Fireworks Injure Spectators At Apple Blossom Event

Friday night at Handley High School, the feature fireworks display malfunctioned and launched two mortars sideways hitting a crowd of people. A child was treated at the scene with minor injuries and a woman was taken to the hospital with burns on her arm. Several other people were hit by debris and received   minor burns, as well as some small 1st and 2nd degree burns. A second mortar launched sideways during the finale of the show and fire officials were forced to end the display.

Information released by festival organizers indicates that the incident was caused by flaws in the fireworks that caused them to malfunction.

Fireworks Productions Incorporated, the pyrotechnicians producing the show, are conducting their own internal investigation into the faulty elements and will issue their own statement at a later date.

The incident shown in the video below, was captured by a spectator and posted on YouTube.