Facility Use Fees Mark Change in CCPS Operations Approach

The Clarke County Public School system is tightening its policy on usage fees for school facilities. CCPS will charge the Clarke County Youth Football League (CCYFL) a daily use rate for access to playing fields, bleachers, press box and concession stands at Johnson-Williams Middle School during the coming 2011 summer season.

“This is our attempt to implement the use of school facilities policy in a fair and uniform manner” Dr. Michael Murphy told the Clarke County School Board at its June 20th recent school board meeting.

Murphy said that CCYFL’s facility use compensation to the school district includes a $1500 payment in April and an “in-kind” contribution of power washing and painting the JWMS press box and concession stand.

Murphy said that Clarke County maintenance manager Bobby Levi estimates the value of the power wash and paint at between $1800 – $2000.

“CCYFL has used our facilities for several years for football and cheerleading camps, practices, and events” Murphy said.  “Mr. Trenary [CCPS Operations Director] has worked with Clarke County Youth Football League on an agreement for the use of the facilities, including maintenance of the field.”

Enforcement of fees for using school facilities comes as Clarke County Public Schools face increasingly difficult budget challenges. Both school and county officials general agree that the coming budget cycle will be equal to, or perhaps more difficult, than the past school year. The budget challenges and fiscal philosophies for dealing with declining education funding from the Commonwealth were highlighted in the recent debate between the School Board and the Clarke County Board of Supervisors over a proposed $246K teacher bonus package. The Supervisors ultimately agreed on a compromise that allowed a $150K bonus.

While the CCYFL facility use payment is small, it may signal a broader policy change by school administration to more aggressive search for supplemental budget funding wherever possible.

In addition to access to JWMS football facilities, the five-year agreement with CCYFL requires the organization to pay for a yearly turf maintenance program to include aeration, seeding, fertilization and weed control based on the needs of the JWMS game field by a mutually agreed upon third-party. CCYFL is also responsible for the repair, maintenance, modification and operation of field structures as well as ensuring that the concession stand meets health and fire regulations.



Facility Use Fees for 2011

Date(s) School Site Facility Use Time FY 2011 Fee
6/25/11 JWMS Game Field Try-out 8 :00am-11 :30am $110 per day
8/1-5/11 JWMS Game Field Pre-season practice 5:00pm-8:30pm $110 per day
8/6/11 JWMS Game Field Pre-season practice 8:00arn-12:00pm $110 per day
8/8 -11/11 JWMS Front Field Practice M-TH 5:00pm – 8:30pm $38 per day
8/8- 11/10 Cooley Back Field Practice M-TH 5:00pm -8:30pm $38 per day
8/8-11/10 Primary Back Field Practice M-TH 5:00pm -8:30pm $38 per day
9/3-11/12 JWMS Game Field Garnes Saturday 7:00am -6:30pm $110 per day




  1. Stonebroke says:

    So, who do you think will feel the brunt of this increase? The parents of the children that will be playing football or cheerleading! The fee’s are already difficult for parents to pay! $150 for 1 child to play football, that is crazy! Might be a lot more parents claiming hardship this year just so their child can play football!

  2. “So, who do you think will feel the brunt of this increase? The parents of the children that will be playing football or cheerleading! ”

    Well, who else should? You think the people who don’t have kids that participate should pay? The government can’t and shouldn’t pay for everything.

    • Stonebroke says:

      Nah Buddy! Just think that it is outrageous to charge for a field that is not being used for anything…anyway! (For a reason of helping a challenged budget) Minimal payment and up-keep of facilities–should be sufficient!! Also, I think the price to play Little League Football ($150) is already high enough! Not too sure what your little kiddo’s participate in—but $150 is a little steep for the “Average Joe”.

  3. Sage of the Mountain says:

    How sad. Guess the CCYFL will have to strain again its members services as well as parents of children involved in the football program in order to pay these fees. I guess we have lost sight of the good this program does in helping lead our kids in the right direction.

  4. My 2 Cents says:

    150 Bucks is unreal! Yes, within 2 yrs I guarantee you it will be pushing $200.00……….

    • Naked Truth says:

      Are they going to increase the fees for the church groups that use all of the schools also?
      What about Relay for Life for their one night use?

  5. Concerned says:

    Ridiculous!!! That field was a piece of crap until 6 years ago when CCYF started maintaining and improving it. New set of bleachers on the away side? CCYF. New floor, stove, pizza oven and freezer in concession stand? CCYF. Gravel around field? CCYF. New intercom system? CCYF. Bathrooms repaired which had been out of order constantly for years? CCYF. Scoreboard whch did not work for years and years? CCYF got donations from Nalls and Bank of Clarke to repair to the tune of over $4000. Ridiculous! The group has improved the whole area and uses the area when it is used by no one else to be charged. Hundreds of parents who have volunteered hours and hours of labor now have to put up more money so their children can play….shame on you Mike Murphy and anyone else involved in this decision. CCYF has made over $10000 in improvements on that land and you just slapped them and the parents in the face. Way to support the community!!!!

