Frank Wolf Joins Clarke GOP to Open Victory Office in Berryville

As the Democratic Convention wrapped up in Charlotte, North Carolina, Republican faithful were busy staking a claim in downtown Berryville as they opened their Clarke County Victory Office on East Main Street.

The idea of opening a downtown office began when local property owner, Jerry Johnson approached the Clarke GOP to see if he could obtain signs to put in the windows of his downtown properties to promote Republican candidates.  Andrew Nicholson, head of the Clarke GOP countered with an offer to open a GOP patriot center in one of the spaces and Johnson agreed.

Republican supporters turned out Friday afternoon to hold the official opening and were joined by several Republican candidates and elected officials including Virginia Senator Jill Vogel and the keynote speaker, Congressman Frank Wolf.

Wolf complimented the Clarke GOP for their efforts in this election in particular for opening the new Main Street office in an election that he stressed is, “Critical for the future of our country.” Wolf addressed headlines coming out of the Democratic Convention, which had wrapped up the day before, and criticized Democrat attempts to spin employment numbers that came out Friday morning. Those numbers showed meager growth and indicated that more and more unemployed are giving up their search and dropping from the unemployed count altogether.

Congressman Frank Wolf spoke to the gathering. Photo credit Mike Dowling

“The Democrats are trying to spin these numbers saying they are better than last year but they are still not keeping pace. We’re stalled and we have  a lot of problems in the country.” Wolf went on to say, “The debt has reached 16 trillion dollars and there is nothing that the President said last night that will help.”
He criticized the presidents plan to reduce the deficit by 4 trillion dollars over the next ten years as insufficient because the deficit is growing at 1 trillion dollars a year because of debt. Wolf said, “40 cents of every dollar the US spends is borrowed from the Chinese,” and turned his attention to foreign policy.

Listing numerous cases of what he characterized as massive human rights violation in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China, Wolf let loose a passionate appeal for a serious change in foreign policy citing horrible abuses of women children and particularly Christians in Muslim countries.

State Senator Jill Vogel. Photo credit Mike Dowling

The congressman wrapped up his points by saying, “This administration is a failure on the economy, a failure in human rights, and a failure in foreign policy. The president’s policies are not working and there are no new ideas from this administration.” He added, “We can turn this country around and have a renaissance to bring back exceptional days and this election is critical.”

Wolf urged supporters to get out and talk to neighbors and to staff the new Patriot Office to have an impact on this election. “We should be able to go up to anyone and make the case, whether they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, that it is time for a change. It is time to put a group in that can really deal with these issues.”

The  Clarke County Victory Office on East Main Street is open every Saturday now through election day from 9:00AM through 5:00 PM. Organizers said they may be open on weekday evenings as well as more people volunteer to staff the facility.


**Correction: The correct name for the office in Berryville is, “The Clarke County GOP Victory Office.” A correction made in the the article after publication.


  1. Patriot Office? Why not call it a campaign office? That’s all it is.

  2. Matt, It’s in the article too

    Wolf urged supporters to get out and talk to neighbors and to staff the new Patriot Office to have an impact on this election.

    So only the republican’s are patriots, and/or you’re claiming victory a bit early. Even the republican leaders are backing away from your head “patriot”

  3. The term is Victory Office. For the 2012 election campaign the Republican Party of Virginia has set up 28 ‘Victory Offices’ throughout Virginia.

    The Clarke County Republican Committee has opened our own office on Saturdays so the people of Clarke County do not have to travel to Winchester or Leesburg to pick up signs, bumper stickers, etc. Last Saturday we had over 150 people come through the door.

    In addition, if you look in the background of the photo with Jill Vogel the sign says ‘Victory Office’.

    Andrew Nicholson
    Clarke County Republican Committee

  4. Play Obama’s Greatest Hits during office hours

  5. My 2 Pennies says:

    What happens when Obama wins re-election? Will you guys continue to beat your drums for 4 more years? Just curious.