Electric Cooperative Offers Grants to Benefit Community

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) will award $16,000 in grants to emergency service agencies, non-profits and teachers with innovative lessons that energize their students’ love for learning. The grants are made possible through REC’s LEARN (Literacy Education and Rural Networking) program. Completed applications must be dropped off at one of REC’s offices or postmarked by April 4, 2011.

The Cooperative began the LEARN program in 1996. Since then, the program has awarded nearly $70,000 in grant money to the community in support of more than 70 projects throughout REC’s service territory.

“The LEARN program helps local communities in many ways,” said Ann M. Lewis, REC’s director of public relations. “Previous winners were able to provide their communities with weatherization programs, book purchases and teaching CPR to local citizens. This grant helps agencies, teachers or emergency services groups who need extra funding to complete their mission.”

REC will award nine grants to organizations in the following categories:

* Education – Five $500 and three $1,000 grants to individual or groups of teachers, from grades K-12 who demonstrate teaching methods to students of REC members.

* Community -One $2,000 and four $1,000 grants will be awarded to non-profit groups serving REC members, or whose services directly benefit them.

* Emergency Service – Three $1,500 grants will be awarded to an emergency response team whose services directly benefit REC members.

Applications are available at any REC office, online at www.myrec.coop or by contacting Brian Wolfe, REC’s public relations specialist, at 1-800-552-3904, ext. 5914 or brwolfe@myrec.coop.

REC provides electric service to over 154,000 connections in parts of 22 Virginia counties. Rappahannock maintains more than 16,000 miles of power lines through its service area, which ranges from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. For information about REC, please visit www.myrec.coop.


  1. BlossomButt says:

    I love the fact that a large company is willing to give back to the community, but not at the expense of those very residents. My electric bill went up by $150 the first month that REC took over and continues to be outrageous, even though I have the same usage. I do not feel as great about these grants given the fact that REC is sticking it to their customers with excessive fees. I think we in the community would much rather you forego giving out the grants and charge us lower rates for the service. Its the same service we have gotten for years, but now for some reason it costs much more. Keep your grants and stop gouging the consumer!

  2. So that’s the difference in the electric bill eh?