in turnout for their fund raisers. SFVFD has 3 primary fund raisers and most that show-up are citizens outside the community…WTH?? 3) For the ignorant POGs that want to bash individuals, have you tried obtaining firefighter and or EMT training? For those who have, the amount of dedication, commitment and self sacrifice you have given, my hat’s off to you. I know what you have gone through, I’ve done it myself. 4) For those inquiring about career staff, the topic has been researched before. The call volume does not support the necessity for career staff, nor does either county have the money to support it. 5) If you have a question regarding #4, Richard Mabie is the Warren County Fire Chief and David Ash is the Emergency Services Coordinator for Clarke County. 6) SFVFD receives approximately $75,000 total from both counties…annually. Trying to run a firehouse on a budget like that is not easy. 7) if you move from NOVA, you must understand that things this side of the mountain are…a…l i t t l e…s l o w e r. That’s life. That’s why people move here. The fire and rescue service the community receives is comparable to what you got in the big city. All of the NOVA FDs were there at one time, they just didn’t appear that way!! 8) Before bashing volunteers in BFE about service, do some research about how great the “big city” departments are…one example…a ladder truck coming into contact with high voltage power lines. 9) Maintenance issues with Emergency Apparatus happens. Unfortunately, they are significantly more expensive than personal vehicles, thereby leaving units out of service for a longer period of time due to lack of money. 10) For those of you who insist on bashing firefighters, the community fire departments or otherwise, go back to school, learn how to write correctly and learn how to spell. Reading some of these posts gave me a headache. If not, quit posting your ignorance and support your local fire department because apparently you have all the answers and can do a better job, so let’s see.

  24. IgnoranceIsNotBliss says:

    I have sat back and read everyone of these comments. It is amazing how this community cannot support the local fire department. Everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives that they cannot support even the smallest of fundraisers? These people, no matter how much or little they volunteer, they do this for SHENANDOAH FARMS. Many have missed family holidays, birthdays, and many other special occasions to save your life, limb, and property. For what? Obviously this community is such a disgrace that they cannot even say thank you? Personally, the fire department has helped my family out alot and i am very thankful for this. Oh yeah,and that fire in december… station was fully staffed and out the door moments prior to dispatch due to a passerby. What about that one? If you stop by on most nights you will find someone there. Obviously its not all of the time, but generally someone is always willing to help with something. Before you start to judge, you should try volunteering. Its not easy as it looks. I myself have been a volunteer fire fighter for just under 10 years. Its challenging and things do not always go as you would like them to, but you DO YOUR BEST. Where would you be if SFVFD wasnt around? Is your life worth the wait? Think about it people…

  25. countymom2007 says:

    I run with sfvd and the comments on here make me so sick we all do our best and get out the door when the tones drop and we are all volunteers here we love our job and we love geting out the door to save people lifes that all that counts and if you are not afraid of fire and blood we need all the volunteers we can get.

  26. i am a daughter, sister and a grandaughter of volunteer firefighters! apparently some of you dont understand what these VOLUNTEERS risk for people in the community! they run into a burning building to save a life, while everyone else is running away. have you ever thought about that? all you people are just complaining about things that that the fire company is doing wrong but yet none of you want to get out there and help your community! so really do you have any room to complain? NO YOU DONT!

  27. Urban Cowboy says:

    Well I have certainly hit a nerve here. I’d like to be clear that through my comments I am not attacking the volunteers from Clarke County fire/rescue. I absolutely respect and admire what they try and do. Sometimes an outside perspective is good in a debate and I have very simply asked this question: Is the current Clarke County fire/rescue system as effecient and modern as it can be in 2011? Are the citizens being provided adequate fire/rescue protection countywide at all times? If anything good can come out of Wendesday’s fire let it be a healthy debate on how to improve the service currently provided. Every Sunday I take my family out for a drive to explore the new county that we live in. Today we drove to Shenandoah Farms to where the fire was. The burnt house is literally less than 100 feet from the back of the firehouse. Would anyone viewing this be satisfied and content if this happened in their neighborhood? What if, God forbid, someone in your family was seriously injured or killed in a fire like this? I tuly believe that asking these questions does not make me a bad person or even wrong. I am, quite honestly, baffled that there is not a county fire chief or at least someone who oversees emergency services at the county level. There must be someone or some group who’s task it is to ensure that things are going well in the fire/rescue realm. Am I correct in thinking this? Can anyone provide input on who this person or group may be so concerned citizens like myself can inquire? Thank you in advance for any information.

