Emergency Crews Respond to Vehicle Found in River (Video)

Crews inspect the vehicle found in the river. Photo credit Mike Dowling

Fire and rescue crews were dispatched to the Shenandoah river at Route 7 Sunday night on a reported vehicle in the river. The incident occurred just after 10:00 P.M. Responders found a vehicle floating in the river with its lights on approximately 40 feet downriver from Route 7, just north of the bridge. Emergency lights were set-up on the bridge while a water rescue craft searched the vehicle. Rescue personnel were unable to locate anyone in the vehicle and a search was conducted downstream and on the surrounding banks, but crews came up empty-handed.

There was no damage to the bridge, so it is believed that the car entered the river from the boat ramp off of River Road.

Rescue crews were able to retrieve the vehicle license plate numbers to attempt to locate the owner and officials believe the car may have been a vehicle that was stolen from the Herndon area.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.