Electric Cooperative to Present at Tuesday Supervisors Meeting

Representatives from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, provider for most of Clarke County’s electrical service, will be addressing service reliability and rates for the Clarke County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, April 19.

The meeting was requested by the supervisors.

“After CDN’s articles earlier this year on Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and the reader comments we asked REC to come and discuss with us and folks with concerns in the community, the power outages and unexpectedly higher bills” said Supervisor chairman Michael Hobert (Berryville). “REC will be attending Tuesday if members of the public are interested and able to attend at around 1 pm.”

While some community members have expressed concern that electrical rates have significantly increased since REC began servicing the Clarke County area, other REC clients have said that their electrical bill amount have not increased.

Tomorrow’s meeting will likely include a discussion of REC’s service record related to the numerous power outages that have hit Clarke County over the past year. While many of the outages were associated with weather-related events including wind, snow and ice, other outages were related to equipment failure according to REC.

Tuesday’s meeting will be an opportunity for residents, county officials and REC to discuss the issues in a public forum.

“It has been almost a year since Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) began serving 51,000 customers who previously received their electricity from Allegheny Power” said Ann Lewis, Director of Public Relations  for the utility provider. “At the board of supervisors meeting we will share our accomplishments since the acquisition on June 1, 2010 as well as discuss what our new members can expect in the future.”

According to the agenda for the meeting, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative representatives Kent Farmer, Matt Faulconer, and John Crawford will be present at the meeting.



  1. dontaskme says:

    Their acronym says it all.

  2. EVERYONE that has been getting shafted by these guys needs to show up at this meeting. Bring your old bills for comparison. These guys are suposed to be providing a service but the only thing they’ve provided so far is a fleecing

  3. another 2 cents says:

    1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon isn’t a very convenient time

  4. sumrbrez says:

    Any of you that can be there, should attend and voice your concerns. I’m in Winchester and got an invitation to attend a meeting for SVEC (the cooperative that services Winchester and surrounds now) … only problem is the meeting is in Harrisonburg! I think they could have tried a little harder to reach our local demographic. REC and SVEC … it sounds extreme but I think they’re all crooks, they’re holding us hostage and milking it for all it’s worth. Your meeting is local … try to attend!

  5. christina says:

    This is long overdue. My electric bill jumped $25 the first full month they took over! It has gone up each month since and now it’s at $50 more per month. I’m on the budget plan so that is an enourmous increase over 12 months. I have called many times to get an answer that would make me understand the increase but REC has yet to give me one that makes sense. There is no other option for service so basically we’re at their mercy.