Fire Destroys Home on Old Ferry Lane

An early morning fire Sunday has destroyed a home in Clarke County. Firefighters responded to a residence at 490 Old Ferry Lane at approximately 3:30AM March 6, 2011.   Crews from   Blue Ridge, Boyce,   Enders,   Mount Weather, Loudoun County and Jefferson County, W.Va. all responded to the scene. Firefighters worked the blaze throughout the morning in torrential rain but were not able to save the structure. Clarke County fire officials said the the home was a complete loss. There were no injuries.



  1. trthseeker says:

    Do the displaced people need anything? How can we help?

  2. This place was full of wonderful memories! So sad.

  3. Carl Stephanus says:

    Through the tenants’ rental agent on Sunday morning, I offered Red Cross assistance to provide up to three days of temporary accommodations (motels). However,they have arranged to stay with relatives. Other kinds of Red Cross assistance are also available to Clarke County house fire victims, but were not requested.

  4. sarge Willis says:

    So sad, that cabin was built by my wife’s father and his friends with thier own hands back in the mid 60s, our youngest daughter had planned to be married in it. You can guess how dry the cedar logs were. Thank the Lord no one was hurt, the two young ladies renting it were just able to get out in time.

  5. Dave Jelinek says:

    Garland Wollard was a colleague and friend. He and Mary built what was intended as a weekend retreat, but it soon became their home as Gar retired on disability shortly after. They were central figures in the neighborhood, and entertaining, generous hosts for many a party. For years Gar was “mayor of BoozeRidge” and fulfilled his duties faithfully. We miss them both, and are saddened by the loss of their beloved cabin.