Future Chefs Compete at Johnson Williams Middle School

Jordan Hardy serves his Omelet in a Bag. Photo credit Mike Dowling

Students had the opportunity to turn the tables in the cafeteria at Johnson-Williams Middle School as they demonstrated their talent and creativity at the “Future Chef Competition” Thursday evening. The event was sponsored by Sodexo and encourages students to learn about good nutrition by creating healthy breakfast recipes. It featured nine competitors who developed healthy breakfast dishes and prepared them in the school cafeteria kitchen under the tutelage of the seasoned staff of food service professionals in the Clarke County Public Schools.

During the two hour competition students took their recipes from raw materials to completed dishes plated for the judges table. Rose Holmes, who manages the high school cafeteria and helped students in the kitchen during the competition said, “This is one of the nicest school activities I have ever seen. The kids were so happy and they were all helping each other. Even though it was a competition, it was really a team effort in the kitchen.”

Competitors with their dishes. Photo credit Mike Dowling

Competitors and their dishes included:

August Burzio – Spinach and Feta Omelet
Clayton McNiel – Oatmeal Yogurt Muffins
Dylan Nesslerodt – The Awesome Yogurt Surprise
Nicolas Orozco-Ruiz – Huevos a la Mexicana
Joey Quilliam – Breakfast Omelet Muffin
Chelsea Trenary – A Hurricane
Jordan Hardy – Omelet in a Bag
Logan Thoreson – Cinnamon French Toast
Chase Ervin – Bologna and the Beast

After all of the dishes were plated and presented,  judges tallied their score cards and conferred in private to pick the top three. Entrees were judged based on:

  • Originality
  • Kid-Friendly Style
  • Ease of Preparation
  • Best Use of Featured Ingredients
  • Healthy Attributes
  • Plate Presentation

The winners were:

Winners (left to right) Second Place - Chelsea Trenary, First Place - Jordan Hardy and Third Place - Dylan Nesslerodt

  • Third Place – Dylan Nesslerodt
  • Second Place – Chelsea Trenary
  • First Place – Jordan Hardy

Jordan’s winning recipe employed a makeshift version of an advanced cooking technique known as sous-vide. “You put the omelet ingredients in a Ziplock bag then put the bag in boiling water to cook,” Jordan explained. The technique cooks the omelet without the addition of fat needed for traditional frying and it prevents the omelet from burning. Jordan plated the omelet with a frozen banana.

Jordan will now advance to the regional competition which will includes schools spanning from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.


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  1. supportn Clarke says:

    What a neat opportunity for the JWMS students~ and congratulations Jordan! (nice photo spread by the way- very nice presentations by all future chefs!)
    Sodexo has helped Clarke’s lunches (and students) come a long way- a few years ago our kids preferred to pack since they were tired of cardboard pizza and fries every day. Now they regularly purchase healthy choices. When we sit down to dinner at home the topic of the lunch usually comes up (what’s the latest new dish, plus meatball subs, wraps, salads, and sometimes fresh pizza too!)
    Way to go CCPS!
    p.s one of our family members was wondering if yogurt could be sold at the HS for lunch and not just for breakfast?

  2. Wendy K. says:

    What a great activity!