Endless Summer?

It was hard to imagine a white Christmas in Berryville yesterday. But temperatures breaking the 70 degree mark by mid-afternoon didn’t stop several people from trying.

Berryville temperatures had climbed to 70 degrees by Monday afternoon - Photo Edward Leonard

Sisters Nicole Will of Minneapolis and Mikki Tarantino of Charles Town, together for the Thanksgiving holiday, strolled along Main Street in Berryville hoping to visit a shop or two and just enjoy a bit of “sister time” together.

Sisters Nicole Will of Minneapolis and Mikki Tarantino of Charles Town observe Jessica Cather preparing to decorate a Main Street parking meter - Photo Edward Leonard

“We wanted to go to the book store but it was closed,” said Will. “The Fire House Gallery is open, isn’t it?” responded Tarantino. “Let’s try there.”

The two paused for a few leisurely minutes to observe Jessica Cather as she worked to turn a parking meter in front of Sponseller’s Flower Shop into a holiday polar bear.

Cather, in a short-sleeved tee-shirt, was properly attired for the unseasonably warm weather as she magically formed a polar bear from the chicken wire and boxwood clippings that she had spread out on the sidewalk.

Cather’s polar bear will be one of several that will compete in Berryville’s annual Christmas parking meter decorating competition.

“This is the third year that I’ve done the parking meter for Sponseller’s,” Cather said. “I’m trying to replicate the Coke polar bear.”

Cather agreed that the day’s warm temperatures made it hard to think about the snow and ice that may be just around the corner.

For the foreseeable future Cather’s polar bear may need to drink plenty of his favorite beverages in order to stay cool. Daytime temperatures are expected to stay in 50’s for the remainder of the week.

Jessica Cather decorates a parking meter for the holidays despite the abnormally warm November temperatures - Photo Edward Leonard


  1. Got to love the Berryville Main Street Parking Meter Decorating Contest. Thank you Jessica, and Sponseller’s Flower Shop for your continued participation of this contest. Judging of the meters will be Friday, December 2 at 12:00 if you wish to decorate a meter and be in on the judging. Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 3 at 5:30 at the Christmas Tree Lighting in Rose Hill Park. If not, you can decorate through the 24th of December and just be part of the fun. Remember, all decorations must be removed no later than December 31. For more information, call Berryville Main Street at 540-955-4001. Visit the Fire House Gallery for your holiday gifts and attend the many events planned throughout December.
    Visit our website at berryvillemainstreet.org for more information.