Eagle Scout Candidate Works to Bring Information to Downtown Visitors

Work detail digs to prepare footer. Pictured left to right Roberto Contreras, William Levi, and Peter Levi

Outdoor signage in and around the Town of Berryville is all the buzz and discussions usually come down to cost, but one Eagle Scout candidate is contributing his time and energy to bring a new information kiosk to Main Street.

William Levi is a member of Boy Scout Troop #11 led by Rafael Contreras in Boyce, and he is working with Berryville Main Street to fulfill his Eagle Scout Service Project. The downtown organization had plans prepared for the kiosk that will be erected next to the Fire House Gallery and they offered the project as a way for William to fulfill his requirement. Each Eagle Scout candidate must complete a project that demonstrates leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of his community. This is the culmination of the Eagle Scout candidate’s leadership training, and it requires a significant effort on his part. William needed to plan the project, raise the funds to pay for the project, and then manage and participate in the completion of the project.

Jim Draucker, who is the Assistant Scout Master for Troop 11, provided oversight at the work site and said that William worked with other scouts and members of the community on the project. Funds were raised through donations from downtown businesses that will benefit from the kiosk and local construction companies donated materials and expertise. Essroc Ready Mix donated concrete for the footer and Clarke County Roofing is contributing a red tin roof for the structure.

The kiosk was approved by the Town and will complement the aesthetics of the downtown area. It will have an upper bulletin board with plexiglass doors that will provide a shared space for posting flyers and leaflets. Below that there will be a map of the downtown area where businesses that are members of Berryville Main Street will be identified.

William has been preparing for the project for many months, but the shovels hit the ground Monday morning in Berryville. William’s work detail was comprised of his brother Peter Levi and fellow scouts, Roberto Contreras and Michael Contreras. Peter Levi has already attained the rank of Eagle Scout and is now a Venturing Crew Member.

Each step of the project must be logged in the project book and documented with photographs. Upon completion of the project, William’s work will be reviewed by Boy Scout Council members to ensure he has met all of the requirements.

This final step on the path to Eagle Scout provides valuable real world experience in accomplishing complex tasks. Once successfully completed, William will join the ranks of more 2 million young men who have earned the coveted rank of Eagle Scout since its introduction in 1911. Once earned the title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”

Construction is expected to continue for the next week with a planned completion date of April 14th, 2012


  1. David and Maggie Levi says:

    We’re proud of our soon-to-be Eagle Scout nephew Will, and his (already Eagle Scout) brother Peter. Both have built projects that are beneficial to the community. Scouting is such a valuable experience to a young person. Thanks Clarke Daily News for posting this article.

  2. Where’s the LIKE button?! Nice project. Looking forward to it!

  3. Scout Mom says:

    While I am a HUGE scout supporter, I am frankly shocked that this project was approved as no business may directly or indirectly profit from any Eagle project.

    ” Funds were raised through donations from downtown businesses that will benefit from the kiosk and local construction companies donated materials and expertise.”

    Absolutely against the rules.

    • Clarke County Annie says:

      If this statement is true, it must have been an oversite?
      It is a positive community project and hope it does not have a negative impact on him as he has clearly put forth great effort on all required levels.
      Looking forward to the completed project!

      • Right Winger says:

        According to the BSA website…

        “The project beneficiary need not be a registered nonprofit. Projects may not be of a commercial nature or for a business, but this is not meant to disallow community institutions that would otherwise be acceptable to the council or district advancement committee. These might include museums and various service agencies, or some homes for the elderly, for example. Some aspect of a business’s operation provided as a community service may also be considered; for example, a park open to the public that happens to be owned by a business. In cases such as these, the test is whether the project primarily benefits the community, as opposed to the profits of the business…”

        Sounds to me like the BSA does give some wiggle room and they do have a vigorous review process that the candidate must go through anyway.

        Good luck William!

    • Seriously?

      Do you feel you will affect some change by making a ridiculous accusation like this or do you just want to throw rocks at the hard work of a soon to be Eagle Scout? It had to have been vetted by the BSA council so we will go with their judgement instead of your narrow, mean spirited comment.

      If you are such a Scout Supporter maybe you should look into the “Citizenship in the Community” merit badge. It might help in your appreciation of this scouts work.

      And to William, congratulations young man on your hard work and efforts. You will also learn from this experience that in spite of your intentions and hard work, there will always be someone that feels threatened by your selfless contributions. Ignore them and stay the course.

    • It clearly says the project is for Berryville Main Street which is a not for profit organization. Are you unable to read through your angry eyes or do you just like picking on kids?

      Obviously the downtown businesses will benefit since that is the mission of Berryville Main Street. Get grip on your venom.

  4. Brian McClemens says:

    Great Work !!! Got to Love The Scouts and what they stand for !!!

    • Scout Mom says:

      Well, I don’t think they stand for promoting your business/profit. But, smart of you to support them and get more PR:)

      As for @James ” It had to have been vetted by the BSA council so we will go with their judgement instead of your narrow, mean spirited comment.”

      I trust and have spoken with the SAC and I DO trust their judgement ( and they claim they DID NOT vet this project).

      A kiosk that promotes Mainstreet Berryville is commendable.

      Building an eye level bulletin board to promote you or any other business with flyers is a slap in the face of the BSA. (see drawing-hHelping citizens find their way seems secondary)

      Apparently there was never any need for a new food pantry addition/renovations for FISH, crumbling library shelves at Cooley or a seniors pavilion@ the church, so it’s all good!

  5. sargewillis says:

    Yes, is there questions as “does this benefit any Berryville business”, maybe a little, but it seems the overall nature is to benefit the community and not any particular organization or business. I doubt William had any thought of that shouldn’t be blamed for some small oversight. Let’s leave it be and just congratulate the soon to be Eagle Scout for his hard work and dedication.

    • Scout Mom says:

      @Sarge, and what message does that send to William? That he “had any thought” as to what he was doing? I should hope so!

      And, as far as I am aware, he is quite intelligent and an excellent student!

      However, I might agree that a child should be punished for the sins of the parent: or their influence.

      National BSA is not impressed. Trust me.

  6. I think it is offensive that Scout Mom is using a pseudonym and criticizing a young person’s hard work. Especially to say she has called the BSA and they are not impressed. What is wrong with this community?

    Furthermore, CDN, I thought you agreed to institute a “Grandmother” clause. When the work of our youth is being celebrated, and the intent of the article is to spread the good news, news that folks would like to send to grandma, the comments must be moderated with great care. Anonymous attacking of adults is bad enough, criticizing the youth is deplorable. I hate to even put this comment in the queue and draw attention to this thread, but it needs to be said. When is enough enough? I respectfully request you delete the above negative commentary. Of course, it is technically “too late,” but at least it is an effort to return this article to its original intent.

  7. livinginbville says:

    WOW SCOUT MOM – pretty negative comments from such “HUGE” scout supporter. Calgon, take her away . . .

  8. Brian McClemens says:

    I agree with Beth D.