Fort Loudoun DAR Chapter Book Club Meeting

The Fort Loudoun Chapter’s book club will meet on September 11 from 3 to 5 pm, at the Daily Grind at Abram’s Crossing on Jubal Early Drive

Members will discuss “The Forgotten Founding Father” by Joshua Kendall.

This is an amazing biography of Noah Webster, Jr., a direct ancestor of Fort Loudoun, NSDAR chapter member Bette Cossantine.

The New York Times Book Review (May 27, 2011) noted:

1.   “Even if he had never written his famous dictionary, Noah Webster, Jr. (1758 – 1843) would be regarded as one of the most interesting and influential figures of the early days of the American republic.”

2.   “His efforts to protect his work from piracy contributed to the development of American copyright laws.”

3.   “With The Forgotten Founding Father, the freelance journalist Joshua Kendall gives us a lively and insightful biography, the best picture we have of Webster’s complex character.”

4.   “Kendall’s evocative anecdotes, integrated into his historical narrative, make a persuasive case that Webster’s nationalism truly was a major influence on the founding fathers, even if Webster himself is not included in their ranks.”

5.   “Though a condescending snob, he [Webster] was genuinely concerned with the poor, and an aggressive supporter of abolitionist causes and women’s education.”

6.   “Kendall marshals a wide range of evidence to argue that Webster suffered from what we now call obsessive-compulsive personality disorder…”

Even if members have not read or only partially read the book, come and meet Bette and get a better understanding of her ancestor.   All of us, at one time or another, have touched a
Webster’s Dictionary!”   This will be an interesting book club meeting.   Come and join us on this important date, September 11, as we pay homage to Noah Webster and remember the many that perished on September 11 or had their lives changed forever.