    • Interested bysitter says:

      The answer has been offered earlier – County Administrator David Ash is the emergency services coordinator for the various volunteer squads in the county.

    • ThinkAboutIt says:

      We do have a county supervisor of EMS. And i actually do agree with most of what you have said in THIS post. When i learned more about the fire and rescue service half a year ago i was shocked, therefore i joined one of the county’s fire companies to try to make a difference. Fyi part of the reason it burnt completely down was because there are not enough people to always show up and drive(join the closest station!) and also by the time the call was dispatched there were flames coming out of the house and the fire hydrant at Co 6 is dry at the moment along with the pond out front that was completely ice so that didn’t help any either. Hopefully that helped give some insight to everybody.

      • ThinkAboutIt says:

        And also the county supervisor works as a medic in the county and also is a fire chief in fredrick county so he is an extremely busy man who has basically donated his life for others.

    • couldcareless says:

      i agree with urban cow boy hes not doing anything wrong just asking questions and if hes part of this community he has every right too……what if that was your house???? or you were not a volunteer how would you feel half the people on here are not attacking anyone they just want answers this is not the first house in the farms to burn down….and i am a volunteer and ive been asking for a long time why are these things happening and its not only sfvfd it is alot of depts in the area. If you woul,d take the time to read the comments instead of jumping to the defense infact all the members of sfvfd that have commented and im sure theres alot your not reading the actuall comments yet attacking the community for asking questions all in all your making it worst for yourselves doing what your doing is not going to get the support from the community, if anything you should be finding answers to thier questions.

  28. I am a firefighter/EMT in Clarke County. I consider myself to be a straight shooter; a no BS kind of guy so here I go: To all of the Shenandoah Farms Vol Fire Dept. folks that are chirping on here about how dedicated you are – I think deep down you know there are very real, deep seated issues within your department. Your fail rate on calls (no one responds) is very high. When you do show up it is seldom with enough certified personnel to do anything. There are problems with where your apparatus goes and at what hours of the night it goes there – you know this is true – we see it often. You as a department have failed to keep up with the times. You consistantly fail to participate in county wide meetings and training. There are severe leadership issues and I’m not talking about Chief Cook – he is only 1 person. You have been skating by as a Fire Department by the skin of your teethe for far too long. I guarentee there are a fair number of other Clarke County fire/EMS folks reading this saying “yeah, he’s right”. Wednesday’s fire was a culmanation of years of ongoing problems and is one of many “screwed up” incidents within your response area. This one is just getting noticed; that’s the only difference. All you Co. 6 members know that there is truth in what I’m saying. Now is the time to start trying to figure out how to fix this. “Urban Cowboy” has some very valid points and questions. Sir, the group you are looking for is called the Clarke County Fire & Rescue Association. They meet once a month and consist of reps from all five of the county fire/EMS companies. If you contact the county Administrator Mr. David Ash, he can put you in touch with the leaders of this group and he may also be able to answer some of your other valid questions. Good luck to you sir.

    • ThinkAboutIt says:

      I agree 100% with you ‘Gray Mule.’ Well said.

    • Grey Mule, by yur statements I have a pretty good idea who you may be. Let me let everyone in on a little secret, I myself am a memeber of SFVFD.

      You state in many other terms that SFVFD is faulty becasue of internal issues. I will agree that we have SOME internal issues, but this is no more tha any other department across the United States of America to (include yours).

      We have an excellent core of officers this year that is for the most part a repeat of last year who are stirivng hard to make this department a better place. You yourself know that it is not an instaneous transformation. Reairs take time especially when things have been sevearly in error for quite sometime.

      If you have noticed there has been some improvement on the attendance of SFVFD in county functions. I am aware of some particular meetings that the Assistant Cheif of our department attended to help improve Clarke Counties Fire/Rescue systm as a whole.

      I know that recently memebers of SFVFD attended EMS training that was held at Boyce. We may not be perfect, we may not and are not like Boyce, Enders, and Blue Ridge, but we do what we can how we can.

      If you as a member of Clarke County want to bash a fellow department with in the County, you of all should think twice. We are suppose to work as a team, you you justed blasted one of your team memebrs.

    • Its is time someone spoke up and really spoke the truth.

  29. you know this reminds of problems on facebook more and more drama people complained about the drama on there infact some members had to hear about it but how is this any better atleast on facebook it was between the members this is fire fighters from sfvfd fighting with the community do you think thier going to support you now. in my opinion the members never should have commented whether it was defending the fire house or not all you did was cause drama with the people that you need to support you with out them you dont have a firehouse

  30. Urban Cowboy says:

    i am too scared to sit at a firehouse and not get paid so the house behind it will burn down. wow i guess all the other members were at work. yeah the house behind the firehouse burnt down but maybe the volunteers were earning money to feed their familys. maybe in stead of us dogging them ,we can talk about the county commissioner not paying for career staff at the county stations who are not paid and raise our taxes we have to pay. shoot my other statement i guess was not thought all the way through

  31. Cajunfirefighter says:

    It is so easy to site behind a computer and start talking about the problems with the SFVFD, when you should come down and ask what can we do to solve the problems and make it better or how can we help. I have been a member since 1991 then I went to a another fire department in Warren County in 2002 to get more training and run calls, but came back to the SFVFD in 2010 to help out and be with members that I call my family who will always be there for you. I will tell you that there in no such thing is a perfect fire department and I have seen that my self. I have been serving my community for nearly 20 years as a volunteer. I believe that the members of the SFVFD are doing the best they can do to make things work, I think that we do are best trying to keep are jobs ,keep a roof over are families heads and make time to make it to are kids sporting events and still answer the call for help. All I ask is let’s stop finger pointing and help out and join.

  32. Mommawolf says:

    I just have to sit back and chuckle….comments coming from people who read about it in the newspaper, heard about 2nd hand or at Jim’s Store, or drove past without stopping to help……SFVFD is a volunteer fire department, staffed by volunteers that work to support their families, who do not live across the street, who have other responsiblities. SFVFD, as any department has protocols to follow..for the comment of ‘the fire was 100 yards from their back door’…do you really think a stream of water traveling 100 yards would really be helpful to a fully engaged fire…it would be like a garden hose. Please remember that SFVFD did not fight this fire alone….Boyce, Linden and Mt. Weather were there….believe it or not Firefighters are human….they can do everything in their power to save a structure but sometimes they can’t. Are we going to fault them for being HUMAN. If you, the public sees a problem, come down and join, do the training, spend time ‘on stand-by’ waiting for a call, wash the trucks, clean the station, do Q & A’s, do fundraisers……miss a family dinner, a child’s school function, a banquet in your honor..why because you have a sense of duty and a sense of pride for your community. And don’t forget, Let your wife receive a call that you are evacuating the mountain due to a possible bomber and you won’t be home for a while, let your wife get the call at 1 am saying they have taken you to the hospital because you went down in a fire call, or let your wife and family sit by your side not once, not twice but three times hoping you don’t die because of a injury you received serving the community and saving ‘a drunk!’ IF you haven’t guessed, I am Firefighter/EMT’s wife and PROUD OF IT. Why does he do it? Believe me I ask him that many times…he does it because he can! He wants to serve his community, stand by his fellow firefighters – his brothers and he wants to make us..his family proud. SFVFD is not immune to problems, but show me a department that has no problems. We have been involved in many departments and….same crap – different address! A department is only as good as it’s volunteers or staff….Do I see you there? All fire departments receive money from the publics taxes…but in no way does it cover the cost of running that department. DID your electricity go up….so did a fire departments as did the propane, diesel fuel and gas to name a few. Does your county – our county pay for public schools with taxes….do you want your taxes to go up so that you can have a perfect department that NEVER makes mistakes in your community. Make a left at the yellow brick road and welcome to OZ! Every experience is a learning experience….you take from it what your give to it. Do you honestly think that any fire department/firefighter parks the truck and then leaves…there is equipment to be cleaned, reports to filed, supplies to be restocked, gear to be cleaned….and as they do this…hey, the firefighters talk to each other to see what they could have done differently, what they can do to improve!
    I am a member of the Shenandoah Farms VOLUNTEER Fire Department. I support the men and women who go into a burning building, save victims of a car accident, walk to a call because the snow is 40 inches deep. I support the men and women who leave their families to open a shelter for other families who have no heat – can’t get to their house due to the snow or flood waters. I support the men and women who show respect to their own who have passed away. I support the men and women who put their life savings up to start the SFVFD 40 years ago. Without them….Front Royal is 20 minutes away after they receive the call, get into their gear and get on the road…Boyce is 10 minutes away! BECOME A VOLUNTEER….Saving a life is PRICELESS!

