Former Governor George Allen Campaigns in Clarke County

Former Governor George Allen campaigns at Veramar. Photo credit Mike Dowling

A crowd of more than two hundred gathered in Clarke County Saturday evening as the local Republican Party Committee held a convention kick-off event and welcomed former Virginia Governor George Allen, who is seeking election to the U.S. Senate. The outdoor gathering was held at Veramar Vineyards and included a full line-up of local Republicans including the former governor as wells as Virginia State Senator for the 26th District, Mark Obenshain, and Delegate for the 10th District, Randy Minchew.

Andrew Nicholson, ┬áChairman of the Clarke GOP opened the event and stressed the importance of this election to Republicans saying, “I believe that there hasn’t been an election as crucial to the future of our country since the first Republican president was elected over 150 years ago. This year is even more important than the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Jimmy Carter was incompetent, but Barack Obama is dangerous.”

Delegate for the 10th District, Randy Minchew. Photo credit Mike Dowling

Party officials updated the crowd on the Republicans progress in gearing up for the upcoming election and emphasized the critical role Virginia is expected to play in this campaign. 10th District Republican Chairman John Whitbeck took the mic and told the crowd, “The Commonwealth is ground-zero in this election and the Romney campaign knows it.”

Randy Minchew, who was elected Virginia Delegate for the 10th District last November, said Clarke has a very unique job in this 2012 election. “No one really worries about Clarke County voting blue, but by building up the votes, particularly among independents here in Clarke County, we can countervail those blue votes in other areas.”

Virginia State Senator for the 26th District, Mark D. Obenshain spoke at length about the rights of citizens that Republicans say are under attack. “We have Mennonite dairy farmers down in the central Shenandoah Valley who are getting enforcement letters from the Environmental Protection Agency telling them that their dairy cows are “point source discharge units” that require a permit in order to be able to operate. These people do not understand business, and farming is a business. They are making it impossible for small farmers to be able to continue to operate their businesses and if we want to keep the quality of life that we have in rural Virginia, we have got to do something about this type of arrogant attitude by the EPA.”

Virginia State Senator for the 26th District, Mark Obenshain. Photo credit Mike Dowling

He closed with a pitch for an initiative that will be on the ballot in November, the Virginia Property Rights Amendment. The measure would prohibit eminent domain from being used for private enterprise, job creation, tax revenue generation or economic development, thereby restricting it to only being invoked to take private land for public use. Obenshain said, “We need you to tell your friends and neighbors that we need them to vote yes for this initiative. Our freedom is at stake this November.”

Former Governor George Allen was the final speaker and was welcomed with cheers and applause. He continued the appeal to the crowd to focus on freedom in this election and expanded on points made by previous speakers about federal government over-reach into citizens lives.

Allen also spoke on taxes and in particular his goal of repealing the so called “death tax” which has a profound impact on small farms in the Shenandoah Valley saying, “In my view death shouldn’t be taxable event. The sale of an asset should be a taxable event.”

He criticized the impending sequestration that will force huge budget cuts to national defense. “I believe it is never right to use the men and women of our armed forces as a political bargaining tool to raise taxes on job creating small business owners.”

Energy policy was also a key topic for the former governor. “We ought to be thanking God that we are in an America blessed with the most energy resources of any country in the world. We’re number one. The folks in Washington who are setting policy seem to look at our energy resources as a curse.”

Allen said if he was elected he would introduce legislation on day one of his term to allow Virginia to tap into it’s rich natural resources and begin drilling to produce oil and natural gas off of the coast. He added that he planned to use royalties from that initiative to pay for growth in transportation infrastructure.

He closed with an appeal for supporters to take the message to the voters on issues. “This is not Republican verses Democrat fight, we need to talk about our ideas. Our proven solutions and achievable reforms that will improve peoples lives at their kitchen tables, that will make our communities safer and that will make sure when our young people graduate from college they are not forced to move back home but can instead start careers.”

Allen will square off against the Democratic candidate Tim Kaine in the November election. Kaine is also a former governor of the state of Virginia. They will be competing for the seat that is currently held by Senator Jim Webb (D) who is not seeking reelection.



  1. Did any macaques show up?

    • Mr Mister says:


      We all forgot about that.

      • Well, I didn’t. He’s just another “intellectual” who uses obscure words to make himself look impressive while hiding his disdain for the more simple folks. It bit him in the butt.

        He doesn’t deserve the office he seeks.

        • Fly on the wall says:

          I don’t think George Allen has ever been accused being an “intellectual” before. I think it was more a case of feeling overly cocky that he could use the insult since he was surrounded by other southern white Virginians who – he thought – would go along with it without blinking. That moment showed his true colors, and he knows it.

  2. Was Mark Obenschain’s sister, Kate, there? She’s Allen’s former chief of staff for his move out of his offices, but since she bungled the whole 2006 election, probably a good idea she wasn’t there… Where was Senator Vogel, since it’s her district?

    • Another View says:

      How did Kate Obenshain bungle the “whole 2006 election”? Last time I checked, her name was not on the ballot. Last time I checked, she did not run a single campaign. Last time I checked, her policies were not at issue.

      Maybe you should pick on someone your own size, instead of picking on women with gratuitous shots. Serving as head of the Virginia GOP does not make you responsible for everything every individual candidate or office holder does. Kate Obenshain is no more responsible for any 2006 losses than she is for the Solyndra bankruptcy.

      • Actually, she IS at least partly responsible, since it was on her watch that the election fell thru, and she was the highly-touted face of the Virginia GOP at the time.

        Perhaps he mentioned her because (A) she’s from Winchester, (B) she’s a frequent contributor on FOX News, (C) she is smart and a good public speaker, and (D) Allen has been trotting out other GOP ladies in those commercials in a vain attempt to re-brand himself as a kinder and gentler fellow than before.

        Instead, we get 3 white guys that represent the GOP: Allen himself (was he wearing his cowboy boots, or did he not since he was at a vineyard and not some farm?), who expected us to believe that he didn’t know his mother was Jewish, much less that the ethnic slur he deliberately used when he thought he was surrounded by a cloud of like-minded folks (whites in SW Virginia) was indeed an ethnic slur; a fine fellow (Minchew) who has been working hard but who won’t have to work too hard to exceed Athey’s record; and a senator from a different district.

        Virginia is “ground zero” in this election? Hmmm…have they said that in the OTHER battleground states that are “must win” for Team Romney?

  3. Jesus lived the Jewish traditions and celebrated Jewish holidays, so George Allen should be proud of his mother and her heritage. I disagree with Andrew Nicholson who says President Barack Obama is dangerous. Jimmy Carter was competent and Obama got rid of Osama Bin Laden, who was hiding in Pakistan. Jimmy Carter was a graduate of the US Navy Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and did nuclear engineering as a naval officer under Admiral Rickover. President Jimmy Carter negotiated the Camp David Treaty that established diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel. Jimmy Carter opened full diplomatic relations with China and signed a new Panama Canal Treaty. Carter spoke the truth when he warned Americans that the energy crisis was as important as war. Carter set aside a lot of land in Alaska for wilderness preservation and conservation. In late March 1979, I saw the movie China Syndrone with Jane Fonda and there was the Three Mile Nuclear Accident in Pennsylvania. From November 1979, 52 American hostages survived their ordeal in Iran by the lunatic Ayatola Khlomeni. Carter’s April 1980 military rescue attempt failed. It was terrible that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in December 1979. Both Carter and Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and delt with challenging economic problems. There was price inflation with President Carter and high unemployment under President Obama. Unlike Reagan, Carter did not delegate enough. Carter did not need to plan the White house tennis court schedule. Reagan was fortunate that he did not get impeached for the Iran Contra situation. Reagan had an obsession in wanting to get rid of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and seeking funding for the Contras who were Somoza’s old national guard. Reagan supported the brutal government of El Salavador of Duarte, where the Catholic priest Oscar Romaro was assasinated because of his liberation theology and 4 American nuns were killed. In his campaign speech, Ronald Reagan said a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression when you lose your job and a recovery when President Carter loses his job. Carter spoke out for human rights and put his Christian faith into action. Read “Triumph of Politics” by Dave Stockman to learn about Ronald Reagan’s budget. President Reagan was an excellent communicator and vissionary leader. In Berlin, Germany, Reagan said, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.

    • Another View says:

      President Reagan’s “obsession” with Ortega was part of his effort to defeat the worldwide spread of communism. So too was his support of Duarte in El Salvador, who, while authoritarian, was not totalitarian. And Oscar Romaro’s “liberation theology” was just a cover for totalitarian communism, which would have enslaved the people of El Salvador.

      Ronald Reagan’s leadership, with the aid of Prime Minister Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, defeated the specter of worldwide communism, which came very close to inevitable victory under Jimmy Carter. Before Ronald Reagan, US policy was accommodation and coexistence with the Soviet Union. Under Ronald Reagan, that policy changed to the defeat of the Soviet Union and the rollback of communism.

      Ronald Reagan’s policies–which were vigorously opposed by those who claimed the human rights mantle–succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations, freeing millions formerly enslaved behind the Iron Curtain. The darkness identified by Ronald Reagan in his 1964 speech supporting Barry Goldwater was extinguished, and freedom enveloped Eastern Europe for the first time since the 1920s.

    • “Carter was competent”.

      After the last four years, I can see why people might think that way. Obama has taught us two things;

      1) This country can survive any president


      2) Carter wasn’t so bad

  4. I find all of the candidates, both repubs and dems to be replusive. They spend most of their time running down and digging up dirt on each other. Tell me what you plan to fix. Then tell me how you are going to execute that plan. Follow through with what you have commited to do. Ha ! Ha! boy i am really kidding myself here.
    I don’t think any two candidates could agree about the sunrise. I shudder at the thought, that I have to vote for some these clowns this fall.

  5. There’s a reason this guy was voted out of office. Don’t get fooled again.

  6. I was living in Seattle, WA, when on September 1, 1983, the Soviets shot down Korean Air Flight 007 and Senator Jackson died. 269 passengers and all crewmembers died when the Korean airplane had accidently flown over Soviet airspace. US Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson died suddenly at age 71 in Everett, WA of an aortic aneuysm shortly after condemning the Soviet attack in a news conference. President Reagan said to trust but verify when making agreements with the Soviets.

  7. Roscoe Evans says:

    Good stuff, Sam.

    We’ve all got our faults, but Allen has worn his bigotry as though its a badge of honor, likely because in some parts, it is. He ought to be proud of his mother, but who knows what the family dynamics were. As for his purported intelligence, he’s one of those guys who make me wonder: how could he have played quarterback, and, how could he have passed a bar exam? He’s smarmy, and he’s greedy, and those seem to be his most prominent traits.

    Tim Kaine can’t campaign to save his ass, but he’ll be a fine Senator.

    Ronald Reagan acted very Presidential. But, he “led” from behind: He coat-tailed Thatcher when it came to standing up to the Soviets, and Thatcher coat-tailed the Pope, who coat-tailed Lech Walesa. Reagan also cost us 300 marines in Lebanon, guys who were positioned there just for show.