Frontier Beef Pit Revives BBQ in White Post

Location, location, location. It’s an age-old mantra for real-estate agents and businesses alike and one local business has seized a known location to stake their claim in White Post.

Clarke County’s options for BBQ have expanded once again as the Frontier Beef Pit has opened its doors on Route 340 in White Post Va. at the former home Mr. B’s BBQ. After being vacated by the former tenant, Dave Lehr, and his business partners, seized the opportunity to open a new BBQ restaurant in a location already known throughout the region as a pit-stop for good eats. However, while the location may have been a great opportunity, the existing building has proven to be more of a challenge. “It’s been a lot of work getting this place ready,” said Dave Lehr. The sixty year old building that started life as a service station needed major renovations before opening and the work is an ongoing effort.

Owned by four family members: Dave Lehr, his wife Pam , his brother Don and his sister-in-law Diane Wisecarver, the business opened its doors on July 2nd. Dave and his wife have a long history in the restaurant business having operated establishments in Romney and Carolina Beach in North Carolina. Asked why he would return from a restaurant on the ocean, Dave replied, “Winchester is my home, it was time to come home.” The BBQ expertise comes from Dave’s brother Don who has spent the last twenty years as a building contractor in the Baltimore MD area. He also ran a weekend BBQ business on the side. Don wanted to retire from construction, so the group decided to pool their resources and open up the Frontier Beef Pit.

As the resident construction expert, Don heads up the renovation efforts. The addition of a front porch and an enclosure for the BBQ are already underway; as is the plan to clad the visible portions of the building in board and batten siding to give it some frontier flavor. The most pressing construction work is reopening the outside accessible bathrooms that have been boarded up for almost 25 years. The two bathrooms at the south end of the building are straight out of fifties-era service station design. They are being gutted and completely refurbished for patron use.   Dave said, “We are currently offering carry-out only, but as soon as those bathrooms are renovated we will be able to offer sit down dine-in as well.”

The menu offers a collection of beef, pork, and chicken BBQ, with an assortment of home-made sides. “We make all of our sides from scratch; the macaroni salad, potato salad, it’s important to us,” said Dave.

Plans are also in the works to offer catering services.

Frontier Beef Pit is open Wednesday through Sunday 11:00AM through 8:00PM. For more information visit their website at


  1. trailriderone says:

    I think it is very sad that Mr. B’s was booted out of this building, Mr. B’s was a staple in White Post and for the surrounding area for many, many years. I hope that his patrons have followed him to his new place about 5 miles up Rt 340. There were plenty of other places that Frontier could have chosen for their BBQ venture, I for one will not be giving them my time or money.

    • RasputinSays says:

      What are you a socialist? The place was for sale and Mr. B wasn’t buying. This is America and If I want to sell my property I have that right. Besides they have gone to great lengths to clean that place up into a fine upstanding business neighbor. As much as I am a fan of Mr. B’s that place had fallen into severe disrepair.

      Just as you choose to exercise your right to not patronize the establishment you should recognize the property owners right to sell her property.

      I say welcome to Clarke Mr. Lehr

  2. Pigmalion says:

    I had a chat with Mr. B and he says he is actually doing better in his new location- better traffic. The BBQ is just as great there and I always slow down to 40 mph when I go by just to take in the ambiance.

  3. That place definitely looked like a dump when B’s had it. People were probably afraid to stop. 0 curb appeal.
    Do either of these businesses used local meats, humanely raised? Or are they supporting factory farming?

  4. Mr Mister says:

    When Mr B was there the place looked like a place to buy fishing bait or motor oil. I’m glad to see it spiffed up. I would not go in before, but now I will try. Good luck!

  5. Just what we need another place in the county to fatten up on. Bring in some business where real employment can be had…

    • Stonebroke says:

      Is it true that the Tastee Freeze will be closing up shop on the 13th? Lasted longer than I anticipated! (Not by much )