Early Morning Accident Snarls Eastbound Traffic on Route 7

An accident that occurred early Tuesday morning backed-up eastbound traffic to Purcellville causing commuter headaches throughout the morning.

The incident happened at approximately 7:45 A.M. when a commercial truck pulling a large commercial sized trailer flipped over and lost its load on Route 7 near Children Center Rd.  The roadway was initially closed  but units were able to open one lane of eastbound Route 7 shortly after the accident. Both lanes were reopened at approximately 10:15 A.M.   Later in the day police closed one lane of  the eastbound bypass  while crews cleaned up the remainder of the accident debris.

Officer Christopher Tidmore of Leesburg Police Department said the driver was issued a summons for the incident and no one was injured.


  1. It was on the news Channel 4 last night announcing what will be happening. Then I hear from others that the hours were changed. I am sorry for all those people that got caught.

  2. I wound up going through Leesburg to avoid it.

    That has to be one of the worst area’s for accidents on route 7. Seems like at least one accident a week, if not more, and it takes hours to clean up and get traffic flowing again.