Early Morning Earthquake Rattles Area

An earthquake struck the Potomac Shenandoah region at 05:04:47 AM Friday morning. The magnitude 3.6 quake was centered approximately 10 miles NW of Rockville, Maryland and was felt as far north as Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania and as far south as Charlottesville, Virginia. Reports to the US Geological Survey by residents in the affected areas on the intensity of the event have ranged from weak to light and there have been no reports of damage.

If you felt this unusual geological event occur, the USGS invites you to report on your experience. Follow this link and click on “Did you feel it?–Tell us.”   The data you provide will help the USGS analyze the event.

As of 7:30 AM five residents in the Berryville area had reported the event through the USGS system.


  1. Paula Shipman says:

    This event was initially reported as a Class IV event placing it in the light range. It was later changed to a Class V event, upgrading it to a moderate event.

  2. Fact Checker says:

    And I just thought my kid fell out of bed!

  3. I was asleep and didn’t feel it, but it sure explains why my cats were prancing around!

  4. I thought they broke ground on the new high school ahead of schedule! (then I went back to sleep)