Exhibit Pays Homage to Local Potter Nancy Bishop

Anyone who loves to look at, create, or collect pottery won’t want to miss Berryville Main Street’s Fire House Gallery spring show opening April 13:

Nancy Bishop: Celebrating Pottery … and 50 Years at the Wheel

The exhibit which runs through Saturday, May 5th will feature a stunning display of Bishop’s signature pieces — many from her private collection – demonstrating the evolution of her masterful technique over five+ decades of “throwing” pots on the wheel.

Bishop was one of the first artists to open a studio in the renowned Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia.   It was there she perfected her distinctive approach to pottery-making  — painting or carving images on her pieces as well as creating a never-before-attempted ruby chromium glaze, which she calls Ruby Red.

Last year this Berryville resident decided to retire from pottery-making and move closer to her children “over the mountain.”  She sold her kiln and put her house up for sale.  The recipe for the ruby chromium glaze, she decided, would neither be sold nor given away, but retired along with her.

Fortunately exhibit-goers will get to see this remarkable glaze on numerous pieces in the show. They’ll also see examples of her much-loved blue pottery carved with the tree of life, as well as a photo of the first teapot set she made in college – and won a prize!  (A surprise to Art majors – she was in Business Administration!)

Professional exhibition designer and local resident Jeanne Krohn, whose clients include The Smithsonian and the National Building Museum, will curate the show.

Bishop has donated four pieces from her collection — including a Ruby Red bud vase — for a silent auction that will run throughout the three week exhibit.  These are the last pieces of her work available for sale.

Fire House Gallery, Berryville, Virginia

Opening Reception, Friday 5:30 – 8:00 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 10am -3pm

Friday 10am – 7pm

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  1. Brian McClemens says:

    I Love Nancy !!! Count me in !!!

  2. I am looking forward to going, too! I love Nancy’s work. I have a much treasured green pear on my fireplace mantel. There are some pieces in the slideshow above I haven’t seen before. The ruby red really must be seen in person- it is beautiful! Should be a fun time. I will miss Nancy very much and hope she visits often. She has been so good to so many in this community.