Garage on Auburn Lane Destroyed by Fire

Thick smoke   was visible from route 7 as crews responded to a reported garage fire on Auburn Lane early Friday morning. .At approximately 9:30 crews arrived on scene and found a detached garage in flames. The fire was stoked by high winds and quickly engulfed the entire structure.

Crews from Enders, Boyce, Blue Ridge, and Mt Weather were observed on scene.

The garage appeared to be a complete loss.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.


  1. River Watcher says:

    This was not a garage it was a kennel that housed 4 dogs.
    I guess nobody saw the fence around it..

  2. Wine Taster says:

    This appears to be another possible example of fire department problems. Why isn’t anyone putting water on the fire? Where are all of the firemen? Where I used to live the county firetrucks would show up to fires with at least 4 firemen on it. That certainly doesn’t appear to be the case here.

    • Sojourner Truth says:

      Auburn Lane is pretty far out in the county. I would imagine that by the time firetrucks arrived the fire was so involved that spraying water on it would have little return.

      Don’t judge another area by this area since we depend so much on volunteer fire fighters and emergency squads. I don’t know the number of paid firemen that are employed at Enders and Blue Ridge, but because of the makeup of people available, they go with what they have. And any time higher taxes is proposed to remedy this situation, there is a cry of pain…

    • yea sure blame it on the fire department. well what time did you get there or are you going by the video you see? well the video might have been taken and appears to be taken closer to the time of dispatch, because i do believe we usually do put water on fire, but could it have occoured to you that not every body was there yet? All im trying to get at is that, dont blame it on the fire department. So having said that because i read the messages from the Shenandoah farms fire and this fire, because i am a member at the farms, they are having the same issues with people seeing a house burn down and the community getting upset about it and then blaming it on the fire departments, so if it bothers you so much then why dont you join one of the departments and get all of the certifications and training and help out instead of sitting on the computer and flapping the jaws. try going into a burning building with flames all around you and heat about 2000 degrees and an air pack strapped to your back that could at any minute become a rocket but you have it there for the fresh air and to survive but thats the risk we take… so my point is think before you start complaining and think about all the things we go through to do what we do. and to figure out a way you can HELP OUT!!!

    • Then move back to where you came from. Better yet, volunteer to be a firefighter if you feel not enough of them exist. Clearly you don’t understand nor appreciate the dedication these men and women have, paid or unpaid. You also must not understand how it can literally take just seconds for a fire to become completely out of control. A little fire101 might do you some good.

  3. River Watcher says:

    Auburn ROAD isnt that far from the blue ridge fire dept.

    If you look real hard at the video there is 2 men at the fence.
    I really cant tell if theyre spraying water or not. But I did see them spraying water at 9:50.

    I believe the person taking the video was one of the first people on the scene.

    Again I will say this was NOT a garage it was a kennel.

  4. I am glad everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions about the fire department lately. I believe that this video was taken shortly after the arrival of the fire department and the 911 call was made by a neighbor or passerby. Which would me that the fire had a longer head start on the fire department and that is why the building in fully involved and was not safe to enter. The structure that burned down wasnt a dog kennel.

    • Ridge Fuller says:

      This is my dad’s house and it WAS a KENNEL and not a garage….For the record the three dogs housed in the kennel were safe because of the actions of a good Samaritan and members of the sheriffs department and blue ridge fire dept. I know my father was grateful that the volunteers of four fire dept. responded and did everything that they could to save the kennel. The high winds is what caused the blaze to be uncontrollable.

  5. River Watcher says:

    Excuse me, not a dog kennel maybe you would like to come and talk to all of the neighbors here.

    Its a dog kennel, I see it everyday.

    When have you ever seen a penned in garage?

  6. who care what it was!!! all that matters is that no one got hurt and everybody went home at the end of the day…. RIGHT???

  7. Jason Burns says:

    Anyone with questions about Blue Ridge VFD can feel free to contact me at anytime. We are an organization here to serve the County and have nothing to hide. I will be happy to explain the above video. The video was taken shortly after the rescue engine laid the line in. As you can see it is still attached to hose bed. Once the driver stretched the crosslay to the fence.This where you see a fire fighter putting on their face piece. He will then charge the line. Once this is complete he will walk around and unhook the hose from hose bed and hook it up to his passenger side large diameter intake. All of these actions happen quickly. This 20 second video shows just that 20 seconds. Where were the firefighters? Stop by the firehouse or call 540-955-4000 and leave me a message when we can meet and I will show you the photos that were taken from the arrival of units to when the fire was out and you can see the amount of equipment and firefighters on scene. If anyone has any questions on what happens at Blue Ridge I welcome your call or visit.

  8. Thanks for the great explanation of the sequence of events used when attacking a fire. I shot the video in question and was on scene only moments after the initial responders arrived. All crews are to be commended for their efforts that day. One thing that many viewers may have missed is the wind speed on that morning. That fire was being stoked by very strong winds.

    The video was included to show the intensity of the fire and is in no way intended to be a commentary on the performance or dedication of the volunteers who protect Clarke County. The men and women who volunteer are to be thanked at every opportunity.

    Thank you for your service.

  9. River Watcher says:

    Im really not sure whats going on with people not believing that this was a kennel.

    Its a fact that 2 pitbull mix, mastiff mix and part time another Mastiff were kept in that enclosed fence, their shelter was that building their KENNEL for years, PERIOD.

    Another 3 other dogs (Mastiff & 2 hunting dogs) have access to the garage that is attached to the home.

    Please dont tell me I dont know what lives near me.

    Whats the big deal that it is NOT a garage? Really whats going on?

  10. A Neighbor says:

    Yay River Watcher! 100% correct. The building was (and still is) totally surrounded by a fence. I’m a neighbor and know for a fact that the building was used to house a number of his dogs. That’s all that it was used for over the past several years. Quiz: What type of building is surrounded by a fence and houses dogs? Answer: Kennel. The winds were high and so were those flames from the looks of the video — whether the Fire Department was there to try to put the fire out or whether they responded to a fully-engulfed fire and were there to keep other homes in the neighborhood safe doesn’t matter to me … looks like a job well done: the fire was contained to a single unattached building and no one was hurt.

  11. What’s interesting to me as I read through all these comments, is that no one asked if the dogs were ok. For the record, they are. A good Samaritan opened the chain link gate and let them loose. It should be noted that the entire property is surrounded by an invisible fence and all the dogs wear electric fence shock collars to keep them contained.
    I commend the firemen who responded to this call. I would never be brave enough to put myself in such harm’s way day after day. You have my utmost respect.