Eagles Athletic Association Letter to the Editor

Clarke Daily News - Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The success of a booster club is most often the result of tremendous volunteer hours on behalf of the members and, or course, the sale of a lot of hot dogs!

This is certainly true of the Eagles Athletic Association, an all-volunteer group that supports the athletes, coaches and programs at Clarke County High School. As an organization we’re grateful to be supported by an amazing community that loves our student athletes immensely.

In addition, we’ve also been blessed to be the recipient of the tremendous generosity of Frank and Cyndy Jurney, Clarke County residents, CCHS parents and EAA members. They have run the Berryville Bluegrass Series for nine years. In addition to showcasing
some of the best talent in the nation and providing top-notch concerts, their mission has been to support Clarke County High School athletes. Through the efforts of Frank and Cyndy, and their team of volunteers, they have donated nearly $150,000 to our organization. This year their generosity was no different.

We can’t thank Frank and Cyndy enough for their $22,000 contribution to EAA this year. That, coupled with our own fundraising, allowed us this year to purchase new uniforms and/or equipment for football, basketball and baseball (last year funding went to cross country, football, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, swimming, soccer and track); plaques for our Wall of Fame; rings for our state champions; and equipment for our athletic trainer, among other things. It also allowed us to provide $9,000 in scholarships to our student athletes.

We are proud to be part of this wonderful organization that does such positive things for the student athletes of Clarke County High School; we are proud to be part of this caring, giving community; and we are especially proud to be Eagle fans.

Debbie Hardesty, EAA president
Stacy Sefton, EAA vice president
Tammi Rhoads, EAA secretary
Kim Braithwaite, EAA treasurer

Questions, contact Tammi Rhoads: 955-6130


  1. Nice job ladies (and gentlemen behind the scenes). Your contribution of time and amazing efforts has been a benefit to our county’s athletic youth!

    Thank you.