Video – Easter Storm Tears Through Berryville

Tree on Clarke County Courthouse lawn with apparent lightning strike - Photo by Bonnie Jacobs

A breezy Easter afternoon quickly turned into a swirling tempest as a powerful storm cell tore through Berryville. At approximately 3:45 PM the storm moved through the town and left a narrow path of destruction, uprooting trees and damaging buildings as it moved through swiftly, lasting only a few moments. High winds associated with the storm appear to have been localized. Areas in the eastern section of the county near Mount Weather recorded wind gusts of only 29 mph. Winds in the town were much higher. Heavy rain and hail were also associated with the system. The fury with which the storm rolled in caught many residents by surprise.

After storm clean-up was significant in localized areas as well. Bel Voi Farm on the east side of Berryville had several large trees blown over and several were snapped off above the ground. Several homes in the area also reported damage from wind and flying debris.



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  1. CC Native says:

    Luck the tree didn’t explode! I’ve seen that happen and it’s not pretty.

  2. StormWatcher says:

    Man! Missed the biggest storm this season it sounds like…..disappointed, not gonna lie.

  3. Stephanie says:

    That was my trees blowing and my window got busted out of my sons room. That had to been a Tornado. If you look at the video it was swirling.