    • I lived in Shenandoah Farms for several years. Many times they came to help my son and get him to the hospital. They came in the middle of the night, and all times of day. Once, I remember one of them telling me that she was soaking in the tub when she got the call and she immediately got out to come help us. They were always kind, and helpful. They would see him in Jim’s and ask him how he was doing. I don’t know about the internal problems they have or may be having, I know that they were always professional and always put us at ease.

      I am always grateful for the people who do this job and these people are volunteering. I am thankful they are willing to leave their homes and families to help save mine.

  33. SFVFD Chiefs Grandaughter says:

    Let your loved ones receive a call that you are evacuating the mountain due to a possible bomber and you won’t be home for a while, let your loved ones get the call at 1 am saying they have taken you to the hospital because you went down in a fire call, or let your loved ones sit by your side not once, not twice but three times hoping you don’t die because of a injury you received serving the community and saving ‘a drunk!’I am Firefighter/EMT’s Girlfriend, cousin, neice and a daughter/grandaughter and one myself and PROUD OF IT. I AM NOT SURE OUR COMMUNITY IS AWARE OF HOW MUCH TIME & WORK IT TAKES TO BE A VOLUNTEER. THESE PEOPLE GO THRU MANY HOURS OF CLASSROOM & HANDS ON TRAINING REQUIRED BY THE STATE. PUBLIC SERVICE TAKES HARD WORK & DEDICATION, IT IS A DANGEROUS & THANK-LESS JOB. MOST MEMBERS SPEND MORE TIME DOING FUNDRAISERS, STOCKING EQUIPMENT, TAKING CARE OF THE BUILDING & APPARATUS THEN THEY DO AT THEIR OWN HOMES. NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BUT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO !! THEY ALL HAVE REGULAR JOBS AND ARE UNAVAILABLE AT TIMES, HARDDLEY ANYONE IS HOME FROM WORK AT 4:00PM THUS A SHORTAGE OF MAN POWER.

    So keep in mind that we should not fault them for being HUMAN. If you, the public see a problem, come down and join, do the training, spend time ‘on stand-by’ waiting for a call, wash the trucks, clean the station, do Q & A’s, do fundraisers……miss a family dinner, a child’s school function, a banquet in your honor. Why because you have a sense of duty and a sense of pride for your community. And don’t forget, I support the men and women who go into a burning building, save victims of a car accident, walk to a call because the snow is 40 inches deep. I support the men and women who leave their families to open a shelter for other families who have no heat – can’t get to their house due to the snow or flood waters. I support the men and women who show respect to their own who have passed away. I support the men and women who put their life savings up to start the SFVFD 40 years ago. Without them Front Royal is 20 minutes away after they receive the call, get into their gear and get on the road and Boyce is 10 minutes away! BECOME A VOLUNTEER….Saving a life is PRICELESS!

