Farmer’s Market Seeks Your Help

The Clarke County Farmers Market is looking for advice from its customers and hopes that a 10-question survey will help the popular Saturday morning destination be even better.  The survey, which is offered through an online survey site called SurveyMonkey, is intended to solicit ideas and suggestions about how the Clarke County Farmers Market can play a larger role in the community’s “Eat Local” movement.

“We’re asking people to take a few minutes and assist us by completing a brief survey at this link:” Dunkle said.

Berryville resident Loretta Allison at the Clarke County Farmers Market - Photo Michael Hobert

Dunkle said that the Farm Market executive committee met last Wednesday to discuss our upcoming market season. The 2012 Farm Market dates are Saturday, May 5 through Saturday, October 27, 2012. Hours of operation  remain unchanged – 8:00am until noon.”

According to Dunkle, she and other executive committee members, chairperson Anita Van Sice, Art Crow, Diana Curry plan to hold an organizational meeting on Monday, January 9 at 7:00pm in the AB Meeting Room of the Berryville/Clarke County Government Center where survey responses will be discussed.

Dunkle said that the executive committee hopes to present the customer survey results to existing and potential Farm Market vendors who will be attending the meeting. Dunkle said that she plans to also create a similar vendor survey in the coming week.

The Clarke County Farmers market is a popular Saturday morning destination for county residents - Photo Bonnie Jacobs


  1. Laura Bohall says:

    Just completed the survey. Happy to support our Farmer’s Market.

  2. Me too! Can’t wait for SPRING and fresh veggies!!! 🙂

  3. Naked Truth says:

    The market did it to itself. Too much petty bickering between the people who run it. They are small because they think small. It’s in a good location, but needs promotion. The market likes to discribe themselves as a friendly place to shop, but behind the scenes it’s anything but. The majority of the local farmers are great to do business with. It’s some of the non-local vendors that are only in it for themselves.

    • Sorry you feel that way, but I think it’s the best market around. The organization strives to give the community a great place to shop for local produce and other tasty treats. They may have bickered in the past but that is ancient history I have never worked with a better group of people, administrators, vendors & customers alike. Hears to another wonderful market season.

      • Twisted Oak says:

        This Vendor agrees w/ Anita. It is a happy market and I have not experienced anything but in the 2 years that I have been involved.

  4. I have to agree with Naked Truth. This market was such a friendly place to shop on Saturdays but after talking to a lot of the farmers over the years, there has been way too much arguing amongst the vendors. There are a few vendors that are only there to stir up trouble while the others are dedicated and show up each week but yet have to deal with the repercussions of poor sales due to the pettiness that takes place there. All of the negativity that the trouble makers bring also make the market a unfriendly place to shop. That is why I stopped supporting this market last year. I now travel into Winchester to do my shopping or I will deal with the few vendors on a one on one basis. Someone needs to wake up and realize that this market has declined because of the pettiness that a few of the vendors bring to the market. Sure you can blame the economy, or make up other excuses but someone needs to put a mirror up and give the people in charge a good hard look at the truth. Stop making excuses and trying to find a fix in providing a survey to the community-get rid of the vendors that have caused so much grief and get the market to where it once was-a fun, friendly place to shop locally.

    • In the vernacular, that’s hogwash.

      I walk through the market many weeks out of the year and have purchased something from most vendors and favor a few that provide what I want. I have purchased many starter plants and fresh vegetables, as well as various breads and sweets from friendly vendors.

      There is no acrimony at the market. I have not witnessed what you speak of and think it is probably fueled by some of the very pettiness you have accused those who are participating in this local event. If it happens behind the scenes then that is where it should be dealt with, not maligning those who actually put forth the effort of making the market a reality.

      Is it perfect? No, but what is? And what can’t be improved? So the survey is a good attempt but I think at the end of the day they need to do a better job of promoting the market.

      Perhaps even in this local “paper.” You could let us know what is in season each week so we could make it a destination and maybe even some recipes for what’s in season.

      The possibilities are endless if only people know about it…

      • Naked Truth says:

        There is one guy on the board, where it is his way or else. I think his way should be the highway. Narrow vision and bull-headed only keeps things from growing. This is a nice market and good for the town. Some need to think about others and the community.

    • Not sure what market you and NT are talking about Lucy, but I go to the Clarke County Farmer’s Market nearly every Sat. in season, and see none of what you are describing.

      I do think it should be free to the vendors who are actually selling local products. There can’t be any operating costs where they need to charge the vendors. Make it free, invite more farms and vendors, advertise just a bit, the people will roll in. Extend the hours a bit too.

  5. Fly Swatter says:

    Put the food and product out front…. leave those with political aspirations in the gazebo. Quite an eyesore when you first walk up…

    • Twisted Oak says:

      As a vendor I TOTALLY agree with Fly Swatter. The Farmer’s Market is no place for this, ESPECIALLY at the front of the market.

  6. completed. I have a few big ideas and included them in my comments on the survey.