Emergency Notification System Activated in Berryville to Locate Missing Resident

Police issued an automated call last night in the Berryville area searching for a missing elderly woman. Authorities activated the Emergency Notification System (ENS) that utilizes phone records to reverse call residences with emergency information in a specific area. The alert call was issued at approximately 10:00PM last night and it advised residents that an 81 year old female was missing and possibly endangered due to her medical history.

Police said that the female was located a little over an hour after the activation of the ENS and that she was subsequently transported to Winchester Medical Center with non life threatening injuries.

Due to the late hour that the female was located, a cancellation call was not utilized with the ENS.


  1. Richie Blick says:

    We received the call. It was hard to understand and we thought it was about a missing 1 year old not 81 year old. I think the system is a great idea but should be tested before use. Especially when it only deals with life threatening emergencies. Good use of technology Clarke/Berryville Police!

  2. Thanks for the effort! Whatever it takes to save lives.

  3. Because I Care says:

    I received the call but only half of it. The system doesn’t wait for answering machines nor does it repeat the message a second time. I would hope the county could set it to do so.

  4. Don’t sugar coat this–the system didn’t work well in this case. We could not hear most of the message due to it being received in mid-message and due to it being almost inaudible. Could hear the very end “please call Clarke County Emergency…” quite well.

  5. I heard it completely and understood every word, including the woman’s name.

  6. The Shocker says:

    Too bad the system doesn’t use an identifiable phone number with caller id. Random “800” number at 10pm, no thanks….

  7. DAWN PRICE says:

    i gave dispach a call back and they told me what was going on .. we need a system like this in todays world just need to work the tweeks out of it … did scare me to get a call at that hour but they did find her and she was safe … we all need to take time out of our time to help one another these days . we even went out looking for her .. so lets keep our neighbors safe…..