    • Fire Marshall Bill says:

      Again, your response is for critics to volunteer. How about you put yourself in the shoes of the person who needs help, to save a life or your home. And be there when the pump truck shows up to just do nothing because of inadequate equipment. There could have been 20 volunteers on the truck, but without the proper equipment what good will it do? This is what has most of the people’s ire. This could have happened to any of us.

  34. Urban Cowboy says:

    I called the county administrator’s office today and asked for any phone numbers/email addresses within county government that oversee fire/rescue and got the phone number for Clarke County Emergency Services (955-9526). When I called I spoke to a paid firefighter/paramedic who informed me that his supervisor, Mr. Don Jackson would be working tomorrow and to feel free to call or stop by. I will take my concerns in that direction. Thanks to all of those who saw my side of this and the points I made that I thought were valid. Good Day, fellow Clarke County residents.

    • astchf08 Mike Cornett says:

      If you have any questions or concerns you need to contact Dave Ash he is the County Supervisor. Don Jackson is one of the County’s EMS paid staff and he over sees the rest of the County’s EMS paid staff. I can speak for the Volunteer Fire Company that I have been a member of for 17 years in saying that we have requested paid staff at our station to help support the lack of Volunteers and have been turned down by the County.

  35. Jeff Gray Lieutenant Boyce Co. 4 says:

    I was told that I needed to read all the comments that had been posted here. I am not at all shocked or suprised by what I have read. Anytime there is a tragedy like this the community is going to question what happened and what went wrong.
    I too have made comments on the fire in Shenandoah Farms on Wednesday. I, along with many others, was on the scene of the fire. It is easy to stand on the outside of things and make comments as to what we would have done differently. Every call we run can be picked apart by someone else at any given time. There are always a vast array of opinions as to how something should have beeen done and just as vast a group of people willing to give them.
    Every station has a call they would like to forget. All of us have run a call that we wish would have gone differently. Not one of us has a spotless record of responses to the calls we recieve.
    Every call is conducted in the best interest of the community, to the best of our abilities. We have limited resources and limited manpower with which to respond to the emergencies. Every station recieves an annual stipend from the county with which they use to help with their operating budget. The truth is that it comes nowhere close to matching the expenses needed by ANY of the four stations. The vast majority of our funds comes from fundraisers, fund drives, and donations. All of us are feeling the strain of the current economic situation.
    The urge of the community to volunteer their time is not what it used to be. The numbers of members at all of our stations is down. The feeling of giving something for nothing is replaced by the feeling of what do I recieve. I myself volunteer a huge amount of my time to my station and my community. I work a full time job, take all the training I can find, and still try to balance some kind of personal life.
    I am extremely proud to be a part of the Clarke County Fire and Rescue Association. We provide the absolute best service we can provide to our community with resources we have.
    It is easy to hide behind usernames and psuedonyms while chastising people for what they do or do not do. We all have opinions and ideas as to what should have happened that day. The truth is that “The Farms” reacted to the call with the best of their abilities. Kudos to the young man for having the courage to try while so many were standing along the roadside watching and remaining still.
    I know many of the members at Shenandoah Farms. They are good people and should be proud of keepimg their station together with the troubles they are experiencing. Buddy should be commended for stepping up and trying to save a company in turmoil.
    Now for some quick facts. Weekdays we have two paid fire/medics who are paid by Clarke County Emergency Services. This is not to be confused with the Clarke County Fire and Rescue Association, which is ALL volunteer. On the weekends their is one fire/medic provided by CCES. The resounding majority of the folks you see are our volunteers.
    Don Jackson ia a part of CCES, the paid fire/medics of the county. Brian Conrad is the President of the CCFRA. There is no Fire Chief for our county. David Ash is the Emergency Services Coordinator for the county. We do not have the same tax base as the surrounding counties who have full time paid staffing for their stations. We do not have a “fee for services” program here in our county. In other words we do not charge anything for our services. In order for us to have more paid staffing we would have to recieve more money from somewhere in the county.
    Find any officer, in any of the stations and we would be glad to help you find the answers you seek. Applications are in abundance at all the stations and we would be glad to have the help.
    Again, Wednesday was an absolute tragedy. We all hang our heads a little lower when something like this happens but instead of thinking of what should have been done, what can we do to keep this from happening again. My condolences go to the family who lost their home. My heart goes out to them.
    Every call we recieve, no matter the station or situation, is answered as quickly and as professionally as possible. Everything was done to save that home that the circumstances allowed. Maybe we should ask what we could have done to help, instead of bashing those of us are willing to try.