  6. Rice St. Resident says:

    I tried to get a fair representation of fees from across the region:

    Football Registration:
    Springfield: $200
    Central Loudoun: $190
    Braddock Road: $180
    Vienna: $175
    Fauquier: $150
    Clarke County: $150
    Reston: $150
    Lower Loudoun: $120
    Winchester-Frederick: $75 (2010 cost)
    Woodstock: $60
    Strasburg: $55
    Luray: $55 (2009 cost)

    Cheerleading Registration:
    Central Loudoun: $165
    Vienna: $155
    Fauquier: $150
    Braddock Road: $125
    Lower Loudoun: $120
    Clarke County: $100
    Springfield: $100
    Woodstock: $60
    Strasburg: $55
    Luray: $55 (2009 cost)
    Winchester-Frederick: $50 (2010 cost)

    • Rice St. Resident says:

      forgot to add: aside from Winchester-Frederick, ALL of these teams had early registration benefits in the neighborhood of $20-$40 discount.

    • Stonebroke says:

      My point exactly! We shouldn’t expect anything about Clarke County to even closely resemble Loudoun Co. (Remember Don’t Loudoun-Clarke) So our fee’s should be closer to the smaller counties like–Strasburg, Luray and Woodstock)

    • CC early reg. fee is $120 for football, late fee is $150
      CC early reg. fee is $75 for cheerleading, late fee is $100
      Parks & Rec is run by Clarke Co. Gov’t. and has nothing to do with the non-profit, volunteer organization CCYFL.
      Clarke Co. Youth Football League serves approx. 300 youth in the community for 3+ months out of the year.

  7. CCHS Parent says:

    The sad part is that the prices are already too much!! They lost sight of the good for the kids awhile ago. The CCYFL just doesn’t attract kids like it used to. Unfortunately it is poorly managed by the board and not able to keep the parent volunteers because of the way everything is managed. Cheerleading was a joke last year!! It’s a wonder that the parents keep coming back.

    • Because I Care says:

      From what I have experienced in the league in the last few years, I believe some of the parents are turned off by the small town politics, cliques and favoritism that takes place within the league. If your child isn’t the star player or related to one of the coaches, refs or board member, you may as well not even play. The star kids are groomed to think they are the most important and in turn are pretty cruel to the others players, even the ones within their own team. Some coaches turn a blind eye to it. Some of the parents behavior are just as bad if not worse.

  8. My 2 Cents says:

    What does CC bring to the table to make their fee that high? I can see the fees for the people to the EAST, but why does Mayberry have to be soooo high? They don’t want things like our neighboring counties, but when it comes to that almighty dollar, they have no problem with keeping those figures competitve….. I would love to hear from somebody from the Park and Rec and explain why those fees are so high…. I also agree that paying to use that field is a horrible idea. Before the CCYFL took over, what was that field used for, other that a litter box by the local cats????

  9. Smellin roses says:

    What does one have to do with the other? Moanin about what the group did for the field a few years ago as a means to excuse not paying usage fees that go up is self-serving. Have you seen the amount of trash left all over the J-WMS campus on a typical fall Saturday afternoon? The unsupervised kids running all over the place? Hardly a fall weekend goes by that, as I drop my kid off at J-WMS on a Monday, I see a whole lot of trash left over from the Saturday events.

    It’s the same with the auditorium and the crying of “poor me” the dance studio did when my daughter danced there. They felt that their small contribution to its renovation all those years ago meant that they didn’t have to pay increased usage fees – forgetting that electricity, the cost to replace stage lights, wear-n-tear on the stage, etc. still went up. Their answer? Go to Frederrick County

    The J-WMS track and field are used by the PE classes quite a bit, as well as the school’s athletic teams…as well as by quite a few dog-walkers who let their pooches poop all over the field. If I gotta pony up a few more bucks so my boy can play football, then that’s the reality. It might mean that he don’t play come September, but that’s the reality, too.

    • Concerned says:

      Nobody’s moaning, just stating the facts. As for improvements done years ago, those improvements have been and will be enjoyed by many for many years. It’s called long term improvements to a fixed asset. Get real this isn’t all about money, it’s about respect for community members and group who work hard.

  10. Fly Swatter says:

    Lay some chalk down on the Salvation Army land….recoup away!

  11. Smellin roses says:

    Here are the usage fees for area middle schools. I defined “area” as: Clarke, Warren, Frederick, Winchester, Loudoun, and Jefferson County, WV. When you look at these rates, it seems CCPS is pretty comparable.

