Eagles Win With Ease Against Central

CJ-Cunningham-thumbbaseball-fieldIt was a battle of the birds at Singhas Field Tuesday afternoon with the Clarke County Eagles pounding the Central Falcons 12-1. The Eagles simply outpitched and outhit the opposing team to claim victory. Central accrued a number of errors that led to a long scoring run by the Eagles in the third inning. Due to the slaughter rule, the game lasted only five innings.

The pitching was exceptional as Drew Paice started the game with several strikeouts. Mark Unger finished the outstanding performance with a solid fifth inning. The two combined for one run, two hits, and five strikeouts.

The Eagles broke a 0-0 tie in the second inning with two runs from a hit and an error. The Falcons answered back with a run of their own from a crucial error. The Eagles responded in the bottom of the third with a massive eight run, four hit inning that put them ahead for the rest of the game. Ethan Emmart started the scoring stretch by belting a home run over the left field fence. After that the Eagles unleashed a blitzkrieg of offense driving runs across the plate.

Then the Eagles turned in a nice defensive performance making some exceptional plays in the outfield and behind the plate to shut down the struggling Central team. Pitching for Clarke remained strong, as Unger delivered a good fifth inning going three up, three down, striking out two batters.

Clarke County ended the game with a two run, one hit bottom of the fifth that sealed the deal and chalked up a win for the Eagles.


  1. Ed Leonard says:


    Great article! Your story made me feel like I was actually at the game! This excellent debut will surely have Clarke Daily News readers wanting to see more of your work in the future. Thanks for your contribtion to our community!

    Ed Leonard, Clarke Daily News

  2. Ivan Lambert says:

    Welcome to the Clarke Daily News C J,
    Your interest in sports Journalism reminded me of Terry Cornwell.
    Terry was a few years ahead of me in school, and Terry got his start at the old Clarke Courier, which went out of business just last year.

    Congratulations on your first article. You will want to make sure you keep that first one. I thought you did a fine job, with some of the descriptions, such as specifying which inning certain plays were made by the Eagles. Observing that you mentioned three Eagles by name, you can be assured they and their families will enjoy seeing their names in a story.

    By way of suggestions:
    I’d heartily recommend you give each game some sort of historical relevance. For example, What is the Eagles’ record now? What is their record in District play? Are they on a winning streak? Did the win break a losing streak?

    You might also try to obtain a quote or two from the Coaching Staff. But be careful that you quote them accurately. If there is anything anyone hates is giving their time to help a writer, who then in turn, misquotes you in public. Also be careful when quoting players: they are young and often immature and you don’t want to print their certain quotes if the Coaching Staff would not appreciate how it would represent their program at CCHS.

    Lastly, you might consider conveying information to help in the support of the Eagles’ Sports program. For example, Whom do the Eagles play next? When, and where will the game be played?

    Again, you are off to a good start, and welcome to Sports Journalism.

  3. CJ, a very nice first article;you’re already writing like a pro! I am looking forward to your future contributions to CDN. It’s great to have someone specifically covering sports for Clarke County.

  4. Mike Murphy says:


    I agree with Ed Leonard’s comments; excellent reporting! Thanks so much for doing your part to help create a “connected community” by bringing your perspectives to the citizens of Clarke County. I continue to find it not only exciting, but exhilarating, when our youth step out, and step up, to leadership positions in our community. Many thanks for being one of many young leaders in Clarke County.

    Mike Murphy
    Superintendent of Schools

  5. Tony Parrott says:

    What more could I say – great article, great game.

  6. Jim Gibson says:


    For a first article, this is really very good. You show a lot of promise. There are some good tips above my post here, but you are a solid writer. Nice work!

  7. Chase Ohm says:

    Didn’t see the game but it is a great article!!

  8. Dave Zuleger says:


    Outstanding article, I felt like I was at the game!

    Dave Zuleger