    • We do not have a “fee for services” program here in our county

      Maybe it’s time to consider this option

    • I can understand what you are saying. I don’t care for the quick response of “why don’t you volunteer ?” to any criticism. If there are lessons to be learned or any deficits to correct, hopefully there are being looked at. I think that is what most people are saying here. Nobody likes failure especially, when it could be their home. I totally agree that there is not enough support for our fire department. And I can’t figure why Ender’s stopped their weekly bingo. That seemed like a good way of raising funds. Since they cut bingo, how have they supplemented the funds?

      • Sandra Stickovitch says:

        I too have often wondered why they cut Bingo. It was a popular event in the community and a great way for the fire company to generate some revenue. I have wanted to help start a Ladies Auxiliary for years so that some more funding could be explored for the fire company as well as explore more fundraising options. More money means upgrade to equipment, more paid staff but just didn’t know if there would be enough interest from community members.

        I would love to see Bingo started back up again and would love to help with any fundraising efforts. Our fire company is critical to the community and without the proper funding opportunities, the department will crumble under financial pressure and that will affect how calls are run. Enders Fire Company deserves the best and hopefully there will be a way for fundraising/grants/etc to be explored.

        • Mommawolf says:

          Bingo is back up and running and has been since September or so. Every Wednesdays doors open at 5:30 pm and games start at 7:00 pm. we have a progressive game, a treasure chest along with the regular games with some specials. There are also computers available! Come on out and support the SFVFD. See you there!

      • ThinkAboutIt says:

        It lost interest and the amount of people that came decreased.

  36. If Shenandoah Farms Volunteer FD is so out of control, why don’t some of you here who complain step up and and try to make some changes. Taking action might solve the problem…posting here won’t.

  37. Asst. Chief C. Lichvar says:

    Time for me to speak up. Lt. Gray from Boyce has a 100% valid point here. I came from Loudoun County where I volunteered for 6 years or so. When I moved here to Shenandoah Farms, one of the first things I did was join the local volunteer fire and rescue company (i.e. Shenandoah Farms Volunteer Fire and Rescue).

    I was welcomed with open arms by the small yet “gung ho” members of this department. It took some time getting use to the number of calls, nature of calls, and so on.

    I have now been a member of this fine department for a little over 3 years. I have learned a lot about this department, its strength’s, its weakness’s and much much more.

    This department over the last several years has seen fit enough to elect me Captain, then Assistant Chief, and again Assistat Chief for a second year.

    I can see that this department has its issues, the Chief B. Cook and I over the last year has strived to try and improve the imperfections that exist. We continue to strive to improve the department and try and fix the errors that exist. It is not an easy job and we are all doing our best. Everything takes time. We are all not perfect, I myself am not perfect.

    We all say in the fire and rescue services that it is not a good day unless you learn something new as well as it is not a good day unless everybody goes home. Everybody went home, sure mistakes were made and lessons were learned.

