Clarke County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Stabbing at Watermelon Park

An early morning dispute at Watermelon Park sent one man to the hospital and another to jail. At 5:30 AM Sunday morning the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office responded to Watermelon Park to investigate a reported stabbing. During the course of the investigation 28 year old, Jose Oscar, Gonzales-Mendoza of Montgomery Village, MD was arrested and charged with malicious wounding, public intoxication and destruction of property.

Watermelon Park officials said they believe the attack stemmed from a domestic dispute.

The victim, 22 year old Carlos Roberto Fuentes-Oya of Montgomery Village, MD was transported to Winchester Medical Center with multiple stab wounds inflicted by a machete.

Jose Oscar, Gonzales-Mendoza is being held at Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center without bond in conjunction to this incident. Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has contacted Immigration Customs Enforcement in regards to Jose Oscar, Gonzales-Mendoza illegal citizenship status.

Late Monday afternoon Sheriff Tony Roper confirmed that, “The incident at Watermelon Park was related to a domestic dispute,” and added that, “There does not appear to be any gang nexis.”

The case is still under investigation.


  1. I hope Sheriff Roper gets all the cooperation from ICE that he should…but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Where’s Jan Brewer when you need her?

    • Actually, ICE is pretty good at doing the job they are supposed to once an illegal is locked up.

  2. Gee, an illegal alien in WMP. Whoda thunk it?

  3. Just look the other way…nothing to see here. Go back to what you were doing. I bet at least the fish in the river are cheering.

  4. Time to wake up says:

    Other sources [redacted] have reported [redacted]: MACHETE attack at WMP.

  5. Time to wake up says:

    The above makes no sense why even accept it. The words in this article seem to be different from last night….

    A Machete is a weapon most commonly used by MS13, I question the fact that there is no gang activity.

    Do all seasonal guests have a machete?

    One more rule nobody honors at WMP, no weapons.

  6. So I understand the misunderstandings. This man was very close to me the reason [redacted] did this is because a female cheated on [redacted]. Somehow [redacted] found out and decided to drive from gaithersburg maryland to hurt him.

    • Time to wake up says:

      There’s nothing to understand, bottom line this man is a lunatic.

      Misunderstandings do not get fixed with a machete!

      This is not unacceptable in Clarke County, PERIOD!

    • Time to wake up says:

      So what your saying is this was premeditated. Im sure the police would like to know this vital information.

      This lunatic needs to be charged with attempted MURDER!


  7. Time to wake up says:

    Sorry for typo “this is unacceptable in Clarke”. Im a little upset that ANYONE thinks that this is a normal occurance, maybe where they come from but not here.

  8. nope i definitely understand it is not acceptable i don’t care where it is. all i wanted to clear up is that it is NOT gang related PERIOD. And yes one might say it should be attempt of murder but obviously they don’t want him on our land any more so they gave him those small charges so that when he does his time he can get deported. but attempt of murder would leave him here costing us tax money. As i said he may be a good friend to me but he [redeacted] up big time.

    • Time to wake up says:

      This incident may not be gang related BUT there is gang members mixed amongst the families there.

      • Plus the guy has been staying at WMP for several years, and he’s an illegal alien? What’s that tell you about security at WMP? Obviously, the WMP owners don’t want security types around at all because they’re afraid of what else may be found.

        • Time to wake up says:

          The security at WMP is a woman, which is fine but shes not even armed with mace.
          I fear for her life…

          I can not emphasize enough that there is danger lurking there.

          I tried to use the word accomplice on here and it was redacted.
          To whomever took the machete, they are as dangerous as this man.

          All the media attention just might help out with whats been going on.

          The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who dont do anything about it..-Albert Einstein…

  9. River Watcher says: