First Day at New High School Comes with Learning Curve for Drivers

Traffic backs up on Jackson Drive as drivers attempt to access new high school Photo credit Debbie Hoyt

The first day of school proceeded without any major problems as the community familiarizes itself with the new high school facility and new traffic patterns. Superintendent Mike Murphy said it was a, “Great start – great morning and a great day!”

As the high school loaded for the first time, traffic ballooned up in the nearby neighborhood and dissipated quickly when classes began. However, drivers who used Jackson Drive as a means of access were greeted with backups that stretched back onto Main Street in both directions due to the left turn required at the stop sign at Mosby. A steady flow of traffic down Mosby made the left turn slow and caused a bottleneck that many drivers said they plan to avoid in the future. The emerging traffic pattern seems to indicate that Mosby via Buckmarsh, which is a straight run into the high school will be the preferred route for anyone who can avoid using Jackson Drive.

Superintendent Murphy said that the school will monitor the traffic situation and work with VDOT, Berryville Police, and the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department to make adjustments to make access as smooth as possible.

“We will update students today, and will continue to do so.  Traffic tends to sort itself out as time goes on; no one expected the back up today on Jackson, complicated by the stop sign at Jackson and Mosby.  The good news is that the highest speed clocked (known speed) was about 17 miles an hour, so speeding wasn’t an issue this morning!”

More good news regarding access to the high school came via the Board of Supervisors meeting as VDOT area manager Edwin Carter updated the supervisors on the Mosby Boulevard construction project. In his update he told the board that Mosby was ahead of schedule and would be completed by the end of the current construction season in November given that unexpected weather does not occur.


  1. Yet…THIS is all that the CDN has for the beginning of school? The gripes around traffic? There was no article on Convocation last week, or student reactions to the new facility, or anything? The other area paper is trumping this one this week.

    • Looks like Murphy’s sycophants are back in school, welcome back from summer break, I for one appreciate the news I can use instead of the platitudes that the other news source blows smoke with.

      • Just curious that the only coverage of the opening of school is centered around the traffic. Likewise with the fair, there was hardly any coverage of it after the initial article.

        • Shhhhhhhhh! says:

          We can’t talk openly about the schools. If we begin, we’ll have to address the abysmal 2012 SOL scores. Can’t have that now, can we?

  2. Maybe we should put a roundabout at this intersection.

  3. “No one expected”? really means “no one thought it through”. I live on Jackson, and as I have a vested interest, I realized right after I read those signs telling folks to take Jackson to Mosby, that there will be a bunch of cars waiting to make a left turn at Mosby and Jackson. The traffic backed up literally to Business 7. And it did as well lthis morning, and tomorrow, and the day after and ,,,,,,,,,
    They put the entrance on Mosby, do yourselves a favor and enter from the Mosby/340 intersection.

    Another thing they didnt think through, the accident(s) which will happen at Mosby and Jackson. All it will take is one inexperienced impatient driver. And there are only what, a couple hundred using that intersection every day?

    • Ahhh, thanks a lot. Let’s send all the traffic up Mosby. If this neighborhood had stood with us in our fight (some of us live on Mosby) against having any entrance at all in the neighborhood you wouldn’t have anything to complain about. The entrance/exit should be on Main Street where it belongs.

      When they put Mosby through we will not only have traffic during the week when school is in but all weekend too.

      I tried very hard to get people to listen. But now I’ll just grin and bear it. I’ll get used to it I guess.

    • Here’s a novel idea – cut down on traffic by putting your kids on the bus. It always makes me chuckle to see how many folks – @ $3.55+/gallon – make 2 trips every day to the schools to drop off their kids and pick them up. I understand that sometimes there are legit reasons, but there are also silly ones.

      • Another View says:

        Some parents actually like to transport their children to and from school. My parents did it. I do it. It’s a nice part of the day. And it is priceless. Nothing silly about it.

  4. People dont take long to learn. The traffic didn’t back up to Rt 7 at all the rest of the week. One day was all it took.
    Jan, I really dont care if traffic passes my house for 15 min twice a day. Big deal.
    And when they finish the Mosby extension in November, you will see a lot less as much of the traffic wil go up Rt 7 to make an unempeded right turn onto the extension from the traffic circle. Might be further, but it will be quicker