Fire and Ice (Storm)

The good news is that the dry and windy conditions that have made Virginia and the Northern Shenandoah Valley a tinder box of wildfire activity over the last week is about to come to an end. The bad news is that the National Weather Service says that the solution will arrive in the form of up to seven inches of snow and sleet.

This morning mild temperatures will give way to this evening to a mix of rain, followed by sleet and ending as snow. The precipitation should turn to all snow by midnight.

The winter weather is being spawned by two low pressure systems, one currently over the Ohio Valley and another near the Oklahoma – Texas borders. As the Ohio Valley system races east the low pressure area over Texas will dip to the south before making its way toward Virginia. The storm will pull moisture from the Gulf of Mexico that will mix with cold air pulled from Canada behind the Ohio Valley low pressure system.

The result will be a potentially significant snowfall for our area with snowfall totals decreasing east towards the Washington metro area. Snowfall is expected to taper off by 7:00 am on Tuesday morning.

Commuters will benefit by planning some additional time for their morning drive. Parents of school aged children may want to consider alternative plans for tomorrow as a four-day weekend seems likes for Clarke County Public School students. (Just sayin’…)


  1. Laura Bohall says:

    thanks, Ed!
    Commence kid plans for Tuesday now!

  2. Don’t forget the comfort food and warm drinks!