Early Morning Accident on Mount Weather Snarls Commute

An early morning deer strike escalated into a two car accident that sent two drivers to the hospital and backed up traffic on Route 7 for miles.

The accident occurred at approximately 6:20 am three-tenths of a mile east of Route 601. Twenty-nine year old Lara Matthews of Charleston, WV was drivingĀ  a 2007 Kia Sportage eastbound on Route 7 when she struck a deer. As a result of the impact Matthews drove into the median. According to Virginia State Police Information Officer Sgt. F.L. Tyler, when Matthews attempted to pull back onto the roadway she pulled into the path of a 2009 Hyundai operated by Brian Burns of Winchester. The vehicles collided and both drivers were injured.

Both drivers were transported to Winchester Medical Center for treatment.

As a result of the accident Ms. Matthews was issued a summons for an unsafe lane change.


  1. Thanks. good to have follow up. hope all are okay…

  2. goodgracious says:

    What was the deer charged with?

  3. Everyone’s in SUCH a hurry to get to work. I just don’t get it. Hope it was worth it.

  4. Hope all are well– wish people could get facts straight

    PS the deer got the death penalty.

  5. Roscoe Evans says:

    Two collisions, both caused by the same driver, don’t qualify as accidents in my book. Ms. Matthews ought to lose her license, pronto.

    • Not a damn thing you can do when a deer runs out in front of you, even if you’re doing the speed limit or less

    • Roscoe, if a deer runs/jumps into your path, when you’re driving a safe 55 or 60 on Route 7, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. Count your blessings if this hasn’t happened to you yet, but it’s happened to many a safe driver who have otherwise perfect records. It’s one thing to come down on her for the unsafe lane change, which was a fairly serious offense considering it actually caused injuries. But you really weakened your argument by claiming that the deer collision was the added reason why her license should be taken away.

  6. I think the State of VA should pay for damages. The state regulates the hunting of deer. How many can be taken and when they can be taken. I see deer being property of the state. The actions of this one deer gave two folks a trip to the hosiptial. Two damaged cars. If a farmer’s cow is struck on the highway I believe he is responsible for damages.

    • Hah! If I stuck a cow on the highway, I’d make dang sure that I could get it butchered immediately provided no internal organ damage occurred.

      I think hitting a deer is actually good for the economy. The insurance company pays to have your car repaired (minus the deductible) so a repair shop makes money on the repairs. If it’s totalled, a car dealer makes money on a sale.

      Wait a minute…..That’s how we can boost the economy!!! HIT MORE DEER, PEOPLE!!!

      • @Right Winger – AHA! So deer are actually the “Job Creators”, huh?

        • I would call them “Job Facilitators”, but I can see your point! Perhaps “Economic Indicators” could be a good compromise? The Auto Repair Industry could use the “Deer Index” as a tool to show how well the industry is doing.

          Isn’t there a state up north, like Minnesota or Alaska, that has a high incidence of Moose-Auto collisions? They could have a “Moose Index”.