Emergency Responders Rescue Disoriented Hiker on Appalachian Trail

A pleasant hike on the Appalachian trail ended in a call to 911 when a hiker became disoriented near Raven’s Rock Wednesday evening. At approximately 6:30PM Clarke County dispatch received a 911 call from a hiker on her cell phone who had become disoriented on the Appalachian Trail. Officials were able to determine that the female hiker was somewhere between the MCI tower and Route 7 (see inset map).   Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire and Rescue was dispatched to the scene.

Asst. Chief Mike Cormett was in command, “Upon our arrival we staged all the crews and made cell contact with the hiker to get a little better description of where she was. At that time I made the decision to send crews in from Route 7.”

Units entered from the route 7 trail head and were able to locate the hiker at approximately 7:40PM. The hiker was able to walk out with the rescue team and refused treatment.

Units from Blue Ridge, Enders, and Mt Weather responded to the scene with approximately 15 personnel.

The hiker was turned over to the Clarke County Sheriff’s office to make transportation arrangements.


  1. It’s actually an American Tower, not MCI