Election Day 2011 – Vote!

While most of Clarke County was still asleep this morning, general registrar Barbara B. Bosserman was at her desk at 4:45am in preparation for Election Day 2011.

“I expect a large turnout today because elections are important in Clarke County” Bosserman said.

Don't Forget to Vote!

Perfect weather may help with the turnout as well.

Polls opened this morning at 6:00am under crystal-clear skies and will close at 7:00pm.

Bosserman expects to begin tabulating results from precincts around Clarke County shortly after 7:00pm.

“Each precinct will phone in their results to me once the results have been counted” Bosserman said. “Absentee ballots are treated as a separate precinct but those votes can’t be counted until 8:00pm.”

Bosserman said that Virginia does not allow “early voting” so any absentee voter must stipulate a reason why they are unable to cast their ballot at the polls. Bosserman noted that in the last presidential election Clarke County’s absentee ballots made up 10% of the total however in this election she expected absentee vote totals closer to 3%.

“Some people ask if the absentee ballots are counted if they are not needed” Bosserman said. “We count all absentee ballots and they are included in the vote totals.”

Only two races are contested in Clarke County elections this year. The White Post district Board of Supervisor seat being vacated by Pete Dunning is posing Republican Bev McKay against Democrat Randy Sprouse. Berryville’s School Board seat poses incumbent Jennifer Welliver against challenger James Brinkmeier.

Barbara Bosserman said that she expects to have the results from tonight’s election available by around 9:00pm. The Clarke County Election Board will then meet at 9:00am on Wednesday to canvas and certify the election results.