Dunning Denies Post-Election Appointment Rumors

Clarke County Supervisor Pete Dunning (White Post) says that he will not serve on the Clarke County Planning Commission once his term as County Supervisor ends after the November elections. Dunning’s statement ends months of speculation that Beverly McKay (White Post), a current member of the Clarke County Planning Commission and candidate for the White Post Supervisor seat, will nominate Dunning for McKay’s vacant Planning Commission seat should McKay win the election.

“I have been doing this for a long time and I don’t have an interest in continuing on the Planning Commission” Dunning said. “I like to travel and I’m planning to start a consulting business. Even if I was on the Planning Commission I probably wouldn’t be there half of the time anyway.”

Dunning currently serves both as a County Supervisor and also as the Board of Supervisor’s representative on the Planning Commission. Dunning’s Planning Commission role carries full voting privileges.

Dunning said that he believes that the rumor of a deal between he and McKay to essentially trade positions in Clarke County government is completely false and was started by interests opposed to McKay’s candidacy.

“The people saying these things just want to hurt Bev” Dunning said. “I will not take a position on the Planning Commission.”

Bev McKay is running on the Republican ticket against Democratic challenger Randy Sprouse.


  1. Fred Underwood says:

    The object of a preposition takes the accusative: “between HIM and McKay.”

  2. “Even if I was on the Planning Commission I probably wouldn’t be there half of the time anyway.”

    From what I’ve heard/read, isn’t this already the case with his role as BoS rep on the planning commission? And why is a good idea for the BoS to have a voting member on the planning commission? Those two bodies should be completely seperate.