    Clarke: $110/day (J-WMS)

    Warren: $200/day (middle school)

    Frederick: $120/day (middle schools)

    Winchester: $250/day (Daniel Morgan MS)

    Loudoun: $88/hr – $125/hr (depending on school and field type…real grass or artificial turf)

    Jefferson Co., WV: $25 per outdoor team space on field
    $12/hr for use of field lights

  12. cheapshot says:

    This is a problem that’s been coming on for some time. the schools are strapped, forced to write letters begging for the carryover of their own budget, so seeking extra revenue from any source is a logical move. The other side of the coin is, all the improvements and maintenance, as described above, have been paid for and/or done by CCYFL. All insurance is carried by CCYFL. All cleanup is done by, you guessed it, CCYFL. One might ask why the school field has to be used at all; after all, we have a huge park, but it has no football field, and if you look at the fees paid by the soccer teams for park fields, it is nearly as expensive, and the fields seem to be maintained at the bare minimum, for a high maintenance fee to the youth leagues. The long-term answer would be for CCYFL to have its own field somewhere; I played little league baseball in the front field of chapel hill farm back in the day, before we had a park. I do know one thing-the good players and teams the high school has are “born” on the youth athletic fields; as you take that away, you are slowly but surely going to see the results at the higher levels suffer, and even for kids without the size or talent to play later on, you take away an important experience of youth – to play competitive sports. I shudder to think what the new charges for youth basketball will be; as it is the only “free” court they use is provided by Powhatan school, for practices. whatever the final answer is-part of it has to be, unfortunately, that everybody pays a similar rate-from youth football to relay for life, etc. You cant just single out one group-although in this county fairness is not always the deciding issue.

  13. livein22611 says:

    Baseball and soccer have to pay for field use, so why shouldn’t football? What makes them so special? They leave Johnson Williams a mess!! They got kicked out of the Parks and Rec. fields because they abused them. Now they are being held accountable. If they don’t like it they can find their own fields. And for those who complain, do your kids have a cell phone? Texting? Ipod? You can find the money when you want to.

    • I have helped coach ccyfl for approx. 4 years now and I must say that I think paying for the use is something that is a necessary evil. Times are hard for everyone including myself. If we’re using someone elses property then why not a fee? I do have to ask though, do the other “areas” put forth the work on said leased property that the volunteers do at Clarke? I have not been privy to doing alot of the work but I have seen what’s involved. Field maintenance, line painting, cooking, trash clean up and removal, buying our own food, preparing the food, providing the equipment for preparing the food, supplying new safer equipment, bleachers and all before mentioned improvements to the score board, press box and concession stand. There is way more to be listed but it is all probably falling on deaf ears. Some people just like to ….. you know. As for the mess left behind “every” weekend, I have to call you out on that one. Now I cant speek for the weekends we have early games but for our late games I have personally stayed after the final game has ended for well over an hour with many other volunteers to cover the grounds, (field, bleachers, parking lot, and practice areas) and press box and concession stand to make sure all is well and clear of any unwanted trash. Which gets hauled away in our trucks. Come out and watch the local youths play some great games and stick around to see how the clean up goes. I hate seeing anyone pay as much as we do to let our kids play, but thats just the way times are now. It sucks and none of us like it. Never will.

    • Concerned says:

      I don’t know where you got your information but it is WRONG. The reason CCYF is not at the Park is because the league would have to have joined a national type of football league to be there. At the time Clarke County’s league was not able to meet all of the requirements set forth by the national groups due to our smaller population. What a way to spread misinformation about a great league!

  14. Stonebroke says:

    No my kid has none of the above mentioned. Thanks for your concern! I still think $150 is too much to pay to play a Little League Sport! Why must everything always be an eye for an eye with the people of Clarke County! There is a lot of miserable rich people that live in this town!

  15. hoopsfan says:

    So? has anybody on the CCYFL done the math and know what the cost increser per day of use will be will be?

  16. Look Again says:

    And [redacted] the CCPS Superintendent is asking for $12, 600 in defferred compensation per annum as stipulated ( perhaps agreed) by Robina, per his alleged contract . ( Can you FOIA this CDN?) So folks……time to find a place to cut back.

    Seems bad luck and timing for CCYFL. Best of luck to them!

  17. livein22611 says:

    You can actually FOIA the information yourself. Individuals can FOIA.

    • Look Again says:

      Thanks, but CCPS charged me recently $16.00 for the time it took to pull one file from their office. A file that was otherwise distributed to committe memebers. No thanks. I am in reciept of a certified letter that states that minutes and findings and reports from committees cost mega bucks!