    The things that have been posted here by the members of our community and members of local ajoining fire and rescue departments have affected this department in a manor I cannot explain. I see it first hand, I am the Assistant Chief. If the folks here that have posted negative comments would come down, learn about their local department, show some community support for thier local department we would not be where we are at now.

    I urge you, as a member of this community myself and the Assistant Chief to come down and learn before you judge. I have an open door, come ask me in person. Internet posting, blogs, facebook, and any other means of posting rather than going to the source is the wrong way to do it. Call the station, leave a message if I am not there. I am usually there in the evening’s and Saturday’s when I am not at work Monday through Friday.

    Again, please take the time to get to know us. Trust me, we are not the devil in disguise.

  38. It is a very serious issue to have Fire and Rescue to respond to emergencies. As people have stated, they are VOLUNTEERS.. I would like to know where the person got his or her info regarding the truck “breaking down”? There is no mention in the article about it. My lady and I donate annually to SFVFD so that we will KNOW they will be for us if we ever need them. This blog I’m sure has raised concerns and that members from SFVFD are obviously taking these allegations very seriously. I wish to extend my best regards to all the members of the Dept. and thank you for just being there. No more mud slinging here please. Let them do what they have trained for….

    • SFVFD Chiefs Grandaughter says:

      Thank You. your donations do help the department. i think i speak for all of us when i do say thank you. we do try but some of us do have jobs and do have familes and loved ones they have to leave when the tones go off.

  39. I sat back and read everything on here and I agree we did what we could and everything else and its not fair everyone bashing our fire department but in all honestly no one should have responded there are 71 comments on this of members and the community going back and forth about what went wrong and what didnt by us responding is making the matter worst then what it already was…….if everyone just left it alone then it would be done and over with instead its still going on and everyones fighting with each other which in my opinion is not what sfvfd needs right now we need the support instead were fighting…the way to stop it is for us members to stop commenting on this whether its defending our firehouse or not it doesnt matter it will not stop till we do…this is ridiculous reading the things on here and the way people are responding to things….let me ask a do you think this is making us look???? yes there are some really mean things on here about us but stooping down to thier level and responding back doesnt make you any better…

  40. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL VOLUNTEERS

  41. SFVFD Chiefs Grandaughter says:

    Volunteer Firefighters are the same as paid Firefighters except for one thing we don’t expect payment, our payment is the appreciation of those we save and keep in mind we do this 24/7 365 days. It takes a big heart, selflessness, and a great deal of courage to run into a burning building when everyone is running out of it

    And this is the only place in the country where people pull over and stop for a funeral, but speed up to cut off an ambulance or a firetruck. So keep this in mind next time you see us pass because it might be your loved ones were trying to save.

  42. My grandfather is cheif at SFVFD and i have been around the firdepartment since i was two years old and i am now 19. Yes, SFVFD has had many complications and problems, but as stated above they are doing what they can do to make this community better. SFVFD may not have a whole bunch of members, but the members that i do see are very dedicated to there community. My dad, grandfather, brother, uncle & boyfriend are all volunteers. I cant even begin to tell you how many times in the middle of the night they get a call, and sure enough they get up and respond, knowing that they would have to get up at 5:00 the next morning and go to work, its that way with alot of volunteers not just my family and boyfriend. i feel that people should understand that nobody is perfect, and sometimes things dont go as planned. Volunteers, even paid people, make mistakes even with the training that they all have. Equipment does break down and takes alot of money do be fixed, thats why your local fire departments have fundraisers. The firefighters/EMT’s do the best that they can do everyday and those of you who complain, honestly put yourself in any firefighters or emts shoes, going into a fire to save a child, arriving at a EMS call and finding someone critically injured.. it takes alot of courage. Or even be a daughter, wife, grandaughter, nice, nephew, gilrfiend, boyfriend, friend anything of any fire and rescue personel and every call you worrie if they are going to return. All personal lay their lives on the line for all of you.