Everything you need. . .

Everything you need — You already have!

I just received one of those flyers in the mail insisting that I must run out and purchase my very own unique Halloween costume, before they sell out.


We made a pact with ourselves when we moved into our new house (because we border on being ‘hoarders’) that we were going to try and NOT buy anything because “Everything we need, we already have”.

Hang on to your wallets  folks!   With the Halloween season just around the corner,   merchants (and your offspring) are seeking a ‘share of your wallet’.     It is the time of year when children of all ages (ourselves included) try to convince us that we must have the latest costume of our favorite movie actor, political figure,   or cartoon character or   — we will just fade away into the realm of ‘not popular’.   Why spent all that hard earned money on a store bought costume?    A costume that, heaven forbid, your neighbor will have one just like it; Or it ends up ripped, torn or falling apart  before you can get home to censor the ‘take for the night’.

For this, you opened your wallet?

Call me old fashioned, but I still have ‘The Magic Costume Box’ on a shelf in the basement.   This box has been the “water” that has primed the pump of   many   a young mind for  hours of adventures.   The contents appear to be just props, but they have become priceless treasures gathered over time.   A safari hat that my dad had made for me when he thought we were going to be stationed in Sudan; My grandmother’s tan felt hat sporting a real pheasant feather; A variety of baseball caps; A prairie bonnet; Scarves, shawls, feather boas, a pair of long white gloves that I wore to my senior prom; A rainbow clown wig and a red nose; Over-sized sun glasses and a silver ‘space’ wig.

Imagination is the key.   All you need is just a prop.   Build from it; Add costume jewelry, some makeup, random garments from the way back of your closet or maybe from the local thrift store.

Okay, I will give you a few hints; Clowns — pirates — princesses — space monster –circus lady — prom queen.

Your turn.

The best part, when it is all over, is that the ‘props’ go back in to the magic box,   get all mixed up and come out again next year as something entirely different.

So, put your wallet away, find a box and gather your own ‘props’, and let the adventures begin!

Idea: Send in a photo of your costume to CDN and let all us share in your adventure!