Updated: Detailed Parking Layout – Enders Seeks Parking Expansion on JWMS Campus

The John H. Enders Fire and Rescue Company is asking the Clarke County Public Schools to allow a 25K square foot parking lot expansion on the eastern edge of the Johnson Williams Middle School campus. The expansion would more than double Enders’ existing parking capacity, which is already on school property, through expansion of a lease agreement between the schools and the fire company.

In presenting the parking proposal to the School Board last on May 16, Dr. Michael Murphy said that drainage issues associated with Town Run made the property unlikely to be used by the schools.

Enders Fire Company propsed parking expansion (estimated area - click to enlarge)


Click here to view an landscape architectural design provided by Enderr Fire Company (click to view)  Enders Parking Layout 03-11-11

Enders Fire Company owns the current 9,000 square foot parking lot located behind the fire hall. The option for an additional 10,000 square foot area was renewed under a 2009 real estate lease between the Clarke County School Board and John H. Enders Fire Company (see area “E” below). Under the agreement, which expires in 2019, Enders leases the parking lot property from CCPS for $1.00 per year. In return Clarke County Public Schools has the right to terminate the agreement if the land is needed for other purposes, the right to soil excavated during construction and may use the parking facility when it is not being used by Enders.

All modifications made to the property must be approved by the CCPS with all construction and insurance costs provided by Enders.

According to diagrams provided by Enders, two additional parking lot options (see diagram areas “E2” & “D”) that appear to equal or exceed the current proposed 24,850 square foot parking area are also outlined .

There was no immediate response from School Board members either “for” or “against” the parking expansion proposal. Murphy said that representatives from Enders Fire Company will be invited to speak in more detail about the proposal at the June 6th regular school board meeting.

UPDATED: On Thursday afternoon Enders President Chris Shipe clarified the diagrams submitted by fire company below. Enders Attachment B, area “E” represents the 10,000 square foot lease area renewed in 2009. Areas “E2” and “D” represent approximately 15,000 square feet of non-parking drainage that will move water from the parking area into Town Run.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Enders Fire Company rents its existing parking area from Clarke County Public Schools. Enders owns the parking area.


Proposed parking expansion plans provided by Enders Fire Company to CCPS - (click to enlarge)

Proposed parking expansion plans provided by Enders Fire Company to CCPS - (click to enlarge)



  1. Chris Shipe says:

    The article about the parking lot expansion mistates some facts. John H. Enders currently owns its existing parking lot and has owned it since the building was built in the 1980s. The current 10,000 square foot lease for parking space is part of the expanded parking area we would like to create. The 10,000 square foot area has been leased by Enders also since the buidling was built in the 1980s, but the department has never had the funds to develop the area until recently. When we started to look at developing the existing 10,000 sf area, we determined because of the amount of space that the required drainage would require, there would be very few spaces left for parking, that is why we have asked for an additional 15,000 square feet. I have always made myself available for comment for your folks, so in the future, I would appreciate if you would contact me for anything related to John H. Enders Fire Company to make sure the facts are correct. Thanks!

  2. Does that expansion still leave the required amount of room for the discus area? Also, the cross country course will have to be re-located. Has the parking lot ever been used as overflow for J-WMS events? Will the fence come be right around the proposed lines? What will be parked there? Will it be an open place for overflow parking for Enders, or will it be a ‘storage’ area? What effect will it have on the small stream that runs through that area?

    • Chris Shipe says:

      It is our understanding and intent that the parking lot expansion will not have any effect on the discus and track areas. Part of the reason we are asking for additional space is to creat the proper drainage buffers so that town run won’t be affected by run off from the parking lot. In fact because of the way the drainage areas are proposed to be created with all types of natural plantings, there probably will be less run off. This lot will be overflow parking for Enders and any other community group that needs it, is the intent that it can be used for overflow for school events. The area will be for parking, not storage. The fencing has not totally been settled, it will be what ever the town and school requires. Hope this answers and addresses your concerns.

      • Thanks for the information.

        As far as I can tell from the above satellite photo schematic, the parking lot will run through the current cross middle school cross country course. If the intent is that the parking can be used for overflow school event parking, is there to be a sidewalk through the grass to the school, or a gate in any kind of fencing that is constructed?

        As for the drainage issues, I’m not really wondering about the drainage from the lot itself, but the picture above shows the lot running right over a small creek that exists through the middle school property. This ‘creeklet’ empties into the town run, and it does have water in it during most of the year.