Electricity to be Restored to Nearly All REC Members Today

By the end of today, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) will restore power to virtually all of the less than 400 members who remain without electricity since last Friday’s storms. The majority of the outages that will be restored today are in Warren, Madison, Greene, Fauquier, Frederick, Rappahanock, Culpeper, Orange and Hanover counties.

“Our crews made significant progress as they worked through the holiday yesterday making repairs,” said Tim C. Martin, REC’s vice president of operations and engineering. “We recognize the hardship endured by our members who remain without power, especially in this heat. Crews are giving their all to restore a sense of normalcy to all of our members today.”

Martin continued “We understand, as we near the end of the restoration process, that some members are still without power. We will continue our work until everyone has their service.” Martin advises members who have not yet had their power restored to call the cooperative to verify their outage.

With a storm of this magnitude, crews will be working over the next several weeks to make permanent repairs and clean up rights of ways. Members are reminded to immediately report any dangerous situations such as downed power lines and to please avoid areas where crews are at work.

To report a power outage, please call 1-800-552-3904 or visit www.myrec.coop and report your outage online. If the cause of the damage is evident, and you are reporting your outage by phone, please provide information concerning cause and location to the customer service representative. Callers with no additional information are encouraged to choose the automated reporting option. Members who rely on a smart phone can also access outage information and report an outage through the Cooperative’s website.



  1. My 2 Cents says:

    I think its time that this company invest some money in their company! Tried to report an outtage last night for 2 hours over the phone and could never get through to them!!! Really nice, huh?

  2. A Neighbor says:

    REC is indeed investing money into their system. I know this because our power flickers and goes out all the time! We call them all of the time.
    Bottom line is they didn’t perform their due diligence on what they were buying from Allegheny Power and they are spending a lot more than they had anticipated to bring the system into the 21st Century and make it functional.
    All of the tree trimming crews that were in our area prior to the significant weather event are here to clear lines that have not been touched in over 15 years. There will be more trimming and more new equipment and more of everything … including rate hikes, I’m sure.
    REC is member owned. Nothing comes without a price and all of the trimming (by crews brought in from Texas) comes at a price. While some of it was anticipated I, again, don’t believe that REC was fully aware of the scope of work that needed to be done.

    • Blossom Butt says:

      Sorry to disagree, but they took over the same system that Allegheny had used before them. We had outages with Allegheny, but no where near the wait time or poor customer service, or HOURS spent waiting for an answer or resolution. It may be an old system, but it doesn’t take new infrastructure to correct your customer service issues, your lack of response, or you ability to fix the problem. It appears they are trying to operate the system with less experienced people, less hours, and still make the big bucks.

  3. animal lover says:

    Electricity supplied by overhead lines is not my idea of “bringing the system into the 21st century”.

  4. If something gets the main transformer with underground lines you will still get many outages.

    I’m generally pleased with REC

  5. Realistic Joe says:

    A company that provides a service is always in the hot seat. Their danged if they do and danged if they don’t. But, this is not their first time at the rodeo.

    No company or government entity can have the personnel or equipment on hand to deal with the occasional mega storm. Inconvenient yes but to have enough personnel and all the necessary equipment for a “just in case event” is bad business. Personnel require payroll, benefits, matching taxes, workers comp, insurance and sometimes retirement. Equipment requires purchase, insurance, maintenance, taxes. Those costs would be astronomical.
    Remember the two snow events? “Snowmageddons” if you will. VDOT and municipalities was blasted for their inability to keep the roads opened. Power outages then also. But they did what REC and other companies just did – outsource. And it will end up costing us.
    And now the snow is all but forgotten. Did VDOT change their policy? Nope.
    But it will be far less cost in the long run than setting up with all the resources that may be needed for the once in a while event.

    Do I understand why they cut a tree in half under the lines knowing that in just a few years’ parts of it will fall into Rt. 7? Nope. But they have to come up with a blanket policy for their workers and also deal with homeowners that don’t want the tree cut down. But, I can bring a situation to their attention such as a tree that is dead or dying that will clearly fall on the line. Which I have done and REC responded by the next working day or two and removed the danger. Alleghany had no such program. They said to call them when the tree falls and the line is broke. It’s been years since Alleghany came thru for right of way clearing and I for one encouraged the workers to cut anything even close along my line.

    As for underground lines, I don’t even want to speculate what that cost would be. Fix the current issues and prioritize upgrades as needed.