Eagles Fall to Wildcats

#9 Sean McDonald drops back looking for an open receiver. Photo credit Mike Dowling

The road was not kind to the Eagles as they traveled to Warren County to face the Wildcats. Clarke County came into the game after crushing Berkley Springs in their season opener but in Front Royal they encountered a physical team that dominated them on the field and resoundingly defeated the Eagles 27-9.

The night started on a high note for Clarke County as #5 Davey Hardesty tore through the Wildcats on the opening kickoff returning the ball to the Warren County 11 yard line. The Wildcats defense, undaunted by the special teams breakdown, stood their ground and stopped the Eagles cold  forcing them to settle for a 30-yard field goal and their only lead of the game.

The Warren County defense would set the tone for the rest of the night on the next Eagle possession. With 6:59 left in the first quarter the Wildcats broke through Clarke County’s offensive line and slammed into QB Sean McDonald forcing a fumble. Linebacker Jacob Hill picked it up on the 23 yard line and punched it into the end zone for the first of two Warren County defensive touchdown seizing the lead for the remainder of the game.

The Wildcats defense dominated the Eagle’s offensive line completely controlling the line of scrimmage and shutting down Clarke’s running game so the Eagles turned to their passing offense. The  fierce rush from the Wildcats defensive line continually tore into the backfield and kept QB Sean McDonald on the run all night long. Repeatedly flushed from the pocket and strung out to the sidelines, McDonald  threw 3 interceptions further killing any hopes of turning the tide for the Eagles.

Clarke’s offensive line struggled to hold back the Wildcats’ defense. Photo credit Mike Dowling

The Wildcats would go on to rack up three more touchdowns on the evening including a score set up by a blocked punt that left the Wildcats on the Eagles’ doorstep. Two plays later a 10 yard pass by Warren County QB Tyler Post to Matthew Nicholson added their third TD on the night.

The sole touchdown for Clarke came late in the 4th quarter when McDonald connected with #24 Ben Wallace on a 39 yard pass to set up a 2 yard touchdown run by #5 Davey Hardesty.

The Warren County wall held Clarke County to only 44 yards rushing on the entire night.

Coach Parker said after the  game, “They were physically very strong and we had problems blocking them, they were breaking tackles and you can’t allow that against a strong team. We got beat by a very good team but we are better than the way we played tonight.”

The Eagles drop to 1-1 on the season but are still two weeks away from their first Bull Run District game. Clarke County returns to the Felt next week to face Stonewall. Kickoff is at 7:30